Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2015

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Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2015 – By Andrea Fowler Andrea Fowler Wedding Planning Specialist Andrea Fowler is the Director of Editorial Content at Sony Music Entertainment. Andrea is a material scientist and creative maker in New York. Andrea served as Associate Editor for The Knot from 2015 to 2017.

Summer weddings typically have the brightest, boldest color palettes – and for good reason. They are balanced between the pastel flood of spring and the rich jewel tones of autumn. Embrace the hues of the season or let your favorite metallics lead your color scheme. From preppy to rustic, check out our favorite color combinations to inspire your wedding planning.

Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2015

Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2015

Would you like to brighten up a lively summer day? Go with a hot pink color with soothing blues. A modern graphic on your stationery is a great way to introduce this bold color scheme and it can be carried through the rest of your wedding on the ceremonies, reception menu and cocktail napkins.

Pantone Summer 2015 Color Inspiration For Your Wedding Or Special Event

If you’re going for a bold and bright color scheme, choose shades that are either complementary (opposite each other on the color wheel) or contrasting (next to each other on the color wheel). That way, they will live in harmony and you won’t have to worry about anything bumping into each other. We love the idea of ​​elevating your bridal look with a flower crown of poppies or anemones or styling a single red flower in a lost updo. Stained glass is a great way to decorate the table without looking too stark. The perfect service? Mini bottles of hot sauce with personalized labels.

What’s more romantic than a palette of pink and metallic gold? Since the palette itself is so neutral, take risks in other design areas such as textures or patterns. Set e.g. sequin tablecloth reception tables, place linen napkins at each place setting, and have ruffled beaded tablecloths on accent tables, such as a dessert display or in a lounge area.

Let the wedding party wear inform the formality of the event: floor-length or cocktail-style dresses can push the party in the direction you want it to go. Ditto for the groomsmen – suits or dress pants and buttons? This color palette will stand out in any environment. Blue flowers are limited, but globe thistles and globe thistles both grow a beautiful natural blue color and are perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding.

Harness the power of prayer for this super fun affair. The key to making it your own is to incorporate fun graphic prints that add intrigue to the feminine palette. If a place full of flowers is out of reach (on a budget), get creative with paper flower moments, such as displaying your escort card or as an arrangement behind the bar. As for the cake, a nude confection would be just right, with some fresh flowers placed on top instead of the traditional cake toppings.

Hot Wedding Color Combos For Summer

Since this color scheme plays so well with natural elements like birch and greenery, let Mother Nature flirt with your theme. To begin with, keep your invitations simple, but choose paper that has some texture, like bamboo. For the reception, add birch wood to your escort card display or get fancy and use it as your centerpiece. Decorate the interior with mercury glass accents and go for all white flowers with lush greens to create rich, beautiful displays.

Happy wedding color palettes are our favorite and this combo is downright happy. There are endless floral variations that go well together in shades of pink and yellow, so this color scheme is perfect for a botanical or garden party. Start with a few colors on your invitations and go straight to the reception. Lemon garnishes in pink cocktails are a great way to add color to cocktail hour.

Summer wedding color inspiration wouldn’t be complete without a patriotic palette of red, white and blue. But don’t worry—paying homage to America doesn’t have to take away from your personal style. Lean on some trendy pieces, military-colored stationery, and some Fourth of July staples like fruit bobs and mini-slides to get the message across. The perfect finale? End the night with a sparkling exit (or, if you really want to impress, fireworks).

Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2015

Does your summer wedding start in autumn? Embrace the soft combination of dark sage green and navy blue. Lean on lighting and metallic shades to brighten the palette, such as tall tapered candles and bistro lights with gold centerpieces or pedestals. Play up the green in floral arrangements and dress your bridal party in rich navy blue – because everyone looks good in blue.

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Fashion trends may come and go, but wedding flowers will always be in style. Choose seasonal flowers and decorations that naturally reflect your favorite tone.

Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite and Classic Blue are cool, relaxing shades perfect for beach weddings. Try using flowers such as Hydrangea, Delphinium, Dusty Miller and succulents.

Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2015

Quicksand or Sahara roses reflect a soft,  neutral shade of toasted almond. Add a bold color like classic blue or crystal for a little pizzazz.

Hot: Summer Wedding Colour Ideas

Strawberry Ice can be both whimsical and elegant. Peonies, roses, hydrangeas, orchids, lilies, astilbe and lots of other flowers can borrow this sweet color palette for your bouquet or centrepieces. Large flowers such as garden roses and peonies can be used alone, while smaller flowers can be combined for a monochromatic textured look.

Mandarin and Custard are both lively and warm and reminiscent of the summer sun. These shades are stunning in almost any season and are strong enough to wear alone or paired with other vibrant shades. Roses, orchids, gerbera, asclepia and crespedia offer bright tones and textures.

Include Marsala using Cymbidium orchids. peonies, dahlias, calla lilies and roses. It will give rise to rich elegance.

Aquamarine, Bridal Bouquet, Centerpiece, Classic Blue, Custard, Lucite, Marsala, Orchid, Pantone, Pantone Spring Summer 2015 Colors, Philadelphia Wedding Florist, Philadelphia Weddings, Philadelphia’s Best Wedding Florist, robertson florist, robertsons flowers and events, robertsons gifts, robertsons flowers , Scube Blue, Strawberry Ice, Succulents, Summer Wedding, Mandarin, Burnt Almonds, Wedding Flowers Good morning and happy Monday, guys! As we all know, choosing a wedding color is a difficult decision, color combinations are extremely important in planning your summer wedding. In fact, many couples choose a color scheme first, it’s that important!

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There are many color scheme options for summer wedding themes. You have to work with the colors, but how many to choose? It is usually better to choose two primary colors, such as green and yellow. Then think about the different shades available and how to mix them to create the final palette.

So today I’m sharing my 15 favorite color looks for the season. If you are still looking for summer wedding colors. I hope you will be inspired by these magnificent colors. Start with this Aqua

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