Rustic Bridal Shower

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Rustic Bridal Shower – There has come an inevitable time in our lives when some of our neighbor’s children get married and have children. It was a beautiful moment to see these children who I know spend most of my life participating in these new moments of blessing. Today I’m sharing all the details of the New Rustic Bridal Shower I recently hosted for another bride.

Fortunately, I met this bride on her birthday. His mother was a sister of mine at Baylor (we were Tri Deltas!) and I went to a private Christian school with his father. There are many connections between our families. Her parents’ wedding was one of my closest friends’ first weddings as a bride, so seeing her personally attend their wedding was a special treat! I am really looking forward to sharing this special day with you.

Rustic Bridal Shower

Rustic Bridal Shower

As you learned from the bridal shower I hosted the week before, I always check in with the bride to find out about her wedding theme and colors so that I can prepare the my meeting and his plans for the wedding. . Claire features natural landscaping in grays and whites and lots of greenery at her wedding.

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The colors and style are perfect! I love using Minted because they offer free printable addresses for envelopes!

My rustic dining room table is the perfect backdrop for dinner, so I decided not to cover it with linens. I used washed white boxes for the centerpieces to place the flowers and trays across the table.

Since I was hosting 30 women and I hosted this party myself, I chose new disposable plates and pre-wrapped plastic sheets to serve. Not only does it help with cleaning, but buying ready-made floor tools has saved me a lot of time.

The glass vases and floating lamps added a nice modern touch that I was able to incorporate into the other work areas and tables. Plus, it’s a very inexpensive way to add sophistication to a table setting. Bridal Shower Bachelorette Games, Rustic Wood Barrel Mason Jar, He Said She Said, Find The Guest Quest, Would She Rather, Phone Game, 25 Games Each

The flowers for this party are very easy to make. I bought a bunch of white hydrangeas (perfect for the bride!) from Trader Joe’s and mixed greens. To make things light and textured, I created different scenes.

I was careful to include ferns in each arrangement so that they would appeal to the invitation.

Along with the floral arrangements, I add fresh, original florals to refresh the look. You will see other tables throughout the other tables.

Rustic Bridal Shower

As we planned on the rain, we decided on a 2 p.m. Starting time At this point, I need to find a menu that is not too heavy but will serve the crowd. Knowing that charcuterie boards are a favorite of the bride and her family, I thought it would be fun to do all the food with charcuterie boards. The key is figuring out how to combine things and provide variety.

Rustic Wedding Shower

This is a great way to do it at any age! There is something for everyone. This concept fits well with Claire’s beautiful appearance.

The most important thing to remember when preparing many charcuterie plates is to make sure they contain all the sweet and savory ingredients. Mix meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables for a balanced dish.

For these trays, I used 12″ x 24″ marble floor tiles. If it’s a boy! I love using these because they leave a lot of lip space. To get a good layout, I turned one of my square pots upside down to raise it up. The other two trays are slightly offset to the dessert plate.

For the dessert table, the goal is simplicity and variety. For the buntinis, I chose scents that matched the party’s color palette. The same goes for the other desserts I served.

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Medicine jars provide great containers for candy and other sweet treats. For this group, the meringues were a favorite. If you don’t want to make them from scratch, Trader Joe’s is my favorite (source below)!

The taste of the water gives a special touch to the guests. Here, I used my favorite combinationā€¦cucumber and mint. It’s very fresh and tasty, and you can add water while cooking and the flavors will still come out.

Since I plan on doing a buffet style meal, I need to remove all of my dining chairs in my dining room and breakfast area. Instead of putting it in my garage, I decided to use it outside instead of my patio chairs. It makes the outside look very relaxing and comfortable for my guests.

Rustic Bridal Shower

For the main thing, I continued the project with galvanized metal circles, flower arrangements and candles. Straight and easy!

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When your guests have time to buy gifts, wrap them, and go to your party, giving gifts at the party is a must! I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t cost much…thought. I know this is a surprise, but I found these cute box soaps at Dollar Tree! Can you believe I found soap and fern in the box?!

To dress them up, I tied a gray satin ribbon around them and a white gift tag I made using dark gray “Thank You” ink.

To set the tone for bath guests, I line my driveway and walkway with shepherd’s hooks and flower-filled hobnail pots.

It was a beautiful day to see Claire “strong” with the love and kindness of her friends and family. She is marrying a wonderful man and has a wonderful future ahead of her! Thanks for sticking around to see all the details of her Rustic Modern Wedding Makeover.

Vintage Inspired Bridal Shower

On a fun but sad note… Claire and her guests “washed” her in the shower. Minutes after taking this photo, this happened!! We quickly moved the group inside. šŸ™ Colorado evenings are humid, unimaginable! If you are busy and planning some wedding related events, one of them is the wedding shower. A bridal shower is a great way to meet your girls before you tie the knot, play, have fun, eat, drink, and talk. If you are thinking of themes and styles for a bridal shower, I have a good suggestion for you ā€“ go rustic! The rustic theme is budget friendly, cozy and welcoming – just what we want for a wedding party! Let’s see how to fix this.

Bridal shower table decorations are simple and elegant, nothing formal here. Survey tables with burlap and greens, baby’s breathing equipment, and wood chips to replace the sinks are all you need. For centerpieces, wildflowers and delicate garden flowers add greenery and are placed in vases or tin cans covered with burlap. A water bottle is another fun idea for creating a centerpiece.

Rustic Dining Table with Green Table Runner and Pink Wedding Wine Glasses

Rustic Bridal Shower

A rustic table runner with candles and baby’s breath in blue vases is a great way to decorate the tables.

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For a bridal shower, you can have waffles, s’mores, popcorn, and a variety of desserts. If you like to rock, create something you like to enjoy – go to that bar! To make your bars and stations look good, you can display food on wooden tables decorated with greenery, cupcakes on metal stands and flowers, which look beautiful. Wooden crates and boxes are one of the best ways to present your food and drinks with a rustic look.

Add a nice touch to your bathroom decor with cool accessories: the countertop and the palette. You make some and insert and hang them where you want, using the dates of your love stories, your favorite stories and other things you want to tell your girls.

There are many activities to enjoy together and want to add some ideas. A baking box, a sun bowl or a sun box is a simple project that does not require much preparation but is fun and exciting. In addition, behind them there are many ideas for fun days and delicious food. Have fun!

The best thing to do for a bridal shower is a date bottle, where your gals can write down their thoughts on the perfect day for you, the best way to celebrate the bride and have a day for her ! I hosted a bridal brunch with a mimosa bar (of course)! I wanted a nice breakfast with soft colors and details. I count and start planning breakfast

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