Wedding Table Decorations Vintage

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Wedding Table Decorations Vintage – When Briana + Scott called off their 130-person wedding two months before their date, they knew they wanted to make it about what mattered most—celebrating their love with those closest to them. They say it takes a village, and that’s exactly what it took to turn their Montclair, New Jersey backyard wedding into a boho-vintage dream. With frugal wedding table decorations, homemade dried flower bouquets, borrowed vintage rugs and handmade signs, they show us how you can completely transform your wedding decor at home.

Two months before our day, we decided to have an intimate, wooden, backyard wedding. Looking back, I think there’s something wonderful about stripping a marriage down to its bare bones. We went for a vintage, relaxed, whimsical and bohemian vibe and an earthy neutral color palette. I’m a graphic designer + yoga teacher and Scott is a chef, so our creative spirits intertwined throughout the day. We had to set up the entire patio the day before – a labor of love as our family and friends helped make sure every detail was in place. Every detail of our day is soaked in love.

Wedding Table Decorations Vintage

Wedding Table Decorations Vintage

Seniman Calligraphy designed B’s vow books and her ring is vintage. We love how she mixes old and new with these sky-high boots!

Vintage Wedding Decor. Beautiful Event Venue. Creative Decoration Stock Photo By ©loriklaszlo 220212148

Unless it’s the cutest bridal jacket we’ve ever seen!! Stay Stray Art is truly a masterpiece! If you want to try your hand at making your own painted bridal jacket, we have a how-to here!

B’s lace gown is Willowby by RK Bridal. We love these sleeves! Lex Borino styled her flowing waves, while Lauren Diaz of Mascara Noir created her natural makeup look.

I lost my parents and figuring out how to honor them without being sad during the day was a huge burden. A month before the wedding, I lit a candle every morning in their honor and cried while talking to my parents. I found this ritual to be like slowly deflating a balloon, so that when our day arrived, I felt truly embraced by all the love and joy that surrounded us. We also installed a bell hanging from the altar in their memory – symbolizing their presence each time the bell rang.

S groom’s suit is from Studio Suits + Frank & Buck. We love that adorable owl headband too!

Mismatched Vintage Style Glass Vases — Simple Rustic

B + S sourced local Park & ​​Bloom flowers to create ceremony patterns and wedding decorations.

Our ceremony was my favorite part of the day. Nothing about him was traditional. Knowing I was truly not alone, I decided to walk down the aisle. Scott met me halfway and we walked the rest of the way together, symbolizing the next chapter of our life together. I asked my friend Erin to start our ceremony with a guided meditation to help each person. We wrote personal vows and then put them in a wine box to be opened on our anniversary.

B let her girls pick out their dresses from Lulus, Baltic Born and ASOS. the only rules? Customize your color palette and show your style and personality!

Wedding Table Decorations Vintage

How’s that for a budget-friendly wedding table decoration?! Bride Briana Bednarski used vintage flower plates and amber glassware for each setting. He also designed paper products for the day!

Romantic Table Decor

My biggest piece of advice to brides-to-be is to stay true to who you are as a couple. Let this thread guide you in your planning. I think sometimes people get so caught up in tradition and what they think “should work” that they forget that they have the power to spend their day however they want. Also, have fun! Planning is definitely stressful, so lean on the support around you and don’t take it all too seriously 🙂

Congratulations Briana + Scott! We’re in love with the vintage and DIY elements of your backyard wedding day. You guys nailed it! The GWS team wishes you all the best!

Photo: Anais Possamay Photography // venue: Backyard, Montclair, NJ, USA // flowers: Park & ​​Bloom // wedding dress: Willoughby // wedding dress boutique: RK Bridal // bride’s ring: Vintage // bridesmaid dresses: Lulus, Baltic Born and ASOS // hairstylist: Lex Borino // makeup artist: Lauren Diaz of Mascara Noire // groom: Studio Suits and Frank & Buck // paper goods: Briana Bednarski // calligraphy: Astray Art Stay / / catering: Good Hospitality by Chef Aaron Randi // cake: Mule Cake // table rental: Party Center (tables) // furniture rental: Ambrosia on the Porch (quality furniture + rugs) // music: Annie Mash / / vow books: SenimanCalligraphy // leather jacket: Stay Stray Art Whether you consider yourself a retro bride or just love the vintage trend, if you nail your vintage decor, you can ensure that your wedding will be timeless and elegant.

Vintage is a very broad term, and you’ll find plenty of creative ideas here, from Gatsby cool vibes and rockabilly to classic rustic touches.

Vintage Wedding Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

However, this is a seriously romantic theme that won’t break the bank. The more eclectic you can go with your decor, the better. Mix treasures from your grandparents and thrift store finds with modern, vintage-inspired pieces for a modern look. Layer your decor for a true vintage statement.

Need inspiration? Check out these 21 simple vintage wedding decoration ideas that will make your reception look amazing and stunning!

A classic gramophone is a great addition to vintage wedding decor. You can hire antique turning arms or often find old broken ones on sites like eBay. Use them as props for your card table, on the side of your band or DJ booth, or as part of a picnic table or beverage display.

Wedding Table Decorations Vintage

If your tables are large enough that they won’t get in the way of conversation, a slightly more creative way to use swirls is to fill a tube with flowers as a centerpiece.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Photo booths are one of our favorite fun wedding options – guests love them! If you want to stick to a vintage theme, hire yourself a vintage photobooth – and what a great Vinny, Vintage Photobooth Cumbria operator!

Crafted from oak and with a six-hour battery life, the Vinny is a stylish, studio-quality camera that can be placed anywhere. Whether your wedding is in a field, a barn or a hotel, you can create a fun, vintage photo booth with props and other items (we love the Peaky Blinders-style hats) and take photos.

Bird cages are very popular with vintage lovers and are an easy way to incorporate the trend. Many countries can get them from their suppliers – it’s up to you how you style them!

Birdcages make great hanging decorations, but they are also perfect wedding table decorations with candles and wreaths.

Sunflower Wedding Table Decor Welcome Wedding Table Vintage

Garments are not only a cute and colorful way to add vintage whimsy to your wedding decor, but they’re also very inexpensive. If you’re having your wedding in a place with a rich history, you can highlight this with a traditional line of the British flag.

For an elegant feel, you can make your own owls using fabrics with different prints and textures. Don’t worry if the edges fray, it just adds to the overall look. A sea of ​​stone in a barn or open space adds to the atmosphere of a Victorian music hall.

Antique cabinets or beautiful tables are amazing for vintage displays, and we especially love them for American-style lemonade stands. Every summer or outdoor wedding needs a hydration station for young guests and those looking to take a break from the bubbles. You can tear out the drawings and fill them with old postcards or flowers.

Wedding Table Decorations Vintage

For couples who love to travel, consider this in your decor by using vintage chests and boxes to leave cards for guests or as a drinks table. The thinner the luggage, the better – you can find old trunks in charity shops or on eBay.

Wedding Decoration Table In The Garden, Floral Arrangement, In The Style Vintage On Outdoor. Wedding Cake With Flowers. Decorated Table With Flowers, Served For Two People Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free

An ice cream tricycle is a great idea for a summer wedding and a decoration in itself. Guests love it and when your server is dressed in old school clothes, it’s like live art and delicious entertainment! Decorate with a ring, for example, choose traditional flavors

A classic car is a great way to add a special piece of history to your day. Whether you choose to be chauffeured in a Rolls Royce or hire a sports car like an Aston Martin for your getaway, it will be photo-worthy. Depending on the vintage feel you’re going for, a restored VW camper van is also an interesting call.

The whiskey and cigar bar has a very rich, twenties feel

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