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Wedding Inspiration Ideas – If you’re looking for the perfect inspiration for your wedding project, you’ve probably used online sources like Instagram and Pinterest before. While these sites are a great way to stimulate creative juices, they can be both a blessing and a curse. First, you don’t want what every other bride or groom has! More importantly, you want a wedding that is a true reflection of you. A wedding design that will really light your heart when you see her meet on the big day. So, while Pinterest can be useful (and I’m a huge Instagram fan), there are plenty of other places to find inspiration and ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

Architecture and interior design. I love looking for new inspiration in the latest design magazines. They are a great source for the latest palettes, textures and patterns, as well as important details such as furniture and lighting. Online shopping can also be a good source – I always find cool ideas on Shutterfly! Get out too. For example, stroll through the interesting neighborhood, visit home furnishings stores, or visit your favorite restaurants and hotels. Think about how you feel in space and pay attention to the small details. You never know what will trigger an idea. It’s also a good idea to look inside yourself to try to get a feel for what you’re attracted to. What makes you feel at home?

Wedding Inspiration Ideas

Wedding Inspiration Ideas

Fashion. Like interior design, fashion is a great source of color combinations, fabrics and vintage influences. If you love a particular designer, try to identify what inspires you in their style. Fashion shows can be a rich source of new creative ideas, as can the shop windows of high-end boutiques and department stores.

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Flea markets. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a flea market fan! I can’t say how many of my best ideas I picked up on Sunday trips to the local flea markets. I love to get lost in all the amazing treasures. The eclectic combination of details from different eras is truly inspiring. It’s definitely worth getting up early!

Piece. Galleries and museums are another great place to get inspired – and they’re a fun date too! Go with an open mind and let yourself be attracted to different elements, be it by subject matter, color palette or medium. Or, if you already share a love for a particular artist, consider how you can incorporate some of their aesthetics into your design.

Nature. The natural world is another rich source of ideas (and much more rewarding than staring at a computer screen). Go out to the countryside or to the coast and admire the various plants, flowers, sand, sky – everything! Look for the shapes, textures and colors you like. Then take pictures of them for later use. Everything from a unique rock formation to a favorite flower can spark inspiration … especially if it’s a place that matters to both of you.

Journey. They say traveling broadens the mind, and this is true in more ways than one! Whether it’s your wedding destination or a place you both want to visit, exotic venues can throw all kinds of new and exciting inspiration. You can also use your honeymoon location, engagement site, first date location, or previous travels.

Amazing Nature Inspired Ideas For Your Wedding

Once you’ve decided on your wedding style and theme, PartySlate is a great place to look for inspiration that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Here you can select idea boards filled with beautiful images while taking notes about what you like and keeping track of possible locations and sellers. Idea boards are also easy to share with vendors so you know you’re on the same page.

Wherever you find inspiration, make it yours. After all, you are a special couple and your wedding should reflect both of you! Huge palm trees, colorful flowers, a fruity drink in your hand, and that laid-back ease that simply cannot be denied – it’s all integral to the tropical atmosphere. Tropical weddings are certainly trendy, and the good news is that you don’t need to travel to the tropics to gather all your energy for wellness!

We have ideas for a few days to help you bring this tropical wedding theme to life. From tropical bouquets to ceremony ideas, party details to tropical wedding cakes, it’s all here. And as always, everything is definitely chic –

Wedding Inspiration Ideas

When it comes to tropical wedding bouquets, brides enjoy tropical leaves, painted green + island flowers. Anthurium is an exotic flower that takes over the scene of wedding bouquets with its trendy and tropical shape. We also love to see how large, split leaves and orchids give a fun texture to these arrangements!

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Photo: Carol Oliva Flower photography: La Flor Events hairstyle + makeup: REVEAL Hair & Makeup boutique: Epiphany Boutique model: Allison Chu

Dried palm trees, dyed leaves, fresh leis … the list goes on! The tropical leaves are so incredibly beautiful and they demand attention easily when projected on the altar. What makes tropical leaves so amazing is their size. You can make a nice effect with the island’s foliage without breaking up the shore. Tropical wedding decoration means juicy colors, lush greenery and the romantic atmosphere of the island.

Photos: Dawn Honsky Place of photography: The Inn at Five Points design: Five Points Design Co florals: Olive and June Floral Company wedding dress: Grace Loves Lace

If you are obsessed with this tropical ceremonial ring, you are not alone. This Seaside Surfer wedding is one of the most popular real weddings at GWS!

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When it comes to parties, engaging in tropical detail can sometimes be as simple as repurposing a ceremony decor. OR you can go all out with beautiful hanging installations to commemorate the moment. Cover the table with bright tropical plants and pull in adjacent tropical elements such as wicker, wood and textured loaders. Or put on a tiki drink as your signature drink. All of these tropical twists make play fun and easy. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all kinds of creative people: designers, artists, photographers and many others, and is also a source of inspiration for decorating events. If you both love nature, why not make it the main theme of your wedding or just incorporate lots of natural accents into your rustic or boho wedding decor? I have a few ideas that will surely inspire you to do so.

Green is the main element of a nature-inspired décor that is hugely popular now that flowerless weddings are on the top. Bet on greenery arrangements, bouquets, decorations, backgrounds, table decorations, chairs, wedding arches, chandeliers and halls. The wilder your arrangements look, the more natural they will feel.

Boho wedding landscape with greenery and moss pavement, candles, tree branches, feathers and tall, thin candles

Wedding Inspiration Ideas

Rustic elegant winter wedding centerpiece made of a piece of wood, greenery, baby’s breath and cup with cranberry and candle

Terracotta Wedding Inspiration

An elegant, forest wedding table with a runner and greenery, cones, antlers and candles is a great idea for autumn

Forest wedding dessert table with lots of tree trunks, slices and delicious cakes and tartlets and greenery

A green sidewalk with pine cones, white candles and a few antlers is a great idea for a wedding inspired by a natural or forest theme

Beautiful wedding tables covered with moss, with vases of white flowers wrapped in moss and lots of candles around for a forest wedding

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Green moss and runners, succulents, green, tree trunks with candles and branches will give your table a natural character

Stumps, branches and pieces of wood are all you need to feel natural at your wedding. Use logs as vases or candlesticks, insert twigs into the center pieces or create table decorations from them, slices of rock wood as placemats, coasters, stands, and just wedding favors. Wrap your candles or vases with tree bark for a wild inspired look.

Natural wedding table setting with twigs and greenery, berries, fern leaves and pebbles for the table with candles

Wedding Inspiration Ideas

Natural winter decoration with pine and transparent ornaments with fir branches is perfect for a winter wedding in a forest or rustic style

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Neutral wedding space with vines climbing to the beams and ceiling that take up all the space and keep it cool

Rustic wedding centerpiece from wooden planter with succulents and moss, candles and table number

Simple and cozy winter wedding centerpiece with candles in glass and branch candlesticks on a wooden part

A simple table made of raw wood with a moss and green pavement, lamps and candles and gray napkins for a forest wedding

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Expressive wedding table setting with black candles, dark green and flowers combined with matte black plates for a forest-inspired wedding

Stylish rustic place with cut wood, brown and evergreen with evergreen pine pavement

Super lush and oversized tree trunk centerpiece with lots of textured green, a few white flowers and branches and candles around

Wedding Inspiration Ideas

Super natural space of winter wedding ceremony with tree trunks, greenery, antlers and leaves and an animal skin rug

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