What Did You Use As A Centerpiece Base

Tuesday, December 6th 2022. | Weddings

What Did You Use As A Centerpiece Base – Check out the blog and be sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s put your amazing day on our calendar, so we can help you create memories you’ll remember for a lifetime.

1) Add height to your table! Plates and utensils will sit flat, and the centerpiece will encourage your look higher on the table, adding visual interest to the table!

What Did You Use As A Centerpiece Base

What Did You Use As A Centerpiece Base

And 2) I love the magical way a well-designed centerpiece brings together a whole palette of colors!

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Here at the Golden Horseshoe Inn, we have a seriously fun inventory of wedding accessories! It’s full of great pieces that help our couples save money and create really interesting and fun centerpieces!

How do I visually “anchor” my center and make sure it’s the right size for my table?

3 tends to be a “magic number” when it comes to design – 3 vases of varying heights, 3 votive candlesticks, 3 pine cones scattered around the center base. A center somewhere where you really don’t have to go for symmetry!

Use some sort of base to “anchor” your centerpiece to the table. Sometimes the “footprint” (the amount of space it takes up) of a vase, for example, is not big enough for the size of your table. This is where a base can really help, covering some of that table space for you. Our most popular bases are 1/2 inch thick wood slices, perfect for rustic weddings, or beveled edge mirrors, perfect for a more elegant look!

Centerpieces: 20 Centerpiece Ideas And Table Decoration Ideas

Check out your wedding season! Winter weddings are the perfect time to do them – evergreen clippings, holly berries, twinkling lights – these are all really beautiful (and inexpensive!) ways to incorporate a bit of nature, and a bit of the eye. time!

Let’s take a look at some examples of table centerpieces created primarily from items from our wedding accessories inventory

You may not know my obsession with teacups, but I have been collecting them for years, so there is a beautiful stash at GHI just waiting to be selected as part of your wedding decor. Our glass bell (the upside-down bell-shaped piece of glass) helps to “anchor” the objects below. The bell can be filled or covered with almost anything. We made some really cute fall versions filled with mini pumpkins, and of course a nod to Beauty and the Beast with a single rose under the glass! Here are some additional versions of a central hub with the bell:

What Did You Use As A Centerpiece Base

Teacups, glass bell, lace table runner and gold cake stand from our accessories inventory. Fresh flowers provided by our wonderful bridal couple Jane and Ryan.

Double Duty Flower Arrangements To Use As Bouquets And Centerpieces!

Base in slices of wood, silk leaves, glass bell, wooden table number from our accessories inventory. Mini pumpkins provided by the couple.

Crystal cake stand, small rose vase, silk rose, silk rose petals, mirror base, all from our accessory inventory! (Tale As Old As Time ring pillows provided by the couple)

Both examples feature a silk rose, but using a real red rose is also a wonderful option, and always a real savings over an entire flower centerpiece!

Bringing nature indoors is another way to add unexpected (affordable!) interest to your table. Single branches in a vase are perfect for a fall or winter wedding. The wood slices are a great way to include that magic number 3, and add height. Here are some central wood slice ideas:

Easy And Unforgettable Diy Centerpieces

Wood stumps, wood slice base, table number provided by GHI. Glass bottle, silk flowers, mini pumpkin and leaves provided per couple!

We loved what Hollie and Chris did for their fall wedding…Wooden stumps, a sliced ​​wood base, a table number and a fabric and lace vase, all from our inventory of wedding. GHI accessories. The couple provided fresh flowers for the pot, mini silk leaves and mini fake pumpkins.

And we absolutely loved this simple, modern centerpiece made of branches, featured below. It’s easier to see in the second photo, but our couple Beth and Minh had beautiful hand crocheted doilies (made by a family member) to anchor their trio of vases. And then string lights (small battery powered LED lights) were wrapped around the branches. It was a simple, beautiful and extremely effective centerpiece that ticked all the boxes – 3 vases, anchor, height!

