What To Get The Bride As A Bridesmaid

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What To Get The Bride As A Bridesmaid

What To Get The Bride As A Bridesmaid

Your closest friends cheer you on from the moment they join your wedding reception, and it’s important to acknowledge their contribution (read: time, money, and emotional support) to your big day. Do you really need to buy a bridal shower gift to say thank you? The short answer is no – gifts are not the only way to show your appreciation. Instead of buying gifts for the wedding reception, some couples choose to pay for their bridesmaids’ accommodation during the wedding, or cover the cost of their dresses and accessories.

What Do Bridesmaids Pay For? A Bridesmaid Budget Guide

In fact, there’s a reason why many brides-to-be make a conscious choice to buy gifts instead of paying for their wedding expenses. Choosing something special for each bridesmaid shows how special they are to you (how much you value those around you). We answer bridesmaid (and maid of honor) gift etiquette below, including how much to spend, when to give, and how to distribute.

So, how much should you spend on your wedding reception? There are two main factors to consider. First, consider how much your wedding budget will allow. You should spend as much as you can, but remember how thoughtful the gift is. If you have to pay $50 per person, that’s fine. Budgeting for wedding reception gifts in advance ensures that you have enough wiggle room in your overall wedding budget to keep you on track and treat your team comfortably.

Second, think about how much your bridesmaids spent on you. Depending on your wedding, they may already be paying for your airfare, hotel room, dress and shoes—not to mention your bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding and shower gifts, and more. You may not fully cover their expenses, but you should spend enough to say, “I appreciate the time, effort, and money you put into this wedding.” Anything between $75 and $150 per person is a generous thank you gift.

A few other things to keep in mind: Your maid of honor or maid of honor usually gets a slightly more lavish gift than others because her duties are often time-consuming (and expensive!). Pay the MOH a little extra for the extra distance it goes for you. Don’t forget flower girl gifts and small bridesmaid gifts (you can spend less on them than your bridesmaids).

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For The Bride (2022)

Don’t set a price on buying bridal shower gifts. They are optional but not required, so anything from $5 to $50 is acceptable. If you decide to buy proposal gifts, remember that you will still be thanking your bridesmaids

They agree to join your staff by paying a portion of the wedding expenses or buying a thank-you gift. Most of your wedding reception gift budget should go towards saying thank you.

If you decide to buy gifts for your bridesmaids, that’s great! But there’s no need to go overboard on buying multiple gifts for each person. If you buy proposal gifts, you can consider the cost of these gifts when determining the total cost. Plus, you’re welcome to buy thank-you gifts for your employees and skip the expensive wedding reception invitations. Sweet cards or heart-to-heart talks are not enough.

What To Get The Bride As A Bridesmaid

No matter what type of bridal shower gift you’re buying, there’s no rule of thumb that suggests you buy more than one item per person. Instead, let your budget guide you. A luxury bridal shower gift is just as good as four or five small, inexpensive items. Help your employees decide what they like and your own gift style.

Dos And Don’ts For Choosing Your Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

There’s no specific time to buy bridal gifts, but the sooner the better. Aim for two months before your wedding, as the months leading up to the big day go by so quickly. A good way to start gift shopping is to keep it in mind. In the months leading up to the holidays, keep an eye out for anything you think would make a great gift for your employees. Who knows, you might even come across your own post-season sale. (

Bridesmaid gifts? It is best to give gifts shortly before the wedding day. Because your bridesmaids have so much to keep track of on a daily basis, it can be difficult to find the time and place to safely store their gifts. The rehearsal dinner is a popular time for the bride to give the bridesmaids gifts and say a few compliments. Alternatively, you can have a special meal like a fun wedding night or dinner a few days before the wedding.

When you decide to give bridesmaids gifts, it depends on what they give. If you want them to wear on your wedding day, like jewelry, bed linens, or personalized sneakers, show them off at the rehearsal dinner. If there’s anything they won’t or won’t wear to the wedding, like gift cards, beauty products, picture frames, or wine, give them out a few days before the wedding.

There are many great places to buy wedding favors online, including some specialty bridal gift sellers like our very own The Knot Shop. From personalized luggage to jewelry, you’ll find gift items to suit many budgets. This is a great place to shop if you’re putting your gift box together. Etsy is another great site to find cute, personalized gifts for your employees. Or if you’re looking for on-trend homeware, Anthropologie’s gift section is our go-to place.

Every Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Etiquette Rule To Know

If you’re looking for personalized gifts, think carefully about what to engrave or print on your bridal gifts. It might seem like a good idea to include their wedding name and date at the time, but if it’s a gift you want them to use again (as opposed to keeping the sentiment), it’s best to personalize it with their name or initials.

Whether it’s at the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, or in person with each of your bridesmaids, presenting your gifts should feel like a special occasion. Let each person know how much you value them in their role. Plus, knowing how to wrap your bridesmaids’ gifts will add to the wow factor. Personalized gift boxes or bags are perfect (again, you’ll find many options at the knot shop). Pick up colored scrap paper and ribbon at your local craft store. Oh, and don’t forget to add a thoughtful greeting card!

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What To Get The Bride As A Bridesmaid

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