Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

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Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces – A few weeks ago I attended my cousin’s beautiful rustic wedding. I was amazed at how amazing the decorations were and wanted to put together this DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas post to share with you.

All the decorations were made by my cousin, her super talented friend Kelsey, or my uncle and the groom’s father. I find it inspiring how such simple, ordinary pieces can be used to create beautiful and rustic wedding decorations.

Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

My uncle put together some old cedar planks for the back of the headboard. They were then draped with warm Christmas lights, sheer fabric and burlap and lace flags and personalized with the names of the bride and groom.

Pretty Budget Friendly Wedding Decorating Ideas 30 Easy To Do Rustic Signs

The head table was decorated with wooden centerpieces, a burlap waltz, floating mason jar candles (wrapped in simple twine) and these adorable mason wine glasses. I’ve seen these glasses at Michaels, but you can also get them at Amazon (account). Add Mr. and Mrs. with a crit or a silhouette (or even some stickers), wrap with tape, and you’re done. If you’re like me and not the craftiest, I’m sure someone on Etsy will be able to find a solution for you.

The cutlery was wrapped in a linen napkin and a sprig of rosemary was tied with twine. So simple but looks awesome!

The centerpieces were the same as the head table: baby’s breath in wine bottles (on a chalkboard with the bride and groom’s initials), painted mason jars and floating candles in mason jars, wrapped in lace burlap (from Michael) and twine.

Each family table was assigned a seat, so we got to be up close (and eat first). I liked the marking of reserved tables.

Wedding Themes: Rustic Wedding

Since the wedding was on my cousin’s family farm, port-a-potties were brought and appropriately marked.

In addition to the signs leading to the marquee, there were parking signs (they opened a field for the horses, which was great) and the ceremony site (which you can see in the background).

I’m not 100% sure because I never asked, but I’m pretty sure my uncle built the bow and seats. Check out that beautiful view of Northern British Columbia!

Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

On either side of the reception tent were more rustic wedding decor ideas that were simple and added some wonderful touches.

Whimsical Diy Wedding Decor Ideas For A Rustic Wedding Party

The card table was set on a scroll with their engagement photos and a lamp (which I think may have been a Scentsy).

You could probably get these items at a thrift store and paint them with chalk paint (which I think you did).

Kelsey, my cousin’s super talented friend, drew this beautiful canvas print. Guests then had to choose from the wedding colors, stamp their thumbs, and circle them with their names or family members. Do you see mine?

I completely forgot about the S’mores bar the night of the wedding as it was in the back of the tent and that is my biggest regret of the night. I really wanted to see it!

Diy Rustic Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Yours truly made this rustic wedding cake. This was my first wedding cake, and while it wasn’t perfect, I think it turned out okay. You can find out how they are in my post Wedding Cake for Beginners DIY (includes all the products I used).

Phew, I know this was a word and image heavy post, but I wanted to share these ideas. I leave you with two of my favorite photos from the day. The first is my beautiful cousin with my son and the second is the couple after they were named husband and wife (check out her beautiful lace dress).

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Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

If the location is more of an outdoor, rustic environment, rather than a formal, classy one, it is worth filling the space with meaningful decorations. And with these 40 barn wedding ideas, you get exactly that; different projects with the flavor of the country that will make the celebration something you will always remember.

Rustic, Diy Fall Wedding

As always, we found tons of great inspiration while scrolling through Pinterest. And the first stop of our journey through barn wedding ideas takes us to this charming staircase. Take an antique piece and display it in the reception area while filling it with fun pieces.

A simple curtain can also help to decorate wedding spaces. Whether it’s the ceremony or the reception, a small wreath can subtly brighten up the area. Check out more inspiration like this at Nouba.

Lanterns are always the best for barn style weddings. Whether you’re lighting a path or using them as a centerpiece, as seen here, they’re charming and fun accessories. And then you can get creative by formatting them in different ways.

Pinterest also had this easy idea. Even novice DIYers can make these floating candle ideas. Light the path and add some romance without all the hassle and fuss.

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Rustic Wedding Chic has featured some beautiful inspiration periods in the realm of rustic or country flavored weddings. And with these genres come vintage accents like these antique suitcases. Use them to house your guest book and all the cards will be with your loved ones.

Burlap will always be the best material in the world of barn weddings. From tables to chairs! All you have to do is create curves on the VIP seating area with a few notes, and you don’t even have to hire someone to do it.

You and your friends can be more creative with a craft night before the big day arrives. With some old wood and some paint, you can create something special for your ceremony or reception venue. It’s easily customizable and a way to incorporate the couple’s style into their day-to-day planning.

Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Brandy Hill Farm has introduced these beautiful shiny bottles that will look great on any table. It’s an easy way to add a little sparkle to a rustic setting like a barn without looking too over the top or out of place. It’s okay if you want the day to be romantic and feminine, even if you’re getting married in the countryside.

Wedding Ideas On A Budget Diy Table Centerpiece Lights

At the big event, you can even greet your guests by setting up hay bales. Our faves at Homedit came up with this awesome idea and we couldn’t help but fall in love with how easy it is. You can do the same design at the ceremony site.

You need to add the same homey feeling not only to your living room decor, but also to your food! Whether used at the dessert bar or as an edible, these apple pies are a great addition to a barn-style wedding. Check out all the details behind these at Bird’s Party.

Here’s another great favor idea that works for a barn wedding! Watch and follow this YouTube video to learn how to cook some of these adorable mini succulents. Decorate it with garland or leave it bare, it’s completely up to you.

The classic chocolate cookies also worked. They have that homey feel—and flavor—that makes them a fan favorite. Send them with your guests or serve them on the reception dance floor.

Diy Rustic Wedding Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

A Cup of Joe had this flavored water station and we couldn’t help but think what a great idea it would be for an outdoor barn wedding. With fresh fruit, you can conjure up colorful and organic spirits for your carefree celebration. Raspberries, limes, lemons, grapefruit slices and more; use all your favorite snacks.

Take these chocolate chip cookies and add other flavors as you create a sweet treat table for your guests to enjoy. They can be grabbed and snacked on the go or enjoyed while celebrating! Find more inspiration at The Northern Nest.

We love this simple and charming idea that we also found on Pinterest. And all you need is a few extra large balloons to get going! Using them as a focal point for any table is innovative and goes well with the style.

Diy Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

At Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, we found a seating table that fits perfectly with your barn wedding ideas. An old wooden chest converted into a reception desk is unique and charming, don’t you think? Just be sure to add some pretty petals to soften the design.

Non Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A few old cans can also transform the table – with some lush blooms, of course. We love the wildflower design

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