Vintage Updo

Thursday, September 22nd 2022. | Weddings

Vintage Updo – Vintage style never goes out of style, it is timeless and a favorite of many fashion icons and celebrities. Some of them, like Dita Von Teese, make this classic retro style of the 40s their lifestyle, but this is a special case. Apart from various events and public appearances, vintage style is a very popular trend for weddings. You can choose it as the theme of your wedding or just use some retro details in your look like hairstyle and accessories. We have gathered a variety of vintage hairstyles for you, from chic and romantic waves to beautiful slicked-back hair. Look at them and immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the last century.

A vintage or retro style is a great idea for a wedding, it is a timeless chic and elegant option that fits the styles of many brides and it lasts a long time. Layering can be done on medium or long hair and you can choose different options depending on the length. It can be a finger wave updo, Victorian twists, a curly or twisted updo, a top knot or a low updo. Rock different curls and waves that lock and stay in place; this is one of the most traditional ideas. Low curled chignons are also beautiful, add volume on top and voila. Avoid messy look and hair hanging down, it is not part of vintage elegance. Get healthier and stronger hair that also lasts longer.

Vintage Updo

Vintage Updo

A big top knot with a twist top is an elegant and very choice for the vintage inspired bride.

Easy & Elegant Vintage Updo Hairstyles To Try

A retro wedding style with waves and curls highlighted in long hair is a very interesting idea for a 1940s or 1950s wedding.

Retro inspired side swept curls on long hair are a unique take on the traditional hairstyle

A great idea for a 1920s or 1930s wedding is with side-swept curls and a sleek updo.

Stunning low wedding hairstyles for long hair with a sleek silhouette and minimal volume on top

Vintage Updo For The Holidays Or New Year’s Eve!

Vintage style wedding dress with low twist bun and volume on top and lots of locks

Unique retro inspired low cut blouse with ruffle top and rolled bottom for the retro bride

Unique wedding hairstyle with curled bottom and sleek top a fresh look for a vintage hairstyle

Vintage Updo

Vintage low top with a twist and wave at the bottom and volume at the top and a small hair clip

Easy And Simple Retro Hairstyles « The Craft Complex

A vintage bridal style with side swept curls is a great statement piece to help you pull off the look.

A vintage-inspired curled low top with a glossy updo and fixed waves is perfect for the retro bride.

Vintage-inspired low-cut top with volume at the top and a flattering bodice with a wavy hemline

Oversized vintage inspired wedding blouse with rolled hem and voluminous top and wrap closure

The Best Vintage Hairstyles You Never Knew Existed

An updo with fixed curls and side swept bangs is a great idea for medium length hair

Audrey Hepburn’s classic hairstyle with volume on top and a fringe, all chic and elegant

A vintage style with curls pinned to stay in place shows a modern take on a vintage hairstyle

Vintage Updo

A classic ballerina top knot is an elegant and timeless idea that fits even a modern wedding look.

Gorgeous Vintage Hairstyles That You’d Love To Recreate (and A Few You May Not)

Chic and sleek vintage style with big waves and curly forehead is an elegant and beautiful idea

Side parting of medium hair done with curly front and golden bangs looks cool and amazing

If you don’t want the beautiful, stone long waves of Hollywood or shorter, go for the curls of short hair, it can also be a side cut accented with a shiny hairdo. You can try a vintage ponytail with volume on top and a curled ponytail, or a vintage half updo with hair curled on top and wavy on the bottom. Highlight your hairstyle with some glitter pencils or hairdos and you will have a great look.

A big vintage ponytail and curly ponytail on top is a timeless chic idea

Easy Retro & Vintage Hairstyles To Try This Year

A classic curly hairstyle with a side part of short hair is always a great and chic idea

Classic vintage waves and curls plus a voluminous top and hairstyle for a chic and stylish look

A retro updo with long hair, big volume on top and a curly front is a statement and bold idea Home > Wedding Tips and Advice > Hair and Beauty Tips > How to Make a Vintage Updo Hairstyle

Vintage Updo

Looking for a unique wedding style to complement your vintage wedding dress? This vintage updo is the ideal companion for many elegant looks, whether you choose a rockabilly prim dress or a floaty ’40s dress. It’s full of retro cool and just the right amount of elegance for your wedding day. In short, it’s incredibly vintage.

Modern Vintage Updo Inspired By @melissamariehair — Confessions Of A Hairstylist

And the best part. DIY is very easy. Just watch the video or read the simple step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create your perfect vintage hairstyle.

Use your comb to create a V-shaped section at the top of the head. The top of the V should come to a point on your crown. Get a haircut now.

Now divide the rest of your hair into two parts. You want to draw a horizontal line with your comb to make the top part and the bottom part. Cut the top part out of the way.

Comb the hair underneath, gently pushing the comb towards the roots. This will give your clip in hair extensions something to stick to.

Vintage Updo · How To Style An Updo Hairstyle · Beauty On Cut Out + Keep

To give your style the effect it deserves, you need to add volume to your hair. To do this, you fold and press your tissues on themselves. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get any easier.

First, take four paper clips and fold them in half. Then, using two of the clamps, secure the fabric to itself. This way, you get enough volume concentrated in a small enough space to penetrate your high bun.

Place your folded four clips in the center of your head. Then repeat the process with two double-clamp weaves. Fold it, press it and pin it to the side above your folded four clips. It should cover all your clips for natural-looking, voluminous hair.

Vintage Updo

Once you’ve cut your extensions, it’s time to release the section of hair above them and smooth them into a high ponytail. Use your comb for a nice smooth finish.

How To Create A Vintage Updo With A Bandana

Take a section, comb it, then wrap it around itself to make a bun. Use your hair pins to secure it in place.

Now backcomb your second section before placing it in the opposite direction around your bun. Get some hair clips and make sure they are secure enough to handle a night on the dance floor.

To create authentic rockabilly rolls, sweep the top of your hair to one side. Which side do you think is better?

Now gather the hair around two fingers and twist it into a roll. Secure it in place with some hair clips.

The Most Beautiful Vintage Hairstyles

With the remaining ends of the roll, make a small hair spiral on the side of the roll. Then (you guessed it) put it in place.

You’re almost here! All you need to do is apply a little smoothing gel to the sides of your head to keep things smooth and a generous sprinkling of hairspray throughout your vintage style to keep it in place. Well, if you haven’t noticed,  vintage hairstyles. is back in style this year, and we’re here for it. There’s no shortage of retro inspiration from the runways and red carpets (which means now’s a great time to jump on the bandwagon).

So if the idea of ​​twisting and pinning your hair in a vintage style appeals to you, we’ve got something for you in our edit of retro styles to wear.

Vintage Updo

This ultra-elegant beehive has the added bonus of having Audrey Hepburn’s style stamp of approval and will totally let you be yourself.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles: 30+ Best Looks & Expert Tips

If you want your beehive to be less shiny and more attractive, try leaving a few branches to help frame your face and add softness to the overall look.

When it comes to vintage hairstyles, an easy way to inject the 40s is to add some winning curls to a simple bun style.

You can’t talk about vintage hairstyles without mentioning Elvis’ iconic quiff. And guess what? This retro ‘do looks like women’s style too.

Vintage updos like this flirty ponytail are just what you need to make your flat locks feel fuller while looking like you stepped out of a cult 60s movie.

Twisted Crown Bridal Updo At Carolina Herrera Vintage Wedding

Do you want a style that makes you stand out from the crowd? We’ve got just the thing: a fierce fake hawk ponytail.

Although this hairstyle looks complicated, it really isn’t (pick two sections of hair near your temples and draw them

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