Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Thursday, September 22nd 2022. | Weddings

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Decorating your home for Christmas is something many people look forward to every year, but if you don’t want to look like you live in Santa’s village, you can opt for more winter decorations instead of full-on festivities. These DIY winter wonderland centerpieces are an easy, elegant decoration that you can use to decorate your home even after you’ve taken down your Christmas tree. These winter centerpieces can be customized to reflect your holiday mood, or you can keep them as a more neutral decoration that looks good on your coffee table all winter long!

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Turn on your fairy lights, find the end of the rope. Wrap the end around your hand a few times, then place the wrapped part of the lights under your cylinder vase.

Winter Centerpieces You Can Keep All Season

Take your large pine cones and some of your Christmas decorations, place them on top of the fairy lights that stand at the bottom.

Once the first layer of pinecones and ornaments are in, wrap the string of lights in a circular motion at the top.

Add another layer of large pinecones and ornaments, once done wrap another circle of lights over this layer.

PRO TIP: When you’re ready to place the Christmas balls, gently invert the vase. Step 6:

A Winter White And Silver Holiday Tablescape

We will use your remaining supplies for your second vase. Start by placing your candle in the center of your vase.

Use your forever scraps to surround the candle in the vase, filling the vase 3/4 of the way.

Place your small pinecones in your vase among the evergreen branches, using them to fill in some low spots.

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Now you want to measure your strip of burlap that will wrap around the outer base of the vase. Once twisted, use string to secure it in place and tie it to a bow.

Whimsical Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpieces

Take your flour or fake snow and sprinkle it on your vase to add a light dusting of snow on the branches and pine trees.

Now that your centerpieces are ready, you can set them up in any room in your home that needs a little extra winter decor! Don’t forget to share your DIY winter centerpiece with us on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram too. Photographer: Sullivan & Sullivan Photography | planner: Honey Bee Weddings & Events | decor: Yanni Design Studio | Venue: Union League Club of Chicago

The marketing team may have spent the last few months in the fall. However, we’re ready to dream about hot cocoa by the fire, skiing on our favorite hill, and stunning winter weddings.

If you live in the Midwest like we do, winter is not the most popular time of year for weddings. That’s right, sub-zero conditions can cause problems for everyone from traveling guests to your photography team.

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Of course, drawing the elements has its own rewards. Winter weddings are all about bright winter wedding color palettes, cozy (or dramatic) lighting options, and photo-worthy tables.

Forget endless Pinterest scrolling. This short list of winter wedding homes will get you excited for the next snowfall—minus the shoveling.

Is there anything more magical than the first snowfall? Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to capture the magic of a winter wonderland. Think lush white floral decor, twinkling candlelight and mood lighting in bright winter colors. As you can see, this winter’s centerpieces are anything but gloomy.

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Photographer: Nakai Photography planner: Michigan Avenue Event design: Kehoe Designs venue: The Drake Hotel lighting and snow: BlackOak Technical Productions

A Winter Wonderland Baby Shower That You Can Diy

Photographer: Stanlo Photography coordinator: B. Elizabeth Event design and flowers: S. Dulcio Florals and Design Venue: The Venue Fort Lauderdale

Frosty white branches evoke the quiet stillness of early morning snow – while purple lighting and starry projections add to the atmospheric glamour.

Imagine dining in the center of a glistening snow bank. Surrounded by lush hydrangeas and cascading white orchids, this lovely table transports the newlyweds to their winter dreamscape.

Photographer: Kent Drake Photography planner: The Langham, Chicago floral: HMR Designs venue: The Langham, Chicago entertainment: The Chicago Players

Elegant Dollar Tree Wedding Centerpiece Perfect For A Winter Wedding

Gorgeous white florals and sumptuous feathered details – aided by candles and twinkling fairy lights – recreate a starry winter night.

Photographer: Heidha Helgadóttir planner and design: TYGER | Event Design + Production Venue: Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center

Lift up bunches of pale roses and golden boughs with a sparkling ceiling decoration. Combine wavy crystal ring waves with modern globe lighting for a dreamy atmosphere with a modern twist.

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Admire the beauty of freshly fallen snow with mirrored table tops and cascades of lush white flowers. Add silver curtains and snowflake lighting projections to complete the look.

Creative Winter Wedding Ideas That Are Not Christmas Overloaded

Paired with delicate white flowers, a tall glass candelabra brings a dreamy winter glow to any ballroom. Twinkling chandeliers add to the stunning winter scenery.

