Winter Themed Wedding Ideas

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Winter Themed Wedding Ideas – Winter is such a magical time of year – from crisp weather and festive entertainment to glamorous colors, there’s so much to embrace.

Getting married in winter is fast approaching summer as a very popular time to say ‘I do’. The nights may be dark, but the spark is brighter, the atmosphere is better and the whole day is full of romance. Not to mention that multiple wedding dates will be much cheaper!

Winter Themed Wedding Ideas

Winter Themed Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings are often confused with Christmas weddings in people’s minds, but they are certainly not the same. You can find our favorite Christmas wedding ideas here that are all about the festive time of year, while this list is all about making the most of the most beautiful months of December, January and February.

Winter Wonderland Wedding In Rochester, New York

From winter landscape colors to winter wedding dress ideas and the best winter cocktails, we have 50 winter wedding ideas that will make your day so memorable. Plus, there are 13 great tips that will save you money and make your winter wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

One of the easiest ways to create the perfect atmosphere for your winter wedding is to choose a venue that really suits the season. An all-white ceremony or reception room looks great for a winterscape theme, while a rustic barn can channel the elegant ski lodge vibe and all the aprs ski fun.

How lovely is the forest green and gold color scheme on this acrylic wedding sign! A crown of dried flowers really sets off the palette and sets the tone for the entire wedding when guests arrive.

Don’t be afraid of black, it looks so stylish against white and blush tones. This modern and minimalist table setting is perfect for couples who want a modern style for their winter wedding. Can you also check the bauble place setting? They would also look amazing in matte black with white calligraphy.

Winter Wedding Cake Designs

A fairy light wall provides such a romantic backdrop when it comes to wedding photos, and it’s lovely to look at too. Wrap fairy lights around railings and beams, insert into lanterns as part of centerpieces, hang from trees, or use them to line paths. If your venue is able to accommodate a wall of fairy lights, it really sets the whole mood.

Elegant as a pure white color scheme, jewel colors are ideal if you want something a little more casual, relaxed and intimate. They add so much warmth and richness to table settings, so look for jewel-toned glasses, velvet table runners, napkins, and candles.

A carpet box will go down to a treat at a wedding ceremony. Guests may be sitting around for a while and may feel cold, so keep a lovely basket of blankets near the entrance – this is especially important if you have elderly guests.

Winter Themed Wedding Ideas

As soon as it gets dark outside, you need to make your reception room as warm and inviting as possible. A custom neon sign is a great way to do this and looks seriously cool.

Breathtaking Winter Wonderland Inspired Wedding Ideas

DIY ice buckets make such a visual impact! You can freeze water with a sprig of cranberries and rosemary in ice bucket molds and serve white wine at each table or in champagne for your toast!

Fresh fruit is not perfect for a winter wedding as it is not much in season. Instead, you can choose dried fruits as part of your centerpiece and place setting. Blood oranges work especially well, but you can also use dried pear and apple slices. Try pairing them with hearty herbs and spices – cinnamon sticks and a bundle of fresh rosemary look wonderful as a backdrop tied together with a slice of dried orange.

These star shaped pendant lights are a great alternative to the traditional chandelier. They look amazing in photos and have a very festive feel without being Christmas at all. They’ll look just as good at a sky-inspired wedding in February as they would at a Christmas wedding in December.

If you’re obsessed with the soft blue Bridgerton vibe, you can still use pastels at a winter wedding, even if you think they’re more for spring. Use cool, icy pastels mixed with metallics to make them feel more sleepy.

Best Winter Wedding Ideas: Themes For Winter Month Weddings

If there’s one thing that can contribute to a wonderful, chill atmosphere, it’s a candlelit room. Use lanterns filled with pillar lights to illuminate hallways and stairs. We love this look where candles frame the altar where the couple vows.

