Wedding Themes For Summer 2020

Tuesday, January 17th 2023. | Weddings

Wedding Themes For Summer 2020 – Hard to believe, 2020 is coming! And you know what that means? A new crop of incredible wedding styles, of course! Couples continue to get more creative every year, putting their own spin on old favorites and transforming their current look into a more modern look. From chic to desert to tropical (or “tropical”) bustle, these six wedding styles will be everywhere in 2020.

Desert Chic is the perfect theme for boho brides looking to add elegance to a desert landscape. This topic is about enhancing the natural environment with colors that complement or highlight bold statements. It’s less Southwestern inspired and more urban inspired, but more organic.

Wedding Themes For Summer 2020

Wedding Themes For Summer 2020

Photography by Sarah Linda Photography Hosted by Heartthrob Weddings and Events Venue: The Ruin Venue, floral design by Tropic of Flowers, wedding dress by Rue De Seine and LoversLand, Signature Party Rentals and Circa Vintage Rentals; See more about this wedding!

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Photography by SambaJoy Photography and art planned by Wild Heart Events Venue: 29 Palms Inn Flower Design by Idlewild Floral Rental by Folklore Vintage Rentals; See more about this wedding!

Morocco has been trending for a long time and we don’t see it going down any time soon! The best part about choosing a Moroccan theme (besides the fact that it’s amazing) is that you can really go all out or keep it light. Maximalism is definitely not available now for Moroccan skin. But few Moroccans are still a thing and good for couples who want a theme without overwhelming their place.

Photography by Tali Photography, planning and location: Villa J. Marachech Floral design by Catherine Villier Wedding dress by One Day Bride Rental by Wedding Masters. See more about this wedding!

Photography by Jordan Voth Photography Plan by Crosby & Jon Location: Rancho Las Lomas Floral Design by Soiree Floral Design Wedding Dress by Galia Lahav Rental from Archive Rentals; See more about this wedding!

Creative Wedding Theme: Beach Wedding

Cold California can mean many different things to different people. And so, for the 2020 wedding, we see California fresh and beautiful. Luxurious wine cellar decorations, white wedding dresses and luxurious floral decorations and patterns are part of creating this look. . And so it is beautiful without interruption.

Photography by Anna Hosted by So Eventful Venue: Viansa Winery Wedding Dress by Ines Di Santo Rental by Encore Events; See more about this wedding!

Photography by Britt Crowe Floral planning and design by Hitched Planning + Floral wedding dress by Anomalie; See more about this wedding!

Wedding Themes For Summer 2020

When we say “wandering” themed weddings, we don’t just mean travel-inspired decorations. (It’s a beautiful choice that we still love!) The wanderlust theme for 2020 will be less about decorating and more about taking on an epic locale. Think of a wedding on a cliff overlooking a mountain or in the middle of a city street. There are weddings that when you see a photo, you immediately want to get on the plane. It’s all about the experience trend – beyond the material, growing into every aspect of life and it sure makes for some worthy weddings!

Beautifully Colourful + Whimsical Butterly Wedding

Photography by Lighthouse Photo Plan by Santorini Glam Weddings Reception: Kamares Apartment Floral Design by Betty Flowers Santorini Wedding Dress by Grace Loves Lace Arch Rental by Weddings & Whimsy; See more about this wedding!

Photography by Nisha Ravji Photography, Venue: The Medici Fountain, Reception: Ellsworth, Floral Design by L’Artisan Fleuriste, Wedding Dress by Grace Loves Lace, Wedding Dress by De Fursac; See more about this wedding!

Don’t worry, traditional marriage is still long! But the couple is adding glamor to their ’70s-inspired wedding, and we’re here for it! In addition to the color palette of the past, they combine traditional and rustic decor, leather and nude details and antique elements to capture this golden and musical age.

