Winter Wedding Desserts

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Now that you’ve nailed down the date of your dream wedding, it’s time to start deciding on some inspired wedding details to complement your wedding celebrations. From winter wedding flowers to colors suitable for colder weather, keeping the season in mind is a great way to ensure your wedding day is beautiful and full of accents that look right at home in your space. Choosing a winter wedding cake is another detail that will help bring out the seasons you want to incorporate into your cold weather celebration.

Winter Wedding Desserts

Winter Wedding Desserts

We’ve rounded up our favorite winter wedding cakes to inspire your candy designs. Read the great cake options below and save your top picks to share with your hired cake baker on your big day.

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While a black and white color palette works for any season, adding a pop of gold is a great way to match the palette with a winter aesthetic. Imagine rocking this glam bag for a New Year’s Eve wedding – talk about a wow factor.

There’s something about marble-inspired details. If you’re tying the knot at a historic site, consider a stone bowl to complement the surrounding structure. Meanwhile, an acrylic topper is the perfect way to make a marble-like cake.

A great way to make sure your cake is a memorable showstopper is to style it outside the box. The all white winter wedding cake had a romantic look like a staircase.

The couple celebrated their love of skiing not only by tying the knot at the ski resort, but also by decorating their cake to look like a ski slope. In addition to the ice cream resembling snow-capped peaks, the cake was also decorated with wire drawings that looked like downhill skiing.

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While some flowers are difficult to procure in the colder months, amaryllis are a beautiful natural flower for winter seasons. We love how this decadent chocolate cake is topped with a red amaryllis flower.

Maybe it’s the abundance of metals, but there’s something that feels natural about Art Deco details. A Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve party would not be complete without this elevated tray.

If you’ve been thinking about a wedding cake with fresh flowers, be sure to contact your wedding florist ahead of time to discuss the types of flowers that look best and are available for your wedding.

Winter Wedding Desserts

Modern couples, this look is for you. Instead of the traditional round tiers, this little white dessert consisted of three cube-shaped tiers stacked on top of each other.

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Although a summer cake looks beautiful in fresh citrus, pomegranate is the way to go for a winter or Christmas wedding. Sweet fruit is a staple in the cooler months of the year and its bright appearance will turn heads as a cake accent.

Although the overall design of the white cake was simple, there was nothing plain or boring about it. Sometimes sticking to a monochromatic color, like white ice cream with white florals, is the way to go. Plus, the great thing about a monochromatic cake is that it looks just as good at summer weddings as it does at fall weddings as it does during the holidays.

This three-tiered masterpiece looked like it belonged in an art museum next to Monet. Although the bowl was covered with glaze, the shades of blue and white seemed to be clearly painted on the layers.

Some couples choose fresh flowers to decorate their wedding desserts, but this couple instead enlisted their cake baker to paint a floral image directly onto their moody burgundy cake before topping it with blackberries.

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What’s more winter than evergreen and cinnamon? We can almost smell the combination of dreams. If you have a one-tiered cake that doesn’t have much room to decorate the top, pay attention to your cake topper and make it the star of the show.

This original three-tiered dessert featured a monogram, surrounded by a green crown. And on top of that, each floor was surrounded by silver.

We just can’t decide which part of this cake we like best. Fresh figs, semi-free frosting and a golden fox cake topper – the most jaw-dropping combination we’ve ever seen.

Winter Wedding Desserts

When planning your cake design, it’s important to spend time planning your dessert table and how you want the overall look to look. With perfect planning, you’ll ensure that the imported sugar distribution looks like a million bucks and matches your overall wedding theme.

Winter Wedding Cake And Dessert Bar

Anemones, during the winter season, are a good choice to decorate your dessert. Especially for couples who rely on a Christmas-inspired palette of green and red, these bright red flowers are a must.

The stunning dark color of Cosmos makes them the perfect flower to use at your wedding, from boutonnières and bouquets to centerpieces and your wedding cake design. This little all white cake was finished with a few cosmo flowers and a few leaves.

Gold leaf gave this butter cake, sitting on a wooden cake stand, a lovely winter feel.

Your candy doesn’t have to be dripping in icicles and snowflakes to celebrate the winter season. Take this two-tiered wedding cake – wildflowers pay homage to the season in a beautiful yet subtle way.

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While many desserts are complete with wedding toppers, it’s perfectly fine to leave out the topper if your entire cake makes a statement on its own. White roses, made of sugar, decorated the bottom of this four-tier wedding line. The candy, which looked like a chic wedding dress, was so beautiful on its own that a topper was unnecessary.

Jewel tones look great all year round, but we especially love emerald during the holidays. This unique wedding cake has an agate inspired collar around the bottom and geometric details on top.

Because of its dough-like nature, fondant can be molded and colored to look like marble. If you are planning a modern or contemporary wedding, marble is a great statement to bring that will look good in winter celebrations.

Winter Wedding Desserts

This two-tiered wedding cake wasn’t just dessert, it was part of the wedding decor at this boho-themed wedding in California.

Take A Look At This Gorgeous Rustic Wedding Dessert Table

Figs not only look great as a cake decoration, but they also taste great inside a wedding cake. Along with figs, cranberries are a great winter fruit that can be used in cake decorating.

Often other desserts such as cupcakes and macarons sit on the dessert table next to the wedding cake. However, in this dessert, the baker decided to put fresh macarons directly in the candy.

If you’re having a Christmas wedding, consider serving red-and-green candy like this couple did. For a dessert that really rocks the halls, gingerbread is a great tasting holiday treat.

This wedding cake was decorated with a topper that looked like a gift bow, perfect for a Christmas wedding.

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Winter Wedding Desserts

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Winter Wedding Desserts

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