What Did Your Husbands Think About Your Boudoir Photos

Thursday, December 22nd 2022. | Weddings

What Did Your Husbands Think About Your Boudoir Photos – Have you ever wanted to know anything and everything about the boudoir shoot process? You have come to the right place. I’ve decided to partner with Shelby Lee Photography to answer all of your burning questions, from fun experiences to confidence tips. Below I’ve collected all of your questions from Instagram over the past week, and now we’re ready to spill all the tea. ☕️ Read on if you’re thinking about shooting your own (and for a discount!), but if you’re related to me, please stop scrolling. 🙈

Over the past few years, boudoir photos have gone from somewhat taboo to completely mainstream, and I’m all for it. While some may perceive them as ugly or even the archaic misconception that they’re ugly, I can promise you that a boudoir shoot will send “one up? the nods” (or whatever the kids are saying). It is far from said these days. Can they be sexy and steamy? Sure. But can they be better and better? Of course!

What Did Your Husbands Think About Your Boudoir Photos

What Did Your Husbands Think About Your Boudoir Photos

I always knew I wanted to do boudoir photos before my wedding, and the reasons are endless. To name a few: 1. This is the easiest/best gift to give your husband! I mean what better gift than a book full of pictures of his hot wife?! 2. This is secretly an incredible gift for you. Trust me, you’ll be 80 years old going through these pictures, trying to show your harried younger sister and maybe like all the ladies across the bridge how awkward it was. 3. Nothing makes a girl feel boldly confident like a good boudoir shoot. With an experienced photographer behind the lens, it can actually be a lot of fun and make you feel like a million bucks. Which brings me to…

I Think It Is A Great Way To Put Who You Are Back Into Perspective And For Some It Can Be Really Healing.

Find the right photographer. I did extensive research on local boudoir photographers, and after much consideration, I reached out to the lovely Shelby Lee to see if she would be interested in a collaboration. I wanted to document this on the blog because many of you are busy and have a lot of questions about how to find cheap and affordable wedding vendors, and I love being able to share my favorites.

Shelby’s studio is located in Frederick, Maryland, which is only 40 miles from DC and a very easy drive. I’ve never been there and I wish I had more time to explore, because it was amazing! Shelby’s portfolio speaks for itself, and I was quickly drawn to her classic yet charming photography. We put something in the books a few weeks before the wedding, and then it’s time to add some more training to my schedule and go lingerie shopping!

Upon meeting Shelby it immediately felt like I had known her for years. She is so sweet, engaging and funny, that she immediately made me feel comfortable around her. Very important for something intimate like a boudoir shoot! When I arrived, she showed me around her beautiful studio and then we sat down to chat and discuss my vision for the shoot. Since Shelby had already asked me to fill out a pre-visit questionnaire (with options for different levels of sexy/flirty, number of dresses, etc.), everything was easy from the jump. After our little hangout sesh, Shelby showed me to my dressing room, filled with body moisturizer to make my skin glow and champagne to melt away any nerves. 🍾

Long story short, it was one of the funnest mornings I’ve ever had! Shelby was the perfect balance of fun and professional, and she was the biggest hype woman I could have asked for. With music playing, champagne flowing, and casual chatting between poses, it honestly never felt awkward and it was like playing dress-up with a BFF. Now for all your questions!

What Is Boudoir?

Answer: My mother! She told me about boudoir and she was my first boudoir “client” 😊 However, when I started shooting boudoir 10 years ago it wasn’t really big, so I mostly worked as a wedding photographer. It gradually grew in popularity, and now most of my business is boudoir. – S

Q: Are Shelby’s shots ever weird? What’s the weirdest and/or funniest thing anyone wants to do on a shoot?

A: Most of my clients are looking for classic and sexy photos of the same style, but I’ve had a lot of fun requests over the years from clothes, inside jokes, and other personal touches. I recently photographed a 30th anniversary boudoir party where we included a Chick-fil-A spread! – S

What Did Your Husbands Think About Your Boudoir Photos

A: Yes, Shelby has a hair and makeup team that she works closely with! They have a boutique just a few blocks from Shelby’s studio, but many women choose to bring them to the studio for their appointments. – C

Mr. & Mrs. J

Answer: As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, finding a photographer that you connect with is the most important thing. Hanging out and taking the time to get to know Shelby helped break the ice, so I felt like I had fun with a friend. I also tried on endless outfits to make sure I felt physically comfortable and confident while shooting. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel too self-conscious in front of the camera. Finally, a little liquid courage goes a long way! 😉🥂 – C

Answer: No, not really! And I wanted to do more research on the inspo photos but unfortunately I ran out of time that week. This is where having a bomb ass photographer like Shelby really comes in handy. I’m not kidding when I say she literally shaped my body in every way, haha! First he would demonstrate it for me, and then he would continue to follow me (“Lower your heart, lower your back further, relax your mouth”), or manually guide me based on what seemed best. He was incredibly helpful and the photos turned out amazingly natural! – C

Answer: Absolutely! I was upfront about the things I wanted to smooth out, like the scar on my knee and the poison ivy on my face and neck right up front (the universe has been seriously testing me this past month 😐), But it’s important not to go too crazy in Photoshop. Your future husband loves and appreciates the real you—flaws included—so you don’t want to look like a fake IG model robot. My symptoms and I’m trying to redefine impossible beauty standards, so some things I have to embrace a little! But for the bigger stuff, Shelby’s softener can be Gil’s best friend. – C

A: Yes! Without giving you too much information 😅, I made sure to go a few days ahead to let any irritation settle. All week I went light on carbs and junk food, upped my cardio and Pilates, cut back on alcohol and drank lots of water. Then the day before, I woke up and got a spray tan. I packed my clothes that evening to avoid a stressful morning, and then I slept a lot. Optional tip: Jam out there to a 2000s rap drive. – C

Dear Men… Xo Your Boudoir Photographer

A: Shelby actually offers an additional service to have photos printed and bound in a very nice “little black book”. They usually have around 25 images, but you can go more or less than that. I was going for 20-25, but probably ended up with 35, looooove! You can also choose the material of your book – crisp linen or sophisticated leather – and what you want the cover to be. I chose leather and “For my husband” printed on the front 🥰- C

Answer: There may never be a “right time” so if you’ve ever thought this is what you want to do – just go for it! Boudoir is a fun and unique experience that empowers many women, and a true professional will be able to help you plan your session, put you at ease, and pose you so you’ll love every photo you take. Do it! – S

Everything Shelby mentioned, plus I think you’ll look back and regret not doing it! Besides, your boyfriend is not aware of his body!! – C

What Did Your Husbands Think About Your Boudoir Photos

Answer: Yes girl, you are! As I was going through Shelby’s portfolio, I noticed a few more unconventional shots. My favorite was the Chick-fil-A Shelby shoot mentioned above #actualgoals 😂🙌 I’m also asking my sister to do one for her 10th birthday since she can’t do a shoot before her wedding Regret it! – C

Top 5 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session — Oregon Wedding Photographer

Q: Did Shelby ever go on the other side of the camera to make a book for her husband?

A: Yes! I had my boudoir photo shoot for my husband a few years ago and am now planning another shoot for myself. – S

If you are on the fence about booking a boudoir shoot or have any questions, feel free to contact me or

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