Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas

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Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas – Your bouquet is more than just a bunch of different flowers. Whether eschewing seasonal trends or using your favorite garden arrangement, the bouquet you purchase on your big day will serve as an extension of your wedding style and aesthetic.

But more often than not, the bride completely immerses herself in choosing the type of flower, the shape and size of the arrangement, as well as the specific color palette. We consulted experts in the wedding industry to guide us on important design decisions that will simplify the bridal process for even the most inexperienced bride.

Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas

Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas

“Often, I’ll ask my florist to create a series of three bouquets and let my bride choose her favorite on her wedding day,” says Andrea Ippolito, owner of Andrea Ippolito Events and wedding planner. As for the other two bouquets, Ippolito either presents them to the mother of the bride and groom before the ceremony, or exchanges the original bouquet from the ceremony for a new one a few hours later. “This ensures the flowers look fresh all night long!” says Epolitus.

Cute And Quirky Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Whether as a nod to your hometown – such as incorporating a maple leaf into your bouquet to honor your family’s maple tree farm – or to mark your favorite flower, add special value to your day’s arrangement. Using flowers adds meaning and charm. “My last bride wanted white garden roses and stephanotis because her mother and grandmother carried them in their bouquets,” says Carrie Wilcox, owner of Carrie Wilcox Floral Design.

Incorporating optional ingredients such as fruits, berries and other ingredients adds to the originality. “This hand-tied bouquet is made with ancient green hydrangeas, café au lait, and burgundy dahlias, plus an array of flowers like blackberries and bay leaves,” says Lorraine Fox, owner of Fox Events.

If you’re not into bold colors, choosing shades that reflect more of a neutral color scheme can be a plus for any wedding style. Bree and Freddie, owners of Rockrose Floral, achieve this romantic look by using neutral-hued flowers, like “big fluffy peonies and garden roses with minimal green.”

“Bigger isn’t always better. Your bouquet should be pretty and include your favorite flowers, but it shouldn’t compete with your figure or the silhouette of your dress,” advises Phil Cooper, senior designer at Kehoe Design. The intricate details of this embroidered lace gown complement the delicate sophistication of this enchanting bouquet.

Deluxe Bridal Bouquet

Just because you’ve chosen a traditional flower arrangement doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional design elements throughout your day. Leslie Liberace, owner of Branch Design Studio, suggests playing with a fun range of styles—traditional with modern, black tie with boho, etc. – to create an aesthetic that suits you and your personal aesthetic. “Modern chairs and traditional flowers? Why not! Style combinations can be made and done well,” says Liberace.

For a bouquet that makes a bold first impression, Alicia Fritz, owner of A Day at May Event Planning and Design, recommends going with an arrangement that features larger flowers, like this vibrant coral flower.

When it’s time to finalize the details of your bouquet, there’s no one better to talk to than the team of experts hired to guide you through some of the biggest decisions of the day. For ideas that go beyond the wedding norm and fit you and your wedding style, Morgan Childs, owner and founder of Moana Events, advises brides to trust the experts to create an arrangement that suits a given look.

Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas

Adding color to your arrangement is a great way to create tie-in tones from your wedding aesthetic (and photos from the day!), as well as non-traditional bridesmaid dresses. Photographer Alyssa Bricker advises using a color scheme to add vibrancy to your wedding photos. “Some brides shy away from color, but I think vases are a great, awesome place to play with different colors,” she says.

Best Wedding Flower Bouquets

Creating a monobotanical arrangement isn’t just sophisticated – it can go perfectly with a modern wedding style. Maria Zois, event coordinator at Ariston Weddings & Events, recommends a bouquet of white calla lilies for a timeless and elegant bouquet.

Julie Binkley, owner and creative director of Envision Events, advises incorporating greenery into your bouquet to add an unexpected layer of texture. “There are many different types of greenery you can use in a vase besides eucalyptus. Air plants add a natural, organic feel to the vase with added softness,” says Binkley.

To make sure she starts off on the right foot with her florist, she schedules an appointment before her big day to ensure they’re both on the same page with her unique wedding vision. Brooke Osborne, director of weddings at The Secret Garden, offers advice on flower preferences, from shape to color.

For this outdoor wedding, the bride opted for a white bouquet with hints of fresh green to add a pop of color to her seasonal arrangement. And if you are not sure what to choose? “You can never go wrong with white in any season, especially spring and summer,” suggests Jennifer Hoff, founder of Bloom Floral Design.

Gorgeous Spring & Summer Bridal Bouquets For Different Wedding Colour Scheme

Working with different flowers can add variety and depth to your overall arrangement. Diana Venditto, owner and creative director of Aventy Floral & Events, enjoys working with a mix of greenery and a variety of floral styles when creating a unique design. “Putting in a large berry as a filler flower also breaks the use of flowers but keeps the aesthetic consistent,” she says.

Meredith Vaga-Perez, co-founder and creative director of BelleFlore New York, guides brides toward classic florals in simple styles for a timeless look. “Focusing on a bouquet that creates an ethereal style that’s gentle on the senses doesn’t detract from the eye in structure and silhouette,” she says. he says If you think so! As a wedding tradition, the right flowers can help enhance your color palette, complete your bridal party’s look, and add character to your ceremony decor. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the decision-making process and provide you with some truly inspiring wedding bouquet ideas that you can actually use!

The options can seem overwhelming, but if you pick one or more of these tips, you can find what you like quickly and efficiently!

Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas

You can usually buy your wedding bouquet online or at the store. Some of the most reputable digital options include Bluluminous Wedding Flowers (a flower wholesaler offering everything from DIY kits to professional in-house organization teams), Boks (an eco-friendly bouquet design specialist whose services include ASAP delivery and options under $40) are included. and Bridal Bouquets (specialist in silk bouquets and artificial flowers).

Simple Diy Wedding Bouquet Ideas To Please The Bride

If you prefer to shop locally, your options include farmers’ markets, family flower shops, and box stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. If you’re on a budget but still want beautiful wedding bouquets, you can even find some gorgeous options at your local grocery store!

And, last but not least, if you or a loved one has a green thumb, you have the option of planting and growing your wedding bouquets ahead of time. Just make sure you do your research, time your growing cycle correctly, and plant more than you think you’ll need, because it’s not guaranteed to get every seed.

Ready to get inspired? We chose these wedding bouquet ideas because they’re visually appealing, easy to recreate if you’re planning on DIY, and they offer a full range of styles, prices, and sizes.

A single large sunflower or dahlia stalk is delicious and flavorful. But you can use basically any flower as long as your head is the right size for your overall look. Alternatively, you can use a dozen similar flowers (such as alstroemerias or tulips) to create a uniform bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Thin, delicate stems are complemented by small pops of color in this arrangement. This bridal bouquet is perfect for outdoor ceremonies and nature themes.

Mix and match different flower shapes with this look. As long as they are all the same shade of white, they will look amazing.

Summer is all about bright colors, and a wedding bouquet that reflects this season is sure to be beautiful. Combine neutral tones like chamomile or dusty miller with an array of colorful roses, wildflowers, lavender stems, sweet peas, peonies and astilbe.

Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas

Roses, the most romantic flowers in the world, match all other flowers. Pair with equally sized flowers like peonies or hydrangeas. You can opt for similar colors or use contrasting shades to make a statement.

Your Guide To Wedding Flowers

Wedding bouquet designs often include orchids and are placed over the bride’s hands as she walks down the aisle. Combine shades of blush, blush and roses like roses, calla lilies and lisianthus to complete the look.

Ostrich feathers, metallic ribbons, large tassels

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