Vintage Wedding Groomsmen

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Vintage Wedding Groomsmen – Today I’m so excited to share some oft-overlooked fashion ideas and tips for our guys from the lovely folks at The GentleManual (a must-read for anyone!) As the day revolves around the bride and her outfit, finding the groom’s suit is such a challenge! So we’re here to help, with 10 ideas for a dapper groom look…..

When you hear the phrase “wedding fashion,” it may immediately bring to mind wedding dresses. With so much focus on the wedding dress, it’s understandable that the groom’s decisions are de-emphasized or completely ignored. However, there’s never been a better or more exciting time to get creative with your groom’s style.

Vintage Wedding Groomsmen

Vintage Wedding Groomsmen

Today more than ever, brides (and wedding designers) think outside the box and try unusual colors, patterns and elements to make the groom experience unique and exciting. Gone are the days of choosing a short dress when it comes to what to wear when you say “I do,” but with so many styles and orders to follow, fashion today can be difficult. Here are 10 tips to make your wedding day look beautiful.

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Don’t spend too much time worrying about marrying your partner (or even your boyfriend). Yes, your looks should complement each other and parts of your look should play off each other, but that doesn’t mean you should be carbon copies. When it comes to you and your caregivers, your clothing should be easily and clearly distinguishable from the rest. You can accomplish this by choosing different accessories, a different suit color, or even changing the attire (ie, you wear a suit jacket, but your best men wear suspenders).

1 ~ Mi Amor Photo by SMP // 2 ~ Groom’s Suit Noose and Monkey, Green Wedding Shoes Photography by Ken Kinov Wedding Photography // 3 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Zara, Photography by Melissa Fuller Photography // 3 ~ Dan Stewart Photography by Stewart Photography Wedding Chic // 4 ~ Groom & Bridesmaid Attire ~ Photography by Blue Rose Photography by J.j.lindeberg, SMP

When it comes to your partner, both of your looks should emphasize your individual tastes, but you can easily incorporate complementary elements, such as matching the colors of your accessories or jacket to her bouquet. , for example.

1 ~ Photography by Anna Delores via Green Wedding Shoes // 2 ~ Photography by Daniel Lopez Perez on Aisle Society // 3 ~ Natalie McNally via Chic Vintage Brides

Story Of My Dress’

A black tux with a white shirt is the standard groom’s attire. But these days, the suit and color options are endless. When choosing a base for your look, consider colors, suit sections, and other ways to go beyond your black and white.

1 ~ Love My Dress by Emma Case // 2 ~ Groom & Bridesmaids Attire ~ Wolf Connaught (jacket) & Ben Sherman, Photography by Bless Photography by Chic Vintage Brides // 3 ~ Groom’s Suit ~ Country Road, Photography by Jimmy Rapper Photography by Nuba // 4 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Jordan Voth Photography by Zara, Green Wedding Shoes

If you opt for a suit, go for 3 pieces. You have a suit jacket on when you’re walking down the street, but at the end of the day when you want to take the jacket off and dance, you still look put together and elegant with a matching shirt.

Vintage Wedding Groomsmen

1 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Photography by Hannamonica via J. Crew, Intimate Weddings // 2 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Photography by Kitcheners via Jack London, Green Wedding Shoes // 3 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Photography by SP, Chicton Photography by Brides Photography

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Fit is key! It doesn’t matter what you want. So, if you buy a suit off the racks, make sure you visit your tailor so that he can make the best fit and best fit for your build. Or,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You can spend a little extra on that, and if you plan to buy a suit that you will wear more than your wedding day, you may also consider choosing made to measure, or even bespoke, either option will give you the same level of comfort – it’s absolutely impossible.

1 ~ Suit ~ Election Photography by Alexander McQueen, Love My Dress // 2 ~ Photography by Leah Marie

If you’re having a themed, outdoor, small, or traditional wedding, you might also consider a completely different approach to the traditional suit: no jacket. This look can be achieved in many different ways. You can try a shirt with rolled sleeves for a rustic, classic look. Or, go for vintage suspenders—the kind with buttons—for a casual, ’20s-inspired look for you and your partner. You can do without the addition and install the button; Make sure the character level (or lack thereof) of your crowd matches the vibe of the wedding as well as the location.

0 The Tie Bar, Kate Weinstein Photography by SMP

Stylish Grooms & Groomsmen Looks For A 1950s Wedding #2551935

Patterns don’t have to be limiting, as long as you choose them in a fun way and don’t go overboard. If you rely on a solid suit, consider adding some personality to your look with a tailored shirt. If you’re considering a patterned suit, try something classic like chalk colors. No matter where you include the model, set your look apart from the rest by wearing different solids.

1 ~ Photography ~ Hayley Savage via Love My Dress // 2 ~ Suit ~ DKNY, Photography by Michael Radford via Wedding Sparrow // 3 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Frame, Photography by Nataschia Wielink via Chic Vintage Brides // 4 . Crew, Amanda Lenhard Photography by Coastal Bride // 5 ~ Attire ~ Topman, Green Wedding Shoes by Phil Chester Photography

Just because your wedding color is garnet, or muted, or amethyst, or, you get the picture, doesn’t mean you’re limited to a solid, monochromatic neckline. Consider formal or off-the-shoulder necklines that match your wedding color scheme. Simple ties are an easy way to elevate your look from traditional to unique. While you’re thinking about other traditional colors, you should also consider other types of traditional necktie shapes. While a tie is the choice of some men, others may find a skinny tie, bow tie, ascot or even no tie ensemble just right. It all depends on your taste.

Vintage Wedding Groomsmen

1 ~ Laura Hotz via Cheek Vintage Brides // 2 ~ Heather Roth Fine Art Photography via Cheek Vintage Brides // 3 ~ Photography ~ Diana McGregor via Gray Likes Weddings // 4 ~ The Grovers via The Knot

Lauren + Ben — Honest In Ivory

An easy way to add personality to your ensemble and stand out from your men is to choose fun, unique accessories – more than just your neckwear! Think of your socks, purses, watches, and even your shoes as creative opportunities. If you like eye-catching shoes, consider socks or shoelaces that highlight a theme or highlight your personality.

1 ~ Suit ~ The Marriage Vine, Photography by Sarah Hooker via Cheek Vintage Brides // 2 ~ Jack Wolfe via Cheek Vintage Brides // 3 ~ China Darner via Bride Cheek // 4 ~ Groom’s Suite ~ Photography by Reese, LMD Kitchener Photography

Boutonnieres are classy and traditional, but totally optional. These unusual accessories are reserved for formal occasions, as they are often made from fresh flowers. If you choose to go the boutonniere route on your big day and want to avoid looking old fashioned or sloppy, keep other accessories to a minimum and skip the pocket square. Add small flowers, leaves/stems or a variety of plants for a modern and elegant look. Going the non-floral route allows you (and your partner) to be creative. Include your message, a nod to your wedding theme, or something special on your boutonniere and wear it with pride.

1 ~ Boutonniere ~ Photography Rock My Wedding by Brown Paper Parcel by Marie Marie Studio, Cheek Vintage Brides // 4 ~ KJ & Co

Vintage Tan Mens Rustic Wedding Leather Like Suspenders For

While you may find that certain aspects of a traditional groom’s attire are your preference, other modern details will also appeal to you. Don’t feel like you have to skew one or the other 100%. It’s your wedding day, and your dress, mix and match as you see fit. If you love the suit and black bow tie look, but like the idea of ​​adding color to your wedding, do so by choosing a colorful suit or bold socks. If you love the vest and bow tie look but want to

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