Photography by Sarah Murray Photography, Location: Buxton Hall, Floral Design by Springvine Design, Wedding Dresses by Morgane Le Fay, Wedding Dresses by Rusty Cuts, Wedding Dresses by Union Western Clothing, Rentals by East West Vintage and East Fork ; See more about this wedding!

A Wedding With A Sunset Toned Color Palette In Santa Fe

You heard it here first: tropical opulence is going to be such a big wedding trend in 2020 that it needs its own words! So what is overcrowding? It is luxurious and luxurious with the tropics. So while the organic and natural feel of a boho tropical wedding will never go out of style, the splendor of the tropics has been taken a step further with gold accents, lush greenery and luxurious textures.

Photography by Kathrin Krok Photography, TracyKrapf, Location: Wolkenburg, floral design by Shabby Chic Events, wedding dress by Eddy K; See more about this wedding!

Looking for tips on more planning and decorating inspiration? We have all the best wedding planning articles here! When nature wakes up in winter, spring and summer approaches with big, colorful styles perfect for wedding season. It’s all about the fresh colors and new life of the seasons in the wedding world. Choosing a wedding color palette among those stunning natural colors is not easy when it comes to your spring/summer wedding arrangements. Trends come and go, I love finding new things, old things and where to start. If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, check out the wedding colors below and get inspired.

Wedding Themes For Summer 2020

Earth tones and a neutral palette are wedding colors that won’t go wrong in any season with ivory, champagne, light brown or light green.

Top 10 Wedding Color Trends For Spring Summer 2023

Like a sea of ​​scented lavender flowers, let your wedding be boring in giant colors accented with gray for an earthy feel.

“Something old, something new, something light and blue” combines light blues and greens to create the perfect spring/summer wedding palette.

With spring and summer in the air, there is plenty of inspiration to find nature’s most beautiful flowers. Choose a pale pink and green palette for an ultra-feminine floral-inspired feel.

As a beautiful shade of light purple with a hint of gray, mauve is also a great choice for spring and summer weddings.

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Photo via: Vintage Chic Bride / The Knot / Style Me Pretty / Haley Richter Photo / Confetti Day Dreams / The Wedding Play Book / Oh Best Day Ever / Green Wedding Shoes / Inspired by This / Wedding Chicks / Fab Mood / You & Your Wedding

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Wedding Themes For Summer 2020

Our latest wedding guide is full of useful information such as budgeting tips, tracking tools, expenses and lots of ideas to save money on your big day. Spring is the most romantic time of the year when nature wakes up from winter and comes back to life in a colorful style. In the world of marriage, it’s all about the bright colors that represent the new life of the season and the beginning of one of the biggest adventures: wedding planning! Choosing your wedding color palette will be your first task when it comes to wedding planning. And these 10 new color palettes for spring and summer weddings are just what gives you a gorgeous look.

Striking Emerald Combinations Wedding Color Palettes

Think alluring beach vibes and shout from sea of ​​green to sea with our beautiful green wedding colors for summer, spring. It’s a warm and attractive neutral shade that plays it safe with white and light brown, but also offers the fun of dark green and sea honeysuckle.

Earth tones of green and pink blush are elegant choices for spring-summer wedding color trends. Sage pink and green are complementary colors that provide a sophisticated atmosphere. A touch of soft pink adds a romantic feel and balances the energy of the sesame.

Sage green is undoubtedly the color of the season, and the color combination of sage and pink offers the perfect blend of modernity and youthful innocence. Want to sound more romantic and relaxed? Match this scheme with warm, old-fashioned colors like gold, pink and cream.

If you want to try something new and fresh, you should go for these two color trends for your wedding this summer. Light blues and greens complement each other perfectly and bring a relaxed look that guests will love.

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Neutral green is a beautiful wedding color, yet eye-catching and appealing. It’s the perfect color choice for spring and summer. It can be worn with a brightly colored wedding dress to ensure that it touches and pleases. The groom’s color scheme is less harmonious.

A kind of green that is light, peaceful and cheerful. This color is considered a neutral color, but it can actually be used to brighten up space or balance.

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