What Did You Use As A Centerpiece Base

Trio of cylinder vases, table number, string lights from GHI Prop Inventory. Doly crochet, brown glass beads, willow branches provided by the couple!

Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece (how To Make A Pumpkin Vase)

Here’s a fun take on the holidays with our trio of glass vases…filled with inexpensive Christmas decorations and twinkling lights from Evelyn and Richard’s New Year’s Eve wedding.

If you’re going for a single element, you’ll just want to make sure it’s sized appropriately for the size of your tables. Our guest tables at the Golden Horseshoe Inn are 60″, so our couples want a fairly large single item, and maybe an anchor piece to take up space at the base (like the mirror below). This is a very simple hub that works well. I’m not a big fan of silk flowers, but when dipped in water it helps them look more real, and the water adds some movement and sparkle to your table! Items from our proprietary inventory pictured below include flared vase, silk orchid stem, purple glass beads, mirror base, white framed table number.

Another of our couples chose the same idea. Just use our clear beads instead of our purple beads. So beautiful!

Sharon and Karen did a great job customizing their tables. They gathered items from their own property and from their many walks to create this perfect fall arrangement.

Darbycreektrading Large Christmas Greenery & Frosted Pinecone Centerpiece Arrangement In White Faux Birch Base & Reviews

A few other nice details to note – they named their tables (instead of numbers), each table was named after a place that was special to them. And if you squint, you can see the candy apple wedding favors on each plate in the background. The brown ribbon on the sweet apples was personalized with their names and wedding date, and attached to the brown colors of their centerpiece – perfect job!

All the ideas above were super creative and interesting. But there is nothing wrong with going the classic route of a single floral centerpiece. We asked many brides to create their own silk centerpieces (and gift them to us later for future couples to use, like the two brides who created the table centerpieces below – so beautiful!) as both examples below! We have also ordered something similar from the florist with fresh flowers.

And finally, there are couples who have a lot of fun creating their own table centerpieces and don’t need to borrow from our accessory inventory. That’s the beauty of hosting an intimate wedding – you can have a little more room in your budget to cover the things that are important to you!

What Did You Use As A Centerpiece Base

Alison and Thom had a fantasy enchanted forest theme for their wedding day. The flowers were the most important thing for our bride and her mother, so they added these beautiful garlands from our florist and provided the copper lanterns and the base for the vine wreath. There were even little fairy figurines hidden amongst the flowers and garland – plenty for guests to discover when they were seated for dinner!

Diy Wedding Centerpiece Table Decorations 3aa Battery Operated 15cm Diameter Round White Led Under Vase Base Light

Sara and Wayne wanted a slightly bohemian vibe on their wedding day. They found these beautiful geometric vases (you can find similar ones at Oriental Trading Co) and filled them with moss and silk orchids and it was beautiful. They also wrapped a faux ivy wreath around the base of the vase which did a great job of adding more texture and anchoring the arrangement as well!

Darlene and Nick also provided their own centers. Darlene and her mother had fun making them. They bought a lantern, a flameless candle, and silk flowers in their wedding colors that were tied to the top of the lantern. You’ll notice that they didn’t use a base to place their centerpiece on, but used Gold Charger plates (from our prop inventory) under each plate, which helped add some coverage to their table to make everything feel proportionate!

Guys, I hope you found this post helpful! I know table centerpieces are one of those areas that can seem overwhelming at first! This is also an area where costs can add up quite quickly. This is something we will explore in depth together during our planning meeting for your wedding day. Many of our couples bring the items they plan to use, so they can see them in real space and on the table, which can be very useful. We’ll also dig through our accessories inventory together and see what we may already have that will be perfect for you! I can’t wait to imagine something wonderful with you!

PS – Most of my posts will be about simplifying your budget, keeping it simple and easy because that’s our specialty here at the Golden Horseshoe Inn…BUT…everyone has that element of their wedding that is

Diy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas To Create A Festive Table

Important to them…and if table centerpieces are your thing, then you should feel free to do anything! I

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