Where To Find Antique Doors

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Where To Find Antique Doors – With an inventory of over 500 European and American antique doors, we have doors for every home! We are always stocked with iron doors, custom doors, wood panel doors and glass doors, and we can help you find exactly what you need.

*Please note that these do not reflect our current inventory. Although some doors may be available for sale, these are to show the type of doors we have in our store. This is not the full selection here at The Corbel.

Where To Find Antique Doors

Where To Find Antique Doors

We carry a wide variety of antique doors here at The Corbel. Stocked with 500-1,000 vintage European and American doors every day, we can be sure you’ll find the doors you’ve always dreamed of.

Double Antique Moroccan Carved Wooden Door Wall Deco Boho

*Please note that these do not reflect our current inventory. Although some doors may be available for sale, these are to show the type of doors we have in our store. This is not the full selection here at The Corbel. All sales of architectural and antique doors are final. Refunds may only be allowed under certain circumstances for store credit.

We love what our customers are doing with their doors! Check out some of the amazing things they’ve done for themselves and what they have to say.

I always enjoy my shopping experiences at The Corbel. The selection of home goods in the front of the store and the vintage out of doors never disappoints.

We sand the doors every day to give our customers the natural wood look. If you want something other than natural wood, all doors can be stained and painted. Please note that we do not do any finishing to the doors other than removing the existing paint and finish.

Architectural Salvage Doors, Vintage & Antique Doors

We like to say they’ve stood the test of time…literally. Although these ports are all old, they are in good condition and ideal for everyday use.

The most important thing to consider when buying vintage doors is size. While this is common sense, it’s easy to get stuck in a door design or look that doesn’t work for your space. The two most important measurements are the height and width of the door.

+ If I don’t like the door I’ve chosen or if it doesn’t work for my space, can I return the door?

Where To Find Antique Doors

Although there are some special circumstances that allow you to return your door, all sales of the architecture and the door are final. In these special circumstances, you will receive a store credit for your returned door with the cost of a restocking fee, as long as the door is in the same condition as before it was sold.

Enchanting European Architectural Antique And Vintage Doors & Gates

At The Corbel, we understand that the home building process takes time and that storage can be difficult. Therefore, we can maintain your doors for a month free of charge. After one month after purchase, we charge $10 per door per month which is paid at the time the doors are picked up or delivered.

For updates on new door launches and everything else happening at The Corbel, follow us on social media or sign up for our email notifications. When I was planning our house, I dreamed of an antique door that greeted me as I walked into our pantry.

My passion led me to the best store for all things antique at The Bank Antiques in Louisiana. They offer 22,000 square feet of unique architectural savings. You will find unique items such as doors, shutters, mantles, frames, windows and hardware.

Since I live in Florida, I don’t personally have the pleasure of shopping here. So I did the next best thing. I sent him a message via Instagram. Maris responded with a desire to help you find the perfect door! After sending inspiration photos, he shopped for me, sending photos of several door options throughout his collection. I was so impressed by the variety, I couldn’t resist and ended up buying 3 doors in total.

Antique Pair Of Ornate Natural Wood French Carved Doors

You have the option to leave the door “As Is”. If you like more character, this might be for you. I chose to upgrade our 3 doors. I had 2 of them made a little taller and some of the original trim replaced. I also wanted its natural pine finish to be revealed, so I took the paint from one. I cannot express the amazing craftsmanship of their work and how they bring these pieces of history to life!

I’m excited to reveal our 3 vintage doors with you! Let’s start with our foyer closet. I chose an 8.5′ European pine panel door that dates back to 1800. The unique cut and hardware made this door a winner! This will be placed in a jamb like a closet door and the handle will be the entrance to the closet. There will be a separate lock at the top to keep the door closed.

The second door is for our pantry! I went with a Louisiana cypress glass door from 1850. The detail on it blew me away! The intricate design is absolutely stunning. He was able to clear the Antiques Bank and add a few extra inches to the height. They also filled all the holes from the previous door handle. This door is also hung in a jamb.

Where To Find Antique Doors

Our third door is a French masterpiece. Dated to the 1850s. I can only tell the stories this European door tells. I had to join the two panels together to create a barn slide. Any missing trim was replaced and all holes were filled. I also made these doors a little taller, making them 8′. This will be installed in our kitchen leading to our mudroom. What a great focal point this will make in our home!

Antique Door Stock Image. Image Of Entrance, Handle, Decay

If you dream of an antique door in your home, look no further than The Bank Antiques in Louisiana. And they go!!!! The selection and prices will impress you too! Contact Maris on her Instagram @thebankantiques72 or call her at 504-523-2702.

We just finished our dream home! 🐄 Follow how we style and decorate our new home! Follow along with the Corbel blog for updates on the business, the various projects we have going on, articles and how-to videos, amazing things customers are doing, and much more!

With so many things to consider when building a new home or remodeling, we’re here to answer your questions about antique doors!

Finding that perfect antique door can be difficult and sometimes scary, but don’t worry, we understand your dilemma and know all the answers… well, almost none. Depending on your current situation in the construction process, or renovation process, there may be some questions that you have to answer before you go to buy old doors. And with all the excitement and chaos that comes with any home project, it’s easy to overlook the details of what you need. So in an effort to make your shopping process not only easy, but also fun and exciting (it should be exciting, right?!), we want to give you a seller’s perspective on the required answers. As a buyer, you fall into one of two categories: New Construction or Renovation/Remodeling. As you would expect, the new build category generally allows more flexibility in terms of what works for your home, but for those who are not in the New Build category, don’t lose hope, chances are we’ll find the right door . right for you

Antique Reclaimed Whitewashed French Doors — Sarah Christine

We cannot stress enough the importance of knowing what size doors you need when looking to buy reclaimed doors. It is very easy to get caught up in the beauty of so many doors or a particular aspect, especially when you look at a place like The Corbel where there are so many. Even if you want a certain look, you are at the mercy of your dimensions. Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time and tell them to build the door you want to the size you need. As mentioned before, depending on whether you are building a house or just remodeling, you can have more or less flexibility with dimensions. But you know what your plans require!

The construction process of new construction allows you to be much more flexible when it comes to being able to choose the right doors. Even if the plans provided by the architect or designer call for specific door sizes, frame plans are just that. The architect or designer will be able to change the plan to meet the new look of the renovated doors of your dreams. Now don’t let that fool you, we understand that asking for a change of plans can cause more drama than necessary. If the relationship between you and your builder is not … Great, your contractor will be able to cut to the size of your door, to some extent.

The most important thing

Where To Find Antique Doors

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