White Wedding Decor

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White Wedding Decor – White is a classic wedding color, but it can also end up being a bit boring and dated. If you want to skip the satin and tulle decorations that can make your wedding look like it came from the 80s, you’ll want to consider modern minimalist white wedding decorations. It will give your wedding a clean and polished 21st century look.

The question is, exactly what kind of decoration should you be looking for? Here are our best modern white wedding decoration ideas, starting with complementary colors and ending with white details that will make your decorations shine.

White Wedding Decor

White Wedding Decor

An all-white color palette is a good option, but if you’re looking for a slightly more dynamic look, consider a modern green and white wedding. Use sparkling green leaves in your wedding bouquet, create a fake wooden photo booth and decorate the tables with eucalyptus wreaths.

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Modern white wedding decorations also look nice and metallic. Think large brass candlesticks, brass tray dishes and geometric planters that can hang from the ceiling. If you really like sparkles, this color combination can also look good with shiny details.

If you’re aiming for a formal affair, there’s nothing more classic than modern black and white wedding decorations. Black and white flowers, such as poppies, are very pretty, while choosing unexpected black details, such as drinking glasses and stalls, will make this color combination look contemporary.

Whether you choose a complementary color for your wedding or not, nothing looks as fresh and clean as modern white wedding flowers. White roses are popular, but so are orchids, baby’s breath and peonies.

Dried flowers are also popular at white weddings because many dried flowers are bleached white. Mix white rabbit tails with fresh flowers or create a dry bouquet with white pampas grass.

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Choosing white flowers is only the first step. You must add white vases to your modern white wedding decoration! You can choose vases with classic silhouettes if your wedding is a little more traditional, while tall and modern vases are great for trendy weddings. If you’re looking for drama, decorate with compost pots.

Not only will they look great on reception tables, they can be reused after your wedding day is over.

Using candles is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to incorporate white into your wedding day. Think thin white candles, tall pillar candles and flameless tea candles.

White Wedding Decor

White candles look great in clear candle holders, but you can also find white porcelain or clay candle holders. Frosted candle holders can be pretty too.

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The chairs you use at your ceremony and reception may not seem like a big deal, but when you place dozens of chairs in a space, they can quickly take over the decor—and not in a good way.

Modern white wedding chairs will elevate the look of any space. Their simplicity is best when left undecorated, which means you don’t need to hang decorations from the back of the chairs if you don’t want to.

Classic white details are at home when it comes to place settings, but there are things you can do to elevate the look of your modern white wedding. For example, instead of covering the table with satin, consider simplifying the look with a white chiffon table. Glossy white plates are a beautiful and affordable choice, but you can tone things down a bit by layering them with faux marble tray tiles.

Balloons are making a huge comeback at weddings! They’re also a good way to make your modern white wedding decor a little more fun and a little less stuffy if you want your wedding to be whimsical and light instead of formal.

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Large round balloons can line the hallway, can be arranged as entrance decorations and can even line the reception tables. Use traditional balloons in an altar arch or hang wreaths on doors.

Although not technically white, acrylic details can look very nice in a modern white wedding. Acrylic chairs can make white reception tables shine, acrylic signs can feature messages printed in white, and acrylic pedestal stands can help white flower arrangements take center stage.

Whether you choose an all-white color palette or want to add some greenery, gold or black, there are many ways to incorporate white details into your modern wedding for a polished, contemporary look. White is a color that can hardly be faulted and a basis for many decorating inspirations. It’s a color associated with class and timeliness, and if you chose to have an all-white wedding, it would describe it all, too. Even if an all-white wedding may seem simple or bland at first, with the right white wedding decoration ideas, you can turn your wedding venue into the most inviting and grand space ever.

White Wedding Decor

There is an unlimited number of all white wedding decoration ideas to use. Consider tablescapes, white bridesmaid dresses, white wedding arches, and anything else that can be draped in this fabulous, flawless shade. A white theme also gives you the option to choose a secondary color that either contrasts with or complements the white.

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Discover fun and inspiring white wedding decoration ideas that you can use to your advantage this wedding season.

White color goes well with green, silver and gold. Use white tablecloths with gold plates, silver candlesticks and elegant crystal glasses, green bows and white flowers – all this will give a special beauty to your wedding decoration.

There is nothing more elegant than an all-white wedding ceremony. You can create the kind of background and ambience that would make absolutely anything look beautiful by walking this passage. Elegant all white wedding decorations make for the best photos and you want the most picturesque moment when she walks down that aisle.

Have a Gatsby style wedding ceremony with a sexy white runner lined with white flowers, white and gold pillar candles and white pampas grass. Complete the look with a white floral wedding bow at the bottom of the aisle. Get married in a style that is the ultimate in elegance, with all of you.

Beautiful Black And White Wedding Décor Ideas

Wedding guests sitting on all white tables and all white chairs can give off such a dreamy atmosphere that you can only find in an all white wedding. Wear white and gold chairs with white flower crowns that match other floral bouquets at the wedding for a romantic look.

Create texture and layering with silver chargers and white plates on silk tablecloths. Cups and four sides can be shiny gold or crystal and white napkins with gold or silver accents. Crystal candelabras can fill the tables, creating a glow that only adds to the white wedding table decoration.

Take your wedding to the next level with unique white wedding reception decorations. Create an intimate setting with tables covered in white bowls and urns filled with all white floral arrangements. These in turn will sit on flowery table beds of white bougainvillea and white roses. Add candles of various heights and sizes in gold or silver votive holders to complement table centerpieces.

White Wedding Decor

Set your table apart with velvet and ivory napkins on matching tablecloths. A luxurious look and feel for the most luxurious of all white wedding reception spaces.

Modern Wedding Decor Trends

A white wedding theme means white wedding reception decorations. Consider a gorgeous and lush wedding venue. One of the string lights in a twinkling canopy above invites wedding guests to a white tent or a traditional indoor venue. Antique silver or gold chandeliers draped with ivy and white flowers line the tables on lush cascading tables. Complete this all-natural and cohesive look with white porcelain place settings sitting alongside antique white candles.

Floral arrangements for all white wedding decorations can include Lysimachus, clematis, white roses, white ranunculus and ferns. Pastel flowers can be added to the mix if you want a pop of color for a more romantic atmosphere.

An all white wedding theme would be incomplete without elegant white flowers throughout the venue. You can turn your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception into a fairyland with the textures of various well-arranged white flowers and flowers. Line your wedding aisle with lavish flower arrangements of hollyhocks, hydrangeas, roses and delphiniums. Add some texture and pockets of olive branches to any arrangement for a real floral gift.

Don’t leave your desk out of history. Create a garden from every table with fragrant flowers of white delphinium, moss, astilbe flowers and more. You can also have a display of flowers hanging in lush bouquets for a canopy over the mass of flowers.

Awesome Ideas For A Black And White Wedding

A simple white wedding decoration idea that can add a sense of romance to your wedding is candles. Inexpensive, clean and perfect, candles can create the look you want at a white wedding. Add white pillar candles to the full size of your decor

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