White Gold Ringnickel Allergies

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White Gold Ringnickel Allergies – Do you have a nickel allergy? Nickel allergy is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis.

Contact dermatitis is an itchy rash that occurs when your skin touches normally harmless substances. Unfortunately, nickel allergies are often associated with earrings and other jewelry, such as wedding bands and piercings.

White Gold Ringnickel Allergies

White Gold Ringnickel Allergies

A nickel allergy can develop at any time, so you can develop an allergic reaction to 5 or 50. It usually occurs after repeated exposure to something that has nickel in it.

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Once you develop an allergy, you will always be sensitive to nickel. An allergy is a bit like mistaken identity in your immune system.

1. Women and girls are more susceptible to nickel allergies than men and boys. This may be because women tend to have more piercings and do them at a younger age.

3.  If you are allergic to other metals, such as palladium, cobalt or chromium, you are more likely to develop an allergy to nickel.

If you are allergic to nickel, a reaction (contact dermatitis) usually begins within 12 to 48 hours after exposure.

The Chemical Composition Of White Gold

If you have a negative reaction to your jewelry it is important to rule out other possible explanations. An irritation, especially like the one pictured above, can be the result of dirt, soap, or trapped water.

This is more likely the cause of your skin irritation than a nickel allergy. If this occurs at the piercing site it may be an infection.

If you want to be 100% sure, you should consult your dermatologist and do a “patch test” to determine if you are allergic to nickel, or anything else while you are on it.

White Gold Ringnickel Allergies

If you want to avoid a doctor’s visit you can also do it at home with a “nickel coin test”. You simply stick a nickel (25% nickel) inside your arm for 48 hours. If you are allergic, a red rash will appear 8 to 24 hours after it is removed.

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If a rash appears then you can treat it with a topical steroid cream and by avoiding future contact with nickel.

The Wall Street Journal article “Until Dermatitis Farewell” is the source for some of this information.

It’s really bad to learn that you have a nickel allergy. Allergies can be fixed by your trusted jewelry! To avoid this allergic reaction, the inside of your wedding band may be rhodium plated.

This creates a neutral metal barrier so you can continue to wear your lovely ring! It will need to be reapplied perhaps once every few years.

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Another solution is to coat your jewelry with clear nail polish. This will create a temporary barrier. Another home remedy suggests boiling the jewelry in vinegar and peroxide, as this may remove the nickel salt from the surface, but this remedy will last until contact with your skin causes a chemical reaction to form the nickel salt.

Check that the standard gold/nickel ring has a visible yellow color. This is not something you will see in a store as it will be rhodium plated which makes it nice and white.

Most white gold rings are made of nickel, unless someone states that they are nickel free. A little known fact is that nickel as a metal will oxidize or change character over time. After a long time, it oxidizes to yellow-red.

White Gold Ringnickel Allergies

I think the nickel in the white gold alloy has some of the need for the rhodium plate in the white gold to keep that beautiful white color.

Ring And Diamond Terminology

Palladium is considered hypoallergenic, even to the most metal sensitive people I have worked with. None of my clients have ever reacted to palladium.

Luckily for us white gold lovers, there are alternatives! You can always specify pure white gold, where palladium will be used instead of nickel.

Palladium white gold is about 35% more expensive than standard nickel white gold. If you have your heart set on white gold then it’s definitely worth it! J West Designs

I asked fellow gem manufacturers and jewelers of America to give their opinions on palladium and palladium white gold.

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Mark LaJoie says: “One advantage of nickel WG is its hardness/toughness. Palladium/WG is softer. Using a denim wedding band as a base, nickel/WG is highly resistant to ‘denting’ by normal customer wear and tear. Even If thin. palladium/WG will bend easily compared to normal wear.”

Joy Raskin says: “Use white gold palladium. It’s easy to work with; polishes/polishes well and has little nickel in it. That’s what I use when I work with white gold.”

Vernon Wilson says: “Palladium and platinum stones are very easy to set. White gold can feel blue when cut by hand. Platinum and palladium do not have a grainy feel, so cutting is very easy. These are very soft metals that you can easily bend and push the metal without fear of it breaking under pressure.”

White Gold Ringnickel Allergies

You pay more for palladium white gold because palladium is in the platinum group of metals and is more expensive than nickel. Palladium is an amazing metal not only because of its hypoallergenic benefits, but because of the enhanced white metal appearance that palladium provides when mixed with gold.

Nickel Allergy: Symptoms, Treatment, And What To Avoid

Simply put, palladium white gold is soft, but less likely to crack, while nickel white gold is harder to corrode, but more likely to crack.

Nickel is sensitive to chlorine in hot tubs and pools, so if you spend a lot of time in one of these, then your nickel-white-gold tips will need to be adjusted more often than the palladium white gold tips. By sensitive, I mean that chlorine can dissolve nickel. If you regularly swim in chlorinated pools, your white gold nickel alloy ring can develop small holes and weaken your ring.

You can also get a whole palladium ring – about 95% purity. Like platinum, it has more density.

There is also a platinum track. Platinum is one of the few precious metals that can be made into high purity jewelry; In fact, most platinum jewelry is made from 90% to 95% pure platinum. Nickel is not used to make the platinum alloy in jewelry making.

Are You Allergic To Your Wedding Ring?

Platinum is hypoallergenic, unlike white gold and traditional yellow gold, platinum is a strong and durable metal, which means it does not need to be mixed with other alloys to strengthen it.

Platinum is a very difficult metal for jewelers to work with and this factor will add to the cost of platinum jewelry. Platinum will feel heavy on the finger because it is denser and weighs more than gold.

For these reasons, platinum is more expensive than yellow gold or white gold jewelry. It is hypoallergenic, meaning consumers with nickel allergies need not worry about an allergic reaction.

White Gold Ringnickel Allergies

If you’re considering whether to choose palladium, white gold, or platinum for your ring, check out my post “White Gold vs. Platinum for Wedding Rings; What’s the Difference?”

What Is White Gold — The Ring Adviser

I had a client who was convinced she had a metal allergy. He did a nickel test and nothing happened. We saw that her job was to change the soap in the ladies room and that combined with the moisture trapped under the ring caused the problem.

Thoroughly drying the fingers after washing them and drying the lower part of the ring can solve many problems.

I hope you are not allergic to nickel, but if you have nickel jewelry or are about to get a ring, let me know what you can do and what your options are.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of designing your own engagement ring, need advice while shopping, or have another project in mind, this book will open the door to opportunity and give you the knowledge and inspiration to see it come to life. Been wearing my wedding band since I said “I do” almost eight years ago, and my fiance has been crying for a year longer than that. But this winter, suddenly, I developed a red, blotchy rash on my finger, under both rings. Did I just have an allergic reaction to my rings? (Or worse, in marriage?)

“It’s not the ring, it’s the stuff that gets stuck under the ring,” said Dr. Carolyn Jacobs, a Chicago-based dermatologist. If you don’t take your rings off when you wash your hands, the soap particles get trapped under them. Eventually, the soap starts to irritate also the outer layers of the skin

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