White Table Settings

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White Table Settings – One of my favorite things to do is invite friends over for dinner. Not only is it so much fun right now, but so many memories are made around a table. While I love this type of encounter, I’ve learned to keep things simple and stress-free. This usually involves an easy-to-cook yet delicious meal, simple table setting, and as much preparation as possible.

When it comes to setting the table, I like a simple table that looks great but doesn’t take too much time to put together. And I like to decorate with the seasons. For the latter, I opted for a plain white table using just a few stems of baby’s breath and a sprig of green leaves to finish. I opted for white as, like most people, I have white plates and a white tablecloth. You also can’t go wrong with white—it looks crisp and fresh, perfect for a spring table setting.

White Table Settings

White Table Settings

To create a warm and welcoming table, I started with a base layer. I used a white linen tablecloth, but that’s not always necessary. If you have a nice table, it’s not always necessary to use a tablecloth. Sometimes I go with and sometimes without, depending on my mood! When it comes to using tablecloths though, I always go for linen and that’s where I got this tablecloth – it really is the nicest linen, so I would recommend it if you’re looking for a linen tablecloth.

Black Eggs On A Black And White Table Setting

Behind the table, I like to think about the next layer: plates and napkins. Staying true to the white look, I went with white plates and white linen napkins. This is where I got the linen napkins – they’re the best value I’ve found, and they’re good quality too. I simply rolled up the napkins and tied a knot since I knew I was going to add leaves to each one.

I like to add a few different textures to my table so I added those rustic Japanese pottery glasses and different glass textures. For me, no board is complete without including nature. I just took two stems of baby’s breath and separated them into different bottles and jars. This gives different heights which always add interest to a table setting.

Whatever the season, I always add candles to the set table. I especially like the tall slim taper candles like the white ones on this table. I had to search high and low to find the ones that were truly few and far between. I wanted the thin ones because they add effortless elegance to the table. Here’s where you can find these candles if you’re interested. I also added a large candle to add some contrast – I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of it, but you can see it in the video above.

I didn’t have candle holders narrow enough to fit my new slim candles, so I improvised with some small glass bottles, which fit perfectly. This is a big part of creating a table setting for me, using what I have and reusing as needed.

Romantic Gold And White Holiday Table Setting

Finally, for a little more texture and because there’s never too much nature, I inserted a small stalk of leaves into each napkin. I bought just one stalk and cut it. Of course you don’t have to buy foliage, you can forage instead. Or grab something from your garden if you have that option.

As you can see from the video, this white board takes minutes to put together. And it looks so cool. The key to bringing any table look together is to add texture, nature, and I always go for a neutral color palette. Besides that, I get creative with what I have at home. In this post: If you could only have one table set, I would suggest a white dining table. Here’s how to add the color of wine to make your white table unique.⇒

So it’s no surprise, when it comes to setting the table, I like to work with a pure white base. From this perspective, I can build an elegant base, add just a few new elements, and create a whole new look.

White Table Settings

Today I’m teaming up with a group of blogger friends to bring you the summer edition of Styled + Set, the hop blog that aims to inspire you for trendy seasonal entertainment. Be sure to visit the wonderful selection of posts linked at the bottom.

Elegant Table Settings For All Occasions

For my summer table, I laid out my vision of the perfect clean slate: an elegantly casual tableau made up of all my favorite design elements, set in my almost all-white breakfast room. From there, I could add wine color as desired.

The centerpiece of this look is what I perceive as a plain white table. It’s not quite all white, but it also includes crystal and silver. Just like my style when decorating my rooms, I like to mix old but beautiful French pieces with casual wearable pieces. It’s very denim and diamonds, so to speak, and it’s my signature style. In this table it takes shape through almost entirely vintage pieces.

Starting with the plate stack, I used my favorite pewter chargers and layered 2 different Limoges porcelain designs. Both have small borders with pink flowers and a small gold border, but from a few yards back they still read mostly white.

The dishes sit above a washed linen tablecloth with scalloped edges draped over our white farmhouse dining table. They are surrounded by an abundance of French side chairs and in the background you can catch a glimpse of something new in our breakfast room.

Create The Perfect Rustic Holiday Table Setting

This is the only room in our house that until now did not have window covers. Facing the forest and not really needing privacy, I liked the light that filtered through. But one corner overlooked my neighbor’s backyard, and I figured it was finally time to finish the room properly and add something to the window.

I really wanted the least intrusive option and so I went with plantation shutters for the bottom half of the windows. They provide enough privacy while letting in as much light as possible, and you may remember how beautiful they were in our basement remodel. They are very affordable, but they are high quality!

With the white foundation established and the fresh vintage vibe defined, it was time to add some summery flair. I decided to do it by simply adding fresh flowers, mostly through simpler centerpieces. I filled my garden urn sharper with a lush display of pink peonies, and the curious mix of extremely delicate flowers against the rusty urn had my heart racing. This is the stuff tabletop dreams are made of (for me anyway!)

White Table Settings

I placed sweet pink roses on my crystal napkin rings, creating the perfect contrast to the crisp white embroidered napkins.

Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Side note: These napkin rings of mine are an old, long discontinued and hard to find Pottery Barn set, so you won’t find them in the resource list below, but you can occasionally find them on eBay or elsewhere online. if you ask passionately.

I often find that using a particular element can ‘look’ in another direction and lend a unique personality to the table or room in question. On this table, that element was the inclusion of deep orange tulips, and they’re the key to grounding this table in the realm of summer. Pink, alone, can channel any season, but mixing fuchsia with fiery orange the seasonal message is clear.

What is so distinctive about this table setting is that despite the colorful look, if you remove the flowers, it is a plain white dining table at the center. Change the flowers and you’ll have a completely different perspective and attitude. Some other summer combinations to try with white are:

More and more I find myself gravitating towards a clean white slab of vintage components as an essential foundation for the home style that makes me happy. Whether it’s a room or a sketch, a table or an entire house, get those components right and the rest is easy!

Black And White Stripe Table Setting

To get the look, click on the items below for direct product links. Where the actual items are no longer available I have provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I have left it in the listing.

Have you visited the shop? Click below to shop my favorites, my Instagram and my Amazon store. Enjoy!!In this post: If you are looking for inspiration for your holiday table, consider a neutral table setting with white roses and magnolia leaves.⇒

Some years I’m all for the glitter and noise of the holidays with a wild display of color and pattern. But this year life has been so chaotic that everything

White Table Settings

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