What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets

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What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets – When we were looking for a house in Richmond last year, there was very little inventory, the competition was fierce, and we needed a place to live ASAP. We keep a close eye on what’s new coming in, and when we buy a house and it shows up on Zillow, we’re smitten. The space was wonderful, it had the open floor plan we wanted, and it was renovated. Is it a big problem? It comes with a new kitchen that is not our style (ugh!).

Functionally, it’s good to go, but it has antique white cabinets, ’90’s-esque brown granite that dates me, and a busy stone backsplash. There are a lot of competing “stars” in this space – there seems to be a lot going on! At least all the undertones are the same; It’s a kitchen saving grace! 😉 Here’s a photo I took with my iPhone the other day:

What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets

What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets

This kitchen, but my style leans modern and very simple. I am very grateful for it

Granite Countertop Color Options For Your Kitchen

, we have a beautiful house with a new kitchen! I know this is a great privilege, and I do not take it lightly. We’re not planning on doing a major renovation anytime soon, so I’ve been trying to think of small, more budget-friendly ways to make it feel more updated.

A particular pain point for me is the dated granite countertop that will have to stay, at least for now. The look is definitely not my favorite, but my biggest problem with it is that it’s hard to keep clean. It hides everything (and not in a good way!) I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a rock like this and isn’t in the mood to rip it out and replace it with something as glorious as marble. quartz, so I want to share some ideas for doing. It works.

Update! After living with our countertops and cabinets for three years, we decided to give the kitchen a makeover. Come see our coastal modern kitchen reveal!

And the kitchen is often a little stale. Since there is no way to change its appearance, it is a good practice not to let other appliances in the kitchen add to the noise.

Most Elegant White Cabinets With Brown Granite You Must Look Before Your Next Project

A great opportunity to do that is with Backsplash. Subway tiles in neutral tones like ivory, white, or gray complement granite and actually work to tone it down. Stick with a slightly warmer tone to help blend it out. So if you want white tiles, make sure it’s white with warm undertones. Also, stay away from tiles with too many colors or patterns because they will be it

In the photo above of Kelly’s kitchen, you can see that she chose a slightly off-white subway tile to go with her white cabinets and it gives off the look of granite.

I want to replace our natural stone backsplash with something like this instead. It will work wonders there!

What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets

A busy gray palette often has a mix of browns, browns, warm grays and ivory. If you like the idea of ​​a white kitchen, but have a particular countertop style, try matching your color to a lighter color than you might find in granite (this is also a great strategy to use when choosing backsplash tiles!). Doing so will help you choose a color that complements the granite and gives you the look of a white kitchen, but won’t feel the opposite.

What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets?

Take the selected warm white chip and hold it to your granite. When you find a match for that light tone, that’s your ticket. This is one case where pure white (sadly) is usually not the right choice. You can be close!

Chris Loves Julia did just that in his “phase one” kitchen renovation and I love how it turned out. Good mood blue-green-gray helps to make the counter almost completely! The lighting and accessories also help the gray granite counters feel more formal – hints of brass and warm wood catch my eye as a nice detail that adds to the overall look.

My last piece is to keep your floor smooth. Follow the same guidelines I mentioned above when choosing a backsplash. It’s really hard to find a pattern that works well with busy granite, so a good bet is hardwood, wood tile, or laminate. Solid neutral tiles, light colors, also work well.

So tell me – have you dated the granite you are looking to work in your home? Which of these ideas do you run with to make it feel improved? Home → My Projects → Kitchen Design and Design → Paint Kitchen Makeover: Granite Countertops, Subway Tile and More

Clean White Kitchen Cabinets And Quartz Countertops

Beautiful granite countertops, upgraded hardwood floors, and a modern subway tile backsplash are just some of the great features of this kitchen. However, my client was tired of the dark wood cabinets and wanted them to have a colorful face lift, which is where I come into the picture.

There is also a beautiful gray-taupe subway tile backsplash. And since the backsplash is the first place you look when choosing cabinet colors, these tiles, along with the warm background of granite countertops, are inspiring.

Close the friggin front door (or closet door, more to the point)! I mean, I didn’t care about this kitchen before, even though the wood is heavy touch and rich. But Holy Dina it looks good!

What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets

Get a full shot of this bad boy. This is a great picture, as you can see the original area…

Stunning White Kitchen Cabinets

It’s a great move for the place. However, painting the cabinet takes it to the next level…

There is only one thing I would recommend (and it’s not a big deal). The paint on the walls, Benjamin Moore Ranchwood, is just a touch heavy and warm. UGGGGH, I feel like I’m doing it, but when I get close to wine, craving Doritos, watching Ryan Reynolds in movies, and a little color, my head goes a little off the radar.

Worth the change? For most of the world – HECK NO. But for me, who is a glutton for punishment, you know I change it. Which color should I sample first? Oh, Benjamin Moore Collingwood of course, with Balboa Mist a hot second. Again, I’m special, but that’s why you love me – because I’m cute and funny… riiight?

And I bet you are thinking about this magical color in the closet. It’s none other than Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Are you surprised? You should be.

Stunning Ways To Pair Wood Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertops

Classic gray can look very gray on the wall with a very noticeable purple, sometimes purple-pink (remember, every gray has an undertone). However, cabinet paint has different formulas and gloss will affect how the paint appears. The classic gray has been lightened by 25% for this project which probably accounts for a bit of that change as well.

Not sure if you should paint your kitchen cabinets? I have a fun quiz blog post for you to check out. Need some inspiration? I have too! Scroll to the Read more section at the bottom of this blog post.

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What Color Granite Goes With White Cabinets

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