Unique Country Wedding Ideas

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Unique Country Wedding Ideas – You are in the midst of rustic wedding planning, with all the rustic touches, a barn setting, an abundance of sugar accents and oak furniture. If this is your exact wedding vision, or at least you’re close to the vibe, then like many brides and grooms, you love the rustic aesthetic. We can’t blame you. We often use rich, nature-filled rural settings as retreats. Why not bring these relaxing vibes straight into your big day?

Don’t confuse a rustic wedding with a casual look. Although they can be casual, this wedding style also feels as luxurious or formal as you like. The secret is down to the details for the perfect wedding day. If a rustic barn wedding with hay bales and dirt roads isn’t enough, consider a barn venue with ultra-modern amenities (think a renovated garage or finished barn!). Or: he chooses incredibly detailed details that are still read by the country. He had seen an incredible house here, which was used by Lux Events and Dedo as a popular showcase, a perfect example of rustic elegance. On the other hand, if those backyard weddings are right up your alley, get ready for some cool DIYs (think chicken wire and wooden pallets), floral backdrops, accent lights, and more.

Unique Country Wedding Ideas

Unique Country Wedding Ideas

Ahead, you’ll find ideas that cover both types of country weddings, informal and formal. However, you will notice that every idea is fresh and elevated, considering the principle of equality. Ready to find all these country wedding ideas? Click through all the rustic romance to inspire your own party.

Rustic Wedding Ideas [to Make Your Country Chic Dreams Come True]

The right decor can transform just about any place into a rustic oasis, but the barn itself will do a lot of heavy lifting. If a classic red structure is a bit too much for your country taste, look for a more refurbished option (like the Sparrow White Barn, seen here) or a garage, complete with the modern amenities your event requires.

Set a rustic scene with the reception tables, complete with a floral arrangement full of dahlias, mums and lots of foliage, natural wood dishes and linens you’d think you’d find in a country house. Event Greenwood completed this horseshoe painting illustrated by Top from afar.

If you’re planning a country wedding, you’re probably gravitating towards plenty of wood and lots of natural greenery. This ceremony gallery vignette, with curtains from Haute Florals and lanterns from Junk & Disordered, fits both sides.

An earthy invitation does the best job of introducing your guests to a pastoral aesthetic. Take inspiration from this calligraphy book by Nicolette Selman, which seems ripped from an old book in both style and color palette.

Amazing Ideas For A Rustic Wedding Theme

See how this Faye + Renee ceremony arch draws in different fall colors, green, yellow, cream, rust. Use this classic as your guide for a fall color palette, as the most rustic decor draws from it.

Have an illustrator hand-paint little laurels on simple cards (made by Dusty Boy Design), and present the characters carved into the wood.

Or move to another farm (chicken net!) when setting up a map view session. Provide a stand on a barrel table with a few distressed lamps to complete the look.

Unique Country Wedding Ideas

It’s a way to marry country and city aesthetics – just a few touches of energy. We love how Eclectic Hive Event Design combines a rustic wooden table with masculine steel chairs from Design Collective. However, the wire-made chandelier (which hung from the ceiling beams of the venue) was the finishing touch.

Chic Ideas For A Rustic Wedding Theme

When it comes to blooming a country flower, it’s often better to be wild. The dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies and leaves at this Sassafras Fork Farm look as if they were just picked from the harvest.

The best thing about the rustic aesthetic? It’s so easy to feel at home. That is precisely why you and your new spouse should eat at a table that can come from your house, or the country house you will build over the years, that is.

A wheat tiara is a rustic iteration of a flower crown. This unique headpiece was created by Adorned Event Design.

Mix, bloom and dried with treatment of rural reception centers. Here, the brown palette kept the sunflowers, strawberries and wheat bouncing against the cheerful cream rose. A wooden vessel for one performance.

Best Outdoor Rustic Chic Country Wedding Ideas

This incredible overhead flower arrangement proves that rustic decor can also feel epic, curated and polished. Mindy Rice Design spent months preserving 2,000 PeeGee hydrangeas—a late summer crop—for this country-inspired November celebration.

