Travel Themed Wedding Centerpieces

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Travel Themed Wedding Centerpieces – Get ready for a world-class adventure with this travel-themed wedding at PPG Wintergarden… but with a change! Missy and Tim certainly did it their own way when they said I’d Do It on the Grand Staircase of the Allegheny County Courthouse, an absolutely stunning wedding venue in Pittsburgh. However, the couple did not celebrate their wedding ceremony until a month later! They wanted to keep the vows close and feel less pressure at the party. And what a party. With their love of exploring the world in mind, Missy and Tim designed a relationship filled with gold and ivory centerpieces, a map guest book, a suitcase “card box”, vintage cameras as decorations, and even tablecloths inspired by the color of the ocean. – the couple’s love of travel revived. They even served beer from the Curious Traveler brewery! An ’80s cover band entertained guests late into the night, while Missy and Tim even took nighttime photos of a Pittsburgh fire truck – confirm your position Tim. This wedding, shot by Christina Montemurro Photography & Video, is proof that you don’t have to travel to have an “arrival wedding”! Happy travels!

This love story started in 1991. We went to Brookline Elementary School together in 4th and 5th grade. It’s coming to my 10th birthday party – and we have a photo to prove it! Tim blew it up and showed it at the reception. Later that summer, I moved and was in a different school district.

Travel Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Travel Themed Wedding Centerpieces

We didn’t see each other again until we were 20-21 years old, when she started hanging out with a friend. I recognized him immediately. But we didn’t talk that night. I’ve seen him a few times over the years, but in late 2011 things took a turn for the worse. On March 3, 2012, our mutual friend threw a 30th birthday party. It was Mardi Gras themed and I was wearing a leopard dress and mask, looking absolutely ridiculous. I saw Tim walk in and he saw me come out stupid and didn’t recognize me at first. All night I praised it, introduced it to my friends and even family, and reminded them that this was the subject of my elementary school obsession. We went on our first official date on March 15, 2012, but we really started dating at that party.

A Tired Travel Themed Bridal Shower Gets A Colorful Update

We weren’t really “engaged,” but in March 2016 we decided that we would get married that year and started planning. While collecting our invitations in July, Tim surprised me with a ring 🙂 We did a lot in return.

Tim is a city firefighter and I am a public defender and neither of us are religious. We knew we weren’t going to get married in church. The Allegheny County Courthouse was the perfect blend of the grandeur you get in a church with the secular space. We knew we wanted the wedding portion to be small, so we only invited our mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, aunts and uncles to the ceremony. There were about 30 people there but some of my friends had an accident! Our ceremony was a month before our concert.

We tried to travel as much as possible throughout our relationship. Some of the places we’ve been to include New Orleans (six times!), Aruba, NYC, Austin, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Mexico, Erie, Washington DC, touring – the whole California adventure, and many more. We thought of making a similar map/travel theme for our wedding. We found these gorgeous ivory and gold orbs online and knew we wanted these as our centerpieces. Everything else fell into place – the chart book as the guest book, the card box, the cameras, the signs, etc. The tablecloths were navy blue, not exactly the color of the ocean, but it was still blue! Thus, our colors became navy blue interspersed with ivory, gold and burgundy. I think PPG Wintergarden has exceeded its welcome time. It was big and beautiful and stylish, and we tried to be consistent with that throughout.

We also chose a few beers produced by breweries we visited out of town, as we could supply our own alcohol. And although we’ve never been to this brewery, we chose a grapefruit grit made by the Curious Traveler as we are savvy travelers!

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

All we wanted was for everyone to have FUN! I think we accomplished that. The group was very successful.

One of our favorite moments of the two days was seeing each other for the first time. We didn’t get an official first look but Christina still managed to get our first look and it was pretty special. Personally, on the day of the ceremony, all my nerves melted after I went upstairs and saw Tim. I was expecting to cry during the entire program but seeing and talking to him earlier calmed me down a lot!

But my favorite thing is that even though we didn’t have an official first dance, I caught Tim playing her favorite Amy Winehouse song for dinner, and I told her she was playing, and she dragged me to the dance floor to dance for her. . to. There was no crowd to watch us, we couldn’t be seen, just the two of us dancing (which was awkward though) and everyone else eating and chatting. It was so fun and special.

Travel Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Group: Velveeta | Wedding Ceremony Dress: WToo for the wedding by Watters from Anne Gregory | Wedding dress: Anne Barge by Anne Gregory for the Wedding | Bridal Accessories: Macy’s | Bridal Shoes: Wonder by Jenny Packham of David’s Bridal | Bridal Shoes Authentics: Etsy | Pie: Shop and Save | Cake Container: Etsy | Presenter: Big Burrito | Ceremonial Flowers: Allison McGeary Florist | Ceremonial Hair: Caruso’s | Ceremony Venue: Allegheny County Courthouse | Ritual making: Caruso’s | Suit: DKNY | Invitations: Carlson Craft | Plant: Mosaic | Photos: Christina Montemurro Photo and Video | Reception Flowers: Botanical Shop | Reception Hair: Izzazu | Reception Makeover: Izzazu | Reception Center: Wintergarden PPG | Rentals: All Event Party Rentals

How To Plan A Travel Themed Bridal Shower

Ceremony Venue: Allegheny County Courthouse | Photos: Christina Montemurro Photo and Video | Rentals: Party Rentals All Events Some posts on this site contain affiliate links, so if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission. Read the full disclosure policy here.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that I had no idea what kind of wedding I wanted to have when I got engaged at the end of 2016. I’ve always been the girl who dreams of the next passport stamp – not about her perfect wedding dress or wedding venue.

But at the end of the day, I’m a designer. And although I hadn’t given much thought to it, it quickly became clear that my wedding had to be a travel theme.

Still, there’s something about all types of themed weddings: they can be really cool… or they can be really cheesy.

Pack Your Bags For This Travel Themed Bridal Shower

If you also want to plan a travel-themed wedding (or just want to check out some of my wedding photos), this post is for you!

The easiest way to plan a travel themed wedding is to plan a destination wedding. Nothing says more than “travel”… well, travel!

But in my case, I had a 92-year-old grandmother who couldn’t fly and didn’t even like long car journeys anymore, and because I really wanted her, I had an outing wedding, a destination wedding. (This and planning a wedding in advance can be difficult unless you hire a wedding planner or buy a package from a resort.)

Travel Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Instead, my (current) husband, Elliot, and I settled in Ohio close to where we live.

Travel Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Its name is Happy Days Lodge and it’s inside the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Elliot and I visit the park a lot for hiking and biking, and I love that the building is historic – it was built in the 1930s by the Civil Conservation Corps and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Very interesting for a #history buff like me!).

Your venue doesn’t have to be travel-related – make sure it’s a great backdrop for any other travel-themed goodies you’re planning.

To say that your wedding theme is “travel” would be a bit of an exaggeration; You can go in so many different directions! But it also means you run the risk of including *too* too many ideas in your plans and design.

To avoid this, I recommend choosing one or two focal points for your subject. Perhaps you are planning your wedding around a particular destination or country, or your preferred mode of transportation.

Travel Theme Bridal Shower Journey From Miss To Mrs.

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