Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

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I am not a fan of wedding guest books But again, I’m not a fan

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

In this post, I have collected 22 unique, interactive and travel guidebook ideas to help you. Not only will your guests have a blast with the interactive book, but the best part is that your home will have memories to enjoy for years to come.

Wedding Guest Book Alternative With Couple Portrait And Venue

, and if you’ve been following this blog long enough, you know I’m totally obsessed with ATC. Everything you see in their store is unique and customizable

. So if you find something here that inspires you, chances are you can put your own twist on it In full disclosure, this post contains some links This means that purchases made through these links can be a small contribution to Wedding Tips at no additional cost to you. All thoughts and opinions are my own Let the inspiration begin…

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We’ve all seen engagement photos with a signature mat used as a guest book This is a unique competition for ideas Your guests can sign in the blank space around the map and you can hang it in your home as a keepsake. And with 7 color options, you can customize the recipe to match your wedding colors

Wedding Guest Book Alternative Rustic Wood Sign Unique Guest

Are you from different regions? This is a great way to honor your state The artwork on this beautiful destination wedding guest book also features maps of your home location and is marked with a heart for each city. This canvas is an important piece of art And it’s only special when your visitors fill in the blanks with their wishes

It’s a similar concept to the one above but what makes it stand out is that you get the feel of sheet metal – for nothing. What you see here is a digital faux metallic image of an overlapping image The photo shows the couple’s two homes overlapping the wedding venue

You can select any country or state for this beautiful vintage photo Plus, you get to personalize it with color, icon, font, and text choices

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

I love this special guest book You can choose from 14 different color cards, where your guests can write some tips about the wedding These pages will be rolled up and placed in a beautiful wooden box that will be personalized with your name and wedding date It is absolutely stunning, out of the ordinary and something you will be happy to have in your home

Creative Alternative Wedding Guest Books To Bring All The Smiles

Your guests mean the world to you Some of them may travel halfway to your wedding So can you think of a more perfect place for a wedding guest book than this world? The sea can be painted in one color and the land in another There are also many places to write your guest I love, love, love this idea!!

Dropbox’s other guest books have been in development for a few years, but this one is designed for weddings. Your pencil case can be custom made with the image of any country or state of your choice It comes with 150 wooden hearts that your guests can sign and place in the box The plexiglass outside will be personalized with your name and wedding date How awesome would this look on your wall?!

Rustic, beautiful, eco-friendly, travel-themed, and completely customizable – there’s so much to love about these word wedding guest options, I don’t know where to start. These tags are very cute and easy to share They are made from recycled materials and hemp twine Your guests can write their wishes, and after the wedding, you can hang them on a wine bottle or even a vase. Love!

I’m kind of crushing on this guest book because it’s just perfect for our wedding Your wedding country or state should be carved in wood and topped with a wooden heart in any color you want. After your guests sign their wishes, you can easily hang it on your wall because it’s so heavy.

Wedding Guest Book

This super cool wedding guest book is made of alternative wood and laser engraved with a map of your choice The front is completely custom so you can get really creative with it I like the example below which is drawn with the couple’s location and a map of their wedding venue You can order this book with 30 or 50 pages so it is perfect for a small or medium wedding

I always think that a message in a wine bottle is the best, fun and unexpected idea for a wedding. If you are the DIY type, you can place some empty cups on the table Empty, empty, empty Each bottle can be personalized for a different wedding so each year you can look back at the comments your guests left

This is another pretty unique wedding guest book idea And I’m a fan You can use colored pencils in your wedding colors

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

It’s such an amazing idea that I’m so bummed I didn’t see it when I was planning my own wedding venue. Your guests will have a say in some fun ideas for your future date nights, and you’ll find it in your own home to draw more inspiration for next year.

Engraved Glass Growler Alternative Wedding Guest Book

My heart melts every time I see wedding themes with deep meaning Destination weddings are usually intimate with a few family and friends who made the extra effort to be there So it may not be suitable for a wedding with 400 guests

, it is perfect for wedding purpose The puzzle has 100 pieces that your guests can sign, and I think it would look great in a shadow box on the wall.

This is another great idea that won’t work for a big wedding but is perfect for a cute wedding because it comes with 48 games for your guests. Each cymbal piece is carved and made of real wood

Another example of a useful guestbook that is currently gaining popularity is the 3D Tree of Life Your guests can put their finger on the “leaf” and sign on it

Unique Ideas For An Alternative Wedding Guest Book

This is another cool and really customized guestbook option It is ideal for smaller wedding venues as it comes with your choice of 150 or 200 pieces You can use any picture you want on the front (for example, an engagement pic) and have your guests sign the back of the picture puzzle.

With a photo printed on an engraved letter, this guest book option will be completely unique and all yours It comes in two sizes and you can order it in a linen or glossy finish

I really dig the unique, tropical but still elegant look of this wedding guest book option You can hand paint your surfboard with any color and design you want – with it ready to hang on the wall or on your balcony.

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

A book, but I had to include it because it’s so funny and thematic It also comes in several colors so you can match it with your wedding color It would be cute enough to pair with the passport invitations that I shared in this post

Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Do you want a unique and unique wedding guest book that no one else will find? Something special for your site?! Look no more, my friend I am head over heels in love with this illustrated book with landscapes from your site The rest of the page can also be decorated with your theme or some country you represent

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