Rural decor can also combine forces with modern design elements. Posey Floral + Event Design has done just that by creating a floral backdrop for a pampas ceremony with a minimal triangular shape.

It’s not a country celebration without lots of string lights! We’d recommend and recommend vintage wicker chairs and a pastoral setting (like this one, seen at the Inn at Warner Hall), too.

Unique Country Wedding Ideas

Elegant silent barbecue hosts are perfect for both your theme and your guests. At least after the wedding they color the grocery store.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces That Go Beyond The Basic Mason Jar

Since the rustic is often associated with the simple, a naked cake, decorated with some fresh flowers, will look right on your table.

There’s nothing more wedding-themed than throwing out wooden favors — which is exactly what these two did. They offered the Arbor Day Foundation pine over the oak stairs (another rustic touch!).

Formal floral centerpieces of dried hydrangeas, flowers and pampas grass are all well and good. But it is useful to say that the new fruits of pomegranates, plums and blackberries seem to be running, especially on the farm table, which is natural, organic and mostly edible. Bonus points if you wrap all the tablecloths in the palette (like the burnt orange tablecloths from West Country Wedding Planner) and set the scene on a vintage wooden table.

A surefire way to break the ice? Guests collect sheep and cow bells with protection cards. He was called to dinner, allotment of the table and grace in one. In addition, the process of finding a seat will sound like a game of musical chairs.

Gorgeous Rustic Country Barn Wedding Decoration Ideas |

Spread your big message on the city streets with this cross between a border poster and a fresh concert leaflet. Display them around town to guide visitors to your website, or along a reception wall to create a graphic image backdrop.

The smallest flowers make a poetic statement when drawn in a simple but abundant bouquet. Try chamomile, heather and coreopsis – or choose special flowers that are native to your location.

A monogrammed blanket will be equally at home around your shoulders when night falls, or the grass in the wedding yard. Better yet, you’ll hoard it for years to come. Commit to needlework or DIY.

Unique Country Wedding Ideas

A distressed silo provides a photo-worthy backdrop. An arch made of farm machinery once finished and dressed with colorful flowers can also serve as an altar. Wedding plans can be temporary for some couples to put on hold, but sometimes a little extra planning time isn’t a bad thing. Wedding trends come and go, but there is one tried-and-true style that remains somewhat timeless in the country. The word “country” can mean a lot to many people, how will it be interpreted for the wedding vision? To narrow down your search, we’ve rounded up some of the best country wedding ideas from Wedding Ideas that will inspire your own themed ceremony and reception. Destination country planning can help inform everything from bridal shower ideas to your wedding venue!

Wheat Decor Ideas For A Rustic Country Wedding

An easy way to make your big day infuse the spirit of the countryside is to host a barn wedding venue. But if the barn is not a place, do not despair. You don’t need a family fund to create a beautiful wedding. Haystack seats, mason barrel string lights and other small details are sure to give you a rustic feel. And let time flow with beauty. The wedding cake will fall, the flowers will fall, or the guests will surely make a mistake. No matter where or when you host, a rustic wedding is the place to express your love of all things rustic and vintage in decor and style.

Have you ever seen a more perfect country wedding cake than this? Not only are we drowning in chocolate sprinkles, but the flower decorations (especially sunflowers) only elegantly enhance the cozy atmosphere of the confection. They also don’t account for a lot of wooden paintbrushes, which finish the cake with paint like nothing else.

So the barn is perfect! This is at HammerSky Vineyards in California. A festive honeycomb set in a wedding color palette is a must-have for this whole store (okay, it doesn’t hurt to use the cowhide part!).

Before you embark on the journey of marriage with your new spouse, have your loved ones drop off any wedding gifts in a suitcase with a vintage reception. Mark the area with a small “map” sign, made from heart-shaped pieces of burlap.

Diy Country Wedding Ideas With Pallets To Save Budget

Do they replace the country’s most skilled flower vase? Mini rain boots that you can wear

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