Turquoise Wedding Theme Ideas

Thursday, December 8th 2022. | Weddings

Turquoise Wedding Theme Ideas – After posting inspiration boards on how to create the perfect wedding look with an olive green wedding theme, I received several emails from brides asking if they would choose a different color for their wedding. After thinking long and hard about what colors to choose next, I decided to go with the colors that have made their way into my current wardrobe of color obsessions in the form of scarves, sweaters, swimsuits, and more. Don’t forget to read this post I wrote earlier about turquoise wedding ideas and I recommend you to check out this real wedding with a beautiful and understated turquoise wedding theme.

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Turquoise Wedding Theme Ideas

Turquoise Wedding Theme Ideas

9. Turquoise wedding dress ribbon / 10. Turquoise heart earrings / 11. Turquoise bridesmaid dress / 12. Turquoise bridesmaid dress

Turquoise Wedding Color Theme

13. turquoise wedding invitations / 14. wedding gift tags / 15. turquoise drinking straws / 16. burlap flags

17. Turquoise Train Wedding Dress / 18. Next Honeymoon Stop / 19. Turquoise Pearl Necklace / 20. Turquoise Red Bridesmaid Dress / 21. Turquoise Cowboy Boots / 22. Turquoise Earrings / 23. Turquoise Turquoise Old Wedding Turquoise Turquoise? Looking to find a bride with a great wedding theme, I hear you! It seemed only right to introduce you to a boring color scheme (theme) like pink and turquoise. Is it coming from you? Come on, girls!

This bright and bold color combination is a chameleon, and here’s why. In this sweet yet moody mix, your big day will have different tones depending on the accessories and decorations you choose: for a vintage wedding, choose powder pinks, faded turquoises and all things antique for an exotic feel and go luxurious. with aqua shades and lots of nautical elements, scatter endless pink roses everywhere and wrap them all in turquoise ribbon for a garden party. I said something other than boring, remember?

If I were to follow this wedding theme myself, I would stick with the traditional white dress and add some thematic color to the outfit with pink and turquoise accessories, jewelry or vibrant bouquets. You can also choose colorful wedding dresses (candy pink and exotic blue dresses are all the rage) and channel your unconventional side.

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For pink, you can use any shade from coral to peach gum, the intellectually popular shade Tiffany is a perennial winner, and then any shade from pale yellow to topaz.

This refreshing color duo looks absolutely gorgeous in wedding photos and is a favorite for summer weddings. Pink and turquoise pop up in unexpected places, from the groom’s bow tie, cufflinks or cufflinks (if the groom is brave enough to wear a colorful one), paper poms, stationery of all kinds, and even the finest jewelry. Your bridesmaids can dress up in whatever color they want, carry stunning bouquets (turquoise dresses and pink flowers come to mind, but the imagination is the limit), and place cupcakes or brightly colored macarons on the dessert table. And your nails will look beautiful with a baby pink or aqua magic shine. Or both.

May your wedding be a sunny holiday with nature, colors and smiles. This is where the feeling of boredom will end and you will finally be motivated for more inspiration. As you listed below. Pink and turquoise are some of the best colors for your wedding. They are always fresh, feminine, optimistic and funny couple. There’s nothing we love more than a fresh and colorful wedding, when pink and turquoise wedding ideas come together to create a stunning theme that’s defined by modernity and contemporary style! Add a touch of romance to your decor by opting for creative, bold pinks and turquoises with soft hues like blush, peach or gold. There are so many ways to use pink and turquoise together. Today’s palette we put together is aqua + mint + turquoise + pink, this wedding palette is perfect for a summer wedding.

Turquoise Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding Decorations: Flowers and candles have always been the most popular ideas for wedding table decorations, but if you can’t choose between them, there’s no reason not to have both! There are countless ways to combine floral arrangements and candles to create stunning wedding decorations, and with a little thought and effort, you can create the most beautiful wedding table decorations you’ve ever seen. In fact, a blushing bride might share the spotlight with the crowd at the reception!

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Use table napkins or cloth napkins in the main color of the wedding – for example, napkins in the same color as the bride’s dress. Colorful napkins will make your table stand out, especially if you have a primary color tablecloth. These “white vase flowers” are simple yet elegant, and they’re fully functional because they’re two things that should be on the table anyway.

There are many different wedding day details that look cute in pink and turquoise, like the one pictured below.

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Stay on trend with these vibrant turquoise wedding decorations. Whether you’re getting married in summer or winter, take a look and get inspired.

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Although it may not be one of the most popular wedding colors, turquoise is a great choice when choosing a color scheme. This gorgeous pastel mix is ​​bright and vibrant in the summer and warm and rich in the cooler months. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite turquoise wedding favors and see how they work year-round.

The warmer months are perfect for turquoise wedding ideas, especially if you’re looking for a fresh and vibrant theme or planning a beach wedding.

Lanterns create colorful decorations and complement your lighting after dark. Here we see how well the turquoise goes with the coral.

Turquoise Wedding Theme Ideas

Turquoise works well for fall or winter weddings. Pair with silver or gold for warmth and glamour.

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The addition of gold makes it a great choice for cakes in the summer or winter months.

At this time of year, you can deepen the shade and choose a pale zinc as opposed to turquoise.

Opt for turquoise and white in the cold of winter…you might just add a sprinkle of snow to complete this look.

Finally…if you really care about the weather, you can always stick to your color scheme with a pair of designer shoes!

Pink And Turquoise Wedding Ideas Cheerful Duo

I think Dahlia and David’s Wedding at Morden Hall has a gorgeous white and turquoise color scheme to give you a little inspiration.

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