Instead of flowers, foliage makes such a statement at a winter wedding, and a hanging screen is incredibly dramatic. This is a great idea for a room with high ceilings because it makes the space feel so much more comfortable. Don’t forget to put a sprig of mistletoe here and there!

Burnt fireplaces add warmth and coziness to a room, but not all local fireplaces will (or you might get lucky and a fire doesn’t need a season!) If so, you may be interested in romantic flowers associated with candles. Can use mantle pieces as a base for performances. These deep red flowers add a lovely gothic feel to your wedding venue, but for something a little lighter, ask your florist to use pure white flowers.

Winter Themed Wedding Ideas

Impress your guests. This green is the perfect addition to any winter wedding; After the ceremony you can take it to the reception room and have guests pose in front of it. It can also be the background for a DIY photobooth!

Winter Wonderland Wedding Décor

Pine cones are easy to come by this time of year and are versatile. Use to hold flat cards, place them in a bowl for a cute centerpiece or decoration around your cake. They look great spray painted gold or silver.

Don’t be afraid to use lots of textures for a winter wedding. This beautiful table setting uses sheepskin as a table runner, but soft velvet, fluffy faux fur and fleecy tartan are all great options. Your guest will want to get their hands on them!

Your entertainment also contributes to the look of your venue, so consider who you hire as part of your overall aesthetic. A live swing band set up on a stage is endlessly glamorous, and a solo saxophonist will be a lot of fun walking into your reception. A luxurious station near the dance floor will become one of the favorite places of the guests.

If you want to take the entertainment even further, create a winter wonderland! Hire carol singers to welcome everyone to the ceremony and stilt walkers in snow-themed costumes for arriving guests. Set up the entrance hall with pine trees and a fur coat for a Narnia-inspired feel. Arrive on a horse drawn sleigh. Project winter scenes on your walls and decorate with ice sculptures and vodka luges. Your budget is the only limit – well, you can even rent your own ice rink!

Magical Winter Wedding Theme { Wedding In Snow,snow Wedding Theme }

Out-of-season tropical flowers tend to blow up and won’t look the best or cheap. Embrace seasonal flowers for your bouquets and arrangements, sticking to classic whites and dramatic reds. Winter foliage, such as ivy, yew sprigs, holly and hypericum look lovely in berry centerpieces and bouquets.

Winter is a great time to look for alternative types of confetti because the dried petals don’t look quite right for the season. We love these biodegradable confetti cannons that look like you’re walking through a cloud of snowflakes, or we even saw feathers, leaves, and herbs! For a winter twist, let your guests ring mini sleigh bells to kick off the ceremony or even weave lots of wool pom poms and throw them on instead. Just be sure to pick them up eventually!

Even though “gothic” isn’t exactly your duet style, a moody setup looks so trendy and cool. Here it is achieved with a selection of geometric black lanterns, trailing foliage and attractive flowers of sultry deep reds, purples, blacks and fiery whites.

Winter Themed Wedding Ideas

Are indeed at their most dazzling, sparkling against the dark sky. Let your guests line up and light the way under your car when the vehicles arrive. It makes the most amazing wedding photos.

How To Host A Winter Wedding With A Holiday Or Christmas Theme

One of the best color choices for winter weddings is classic white. This carriage house is filled with white flowering trees, fairy lights, candles and white chairs. This is a super glamorous look which is really easy to achieve. You can rent white furniture and artificial trees from a local event rental company and ask your florist to go wild with white flowers.

We love the rustic, welcoming design here—the wooden beams and vines wrapped around the scattered fairy lights really give it the feel of a winter wedding. Keep it simple (not tinsel etc) and let the oak barn shine.

Return to the metallic glamor of winter – is there a more beautiful setting than this wedding ceremony? The gold chairs work beautifully against the white background and that chandelier complements the theme perfectly! Use lots of dramatic burgundy and deep purple details, such as flowers and bridal dresses, to really make the metal sing.


Design Elements To Create The Perfect Winter Wedding Theme

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