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Planning a wedding can be a stressful task, especially when it comes to deciding on the menu. The wedding menu is an important aspect of any wedding, as it sets the tone for the entire event. To make the process easier, many couples opt for a wedding menu choice template. In this article, we will discuss what a wedding menu choice template is, provide some sample templates, and answer frequently asked questions about using these templates.

What is a Wedding Menu Choice Template?

A wedding menu choice template is a pre-designed document that helps couples organize and plan their wedding menu. It provides a structured format for listing various food and beverage options, allowing guests to select their preferences. These templates can be customized to suit the couple’s taste and style, making the menu planning process more efficient and organized.

Sample Wedding Menu Choice Templates

1. Classic Elegance Template

This template features a traditional menu with classic dishes such as roasted chicken, beef tenderloin, and a variety of vegetable sides. It also includes options for vegetarian and gluten-free guests.

2. Rustic Farm-to-Table Template

For couples who prefer a more rustic and organic feel, this template offers farm-to-table options like grilled vegetables, wild mushroom risotto, and locally sourced meats. It also includes a selection of craft beers and artisanal cocktails.

3. Global Fusion Template

If you want to add an international flair to your wedding menu, this template is perfect. It offers a fusion of flavors from around the world, such as sushi rolls, curry dishes, and Mediterranean-inspired salads. Guests can choose from a variety of spice levels and dietary restrictions.

4. Gourmet Delights Template

For couples who want to impress their guests with gourmet cuisine, this template is a great choice. It includes options like foie gras, truffle-infused dishes, and decadent desserts. Wine pairing suggestions are also provided.

5. Casual Comfort Template

If you prefer a more laid-back and casual vibe for your wedding, this template offers comfort food classics like sliders, mac and cheese, and BBQ options. It also includes a variety of craft beers and signature cocktails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Wedding Menu Choice Templates

1. Can I customize the templates to fit my wedding theme?

Yes, wedding menu choice templates can be easily customized to match your wedding theme. You can change the fonts, colors, and layout to align with your vision.

2. How do I collect the menu choices from my guests?

Most wedding menu choice templates include a section where guests can indicate their preferences. You can either include a physical copy of the template with your invitations or create an online form for guests to fill out.

3. Can I include special dietary options in the templates?

Absolutely! Wedding menu choice templates often include options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary restrictions. You can also add a section for guests to specify any specific allergies or preferences.

4. How many menu options should I provide?

It’s a good idea to offer a variety of options to cater to different tastes. Aim for at least three entrees, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. You can also provide a choice of appetizers and desserts.

5. Can I change the menu options after sending out the templates?

Yes, you can make changes to the menu options even after sending out the templates. However, it’s important to communicate any changes to your guests in a timely manner, so they can update their choices.

6. Should I include a kids’ menu in the templates?

If you are expecting a significant number of children at your wedding, it’s a good idea to include a separate kids’ menu in the templates. This will ensure that the little ones have options they will enjoy.

7. Can I provide a cash bar option in the templates?

Yes, you can include a cash bar option in the templates if you prefer not to offer an open bar. Make sure to specify this clearly so that guests are aware of the payment arrangement.

8. Do I need to provide a vegetarian option if I already have a vegan option?

While it’s not necessary, it’s considerate to offer both vegetarian and vegan options. Some guests may prefer vegetarian dishes even if they are not strictly vegan.

9. Can I include pictures of the menu items in the templates?

Yes, you can include pictures of the menu items in the templates to give your guests a visual representation of what they can expect. This can be especially helpful for guests with dietary restrictions or allergies.

10. How far in advance should I send out the menu choice templates?

It’s a good idea to send out the menu choice templates at least 2-3 months before the wedding date. This will give your guests enough time to make their selections and provide you with the necessary information.


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