Fall isn’t the only season for dramatic scenery. Whether it’s a red cardinal perched on a frosty winter branch or a velvety evergreen forest nestled in the shade, winter landscapes capture our imaginations with their bold paintings. With this in mind, we invite you to evoke the surprising beauty of the season with moody and romantic winter centerpieces.

Photographer: Sullivan & Sullivan Photography planner: Honey Bee Weddings & Events decor: Yanni Design Studio venue: Union League Club of Chicago

Add drama to bare branches with bright pink and rose flower decorations. Hanging crystal beads and floating candlelight will also sparkle against a backdrop of bold purple lighting.

Diy Christmas Table Decor (blue & Silver) Winter Wonderland

Taper black candles, crimson pomegranates and bouquets of flowers show why “spirited” is our favorite mood. A matching fireplace backdrop further illuminates this dramatic tablescape.

Photographer: Ambrosio Photography planner: Melissa Davis Designs Decor: Avant Gardens venue: Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables lighting: Event Factor dresses: Nuage Designs

Not only is floor-level candelabra a 2022 wedding trend, but it also allows your centerpieces to cast intricate shadows on your tablecloths. The result is pure magic.

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Photographer: Yasmin Alesia Photography planner: Savvy Rose Events floral: Aysel Cristian Floral Atelier venue: Hotel Zachary linen: F&S Linens

White Wedding Centerpieces

Pops of purple orchids with velvety evergreen linens complete this charming, jewel-toned tablescape. Be sure to see how the venue’s artwork perfectly complements the wedding reception table.

Rustic weddings have gone from trendy to classic wedding styles that are always in style. Their relaxed elegance is perfect for a fuss-free couple. While rustic weddings are often associated with the summer and fall months when couples can celebrate outdoors, winter weddings can also benefit from rustic vibes. Keep coziness at the forefront of your winter wedding with an attractive table setting and the right centerpieces.

Photographer: Britta Marie Photography planner: Blueprint Events and invitations decor and floral: Kehoe Designs venue: Chez catering: Limelight Catering

This rustic wooden tablescape gets a modern update with ghost chair seats, white ethereal curtains, and dark and moody centerpieces.

Breathtaking Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Photographer: Peter Gubernat planner: Storybook Weddings & Events decor: Yanni Design Studio venue: Gallery 1028 caterer: Calihan Catering cake: Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, Chicago

Rustic goes industrial with a backdrop of exposed brickwork, while globe candlelight and amber lighting create a cozy atmosphere perfect for a winter’s night.

A simple white table runner accented with loose greenery and fading candlelight creates an elevated and cozy winter table.

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

Photographer: Lindsay Stephany Photo Planner: Eliza Jane Event Design & Planning Floral: Westcott Venue Florist: Sinclair of Skaneateles

Winter Wedding Centerpieces For A Chic Off Season Event

Artificially arranged hydrangeas, orchids and calla lilies add a bright touch to the industrial-rustic setting, complete with a stone fireplace and wooden seating. Add gold filler plates and lots of candlelight to up the glam factor.

No matter how you celebrate, the holiday season is a time ripe for celebration and bonding. It’s also the perfect time of year to say “I do.” These winter wedding centerpieces embrace the festive spirit of the season while keeping the focus on elegance.

Red rose centerpieces with star bursts of white orchids and burgundy branches brighten up this festive scene filled with garland greenery and twinkling string lights.

A bed of evergreens — with figs like sugar plums and pale roses — softens tall crystal candelabras with floating grapevines.

Big Dot Of Happiness Winter Wonderland

Gold details enhance the calm candlelight in this bright blue and white tablescape. Click through to see how a blue and gold party favor ties any space together perfectly.

Ring in the new year with a garland of green and chic bow tie locations before spinning the night away on the dance floor. Trust us. It has to be seen to be believed.

Photographer: Harwell Photography Planner & Designer: Suzanne Reinhard Venue & Caterer: The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee Entertainment: EastCoast Entertainment

Winter Wonderland Themed Centerpieces

The many centerpiece styles—from festive burgundy and green fireworks to low clusters of burgundy flowers—are a perfect harbinger of the seasonal fun that awaits guests at this winter wedding. Click to view.

Incorporate Natural Details To Create A Winter Wonderland

Green tablecloths and gold decorations bring high cheer to this breezy, candlelit winter table.

Photographer: Abby Jiu Photography planner: Evoke Design and Creative decor and floral: Amaryllis

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