Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas

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Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas – Assigning tables and seating at a wedding or bachelorette party? Choose business card holders that match your style and complement the interior of your establishment.

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Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas

Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas

If you’ve ever planned a party of any kind, you know that seating arrangements are the hardest part of the process. Will your dad’s sister get along with your mom’s cousin? How do you break up an ex-group that used to be the same group of friends? These and many other similar questions are sure to come up when working on the details of weddings, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners. (Don’t worry—read this if you need help.) One detail you might overlook is displaying seat cards for seats. Let’s take it off your plate—it’s meant to—with these card holder ideas, from rustic and chic to modern and everything in between.

Wedding Place Card Holder By Kara’s Vineyard Wedding

Have a wedding abroad? Record your location with stacked pink and white chests. The cards are even trimmed with gold foil to match the small case hardware.

A stand like this can be paired with almost any theme (appealing to all foodies!), and the clean metallic look is easy to combine with other table pieces like votives, vases, and centerpieces.

Natural birch wood is beautiful, but it can be expensive to cut, clean and install. This synthetic version is faster, easier and perfect for a winter wedding or woodland event.

There are many reasons why you should drink champagne right now, especially if it’s pink. Use these mini bottles to congratulate any bachelorette party.

Diy Wedding Table Numbers

These mini typewriters will add nostalgic charm to your guests. And as an added bonus, the “l”, “o”, “v” and “e” keys are highlighted in white.

These realistic-looking lush card holders will complement the outdoor environment or add a natural touch to the interior.

Give ‘him’ and ‘her’ new meaning with a mustache and lip combo cast in solid brass.

Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas

Place these fun boards on an easel for stylish signage, or use them to let guests know what’s being served at your party.

Easy Lego Place Card Holders — All For The Boys

Pressed glass vases are great for table decorations and can hold both small flowers and seating.

Escort cards that double as wedding favors are genius. Choose a gold or silver finish to match your table setting, or mix and match metallic tones.

If understated elegance is what you’re after, these clear gem-shaped card holders are sure to do the trick.

Liven up a rustic outdoor wedding with these golden pine cones. We especially love them for fall weddings.

Place Card Holder Ideas Using Natural Elements

Add a tropical feel to your celebration, whether it’s a backyard bachelorette party or an outdoor wedding.

We invite all travel lovers! Use these vintage-style airplanes as a tribute to a shared passion and tease your upcoming honeymoon.

An afternoon tea style bridal shower? Or just a big tea drinker? These business card holders are the perfect choice for you.

Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas

These glass jar coasters are a nice touch for a peaceful table. You can even go ahead and add some colors.

Be Creative With Wedding’s Escort Cards, Seating Charts

For maximum customization, pair the cards with holders designed to match the first letter of each guest’s name. Or use the letter of your last name and your partner’s last name.

Perfect for a destination or waterfront setting, these coral coasters add a unique texture to any room and, as they come in a neutral cream color, they work well with a variety of color schemes.

Choose decor that does double duty, saving you the trouble of printing and posting cards. Be sure to ask your bridesmaid for help with the best handwriting.

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Wedding Place Card Holders

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Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas

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Ivy Bronx Love Birds Place Card Holder

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A unique place card holder can complement other aspects of your table, such as a centerpiece or table setting. Use a natural element with lots of flowers, such as fruit, to make the floral decor complete. Strawberries go well with romantic red roses, while oranges can complement a bright arrangement of marigolds. The right unique business card holders can also serve as wedding favors. Example: Guests will be happy to know that after a big day, they can use their individual seating to decorate their home or decorate their desks at work. Even a metal figurine that matches your interests can be a fun keepsake that will remind attendees of your party for years to come.

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to use a place card holder to enhance your wedding, try hinting at your menu by repeating the food. Delight your guests with upcoming farm-to-table dishes with a fresh vegetable stand. Want more inspiration for a unique place card holder? Check out the examples below for some eye-catching ways to style this important bridal piece.

Highlight your wedding date in warm weather with seasonal fruit as a card holder. We love how Events By Stephanie Antoinette chose oranges to add some summery color to this landscape. Supla 20 Pcs Rustic Wood Place Card Holders With Swirl Wire Wooden Bark Memo Holder Stand Card Photo Picture Note Clip Holders 5.8

Lucite business card holders are a great interior solution for modern, minimalist couples. This iteration of the simple nameplate, calligraphically hand-lettered by Oliva St. Lily, added a dose of modern flair.

Having a garden wedding? Use tiny succulents like those from White Ribbon Boutique Events to display Michael McBride’s name tags as card holders. This is an easy way to indicate your region.

The bright red strawberry can also be used as a business card holder. The color of this fruit matches the red Little Bit Heart calligraphy used this holiday, but these berries will complement almost any setting.

Wedding Place Card Holder Ideas

The brass colored flower frog stand will make your seating cards unique. Calligraphic designs by Made By Meer completed the look.

Wedding Place Cards

Not only are pomegranate place cards a delightful pre-dinner treat, but their deep red color will brighten up any mood table, as evidenced by this creation by Kendra Duke of Double Knot Designs.

Pair an antique floral frog with a wooden name tag for a rustic look. Miller Line Design calligraphically painted this weathered iteration.

Cards with mini pumpkins can transform any autumn landscape. The elegant ninja used white pumpkins to match the ivory accessories of this table setting.

Upgrade your desk with a round metal card holder. The beautiful rose gold finish on this stand (which featured a Wonderland Invites nameplate) enhanced the feminine and modern aesthetic on this pink and white table.

Diy Place Card Holder

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