Cookie Bar At Wedding

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Cookie Bar At Wedding – Over the past few years I have made desserts for many weddings. It all started my senior year of high school when I agreed to make a three-tiered wedding cake for someone I didn’t know. After making this one tiered cake, transporting it 30 minutes away, assembling it on site and leaving it alone, I vowed to never make a tiered wedding cake again. It was very stressful and there was a lot of pressure to make sure nothing went wrong.

I’ve learned a lot over the years from this highly stressed cake and recently made packaged cookies for my own wedding, cut the bride and groom’s cake for my cousin’s wedding, and made a batch of cookies for another cousin’s cake bar. At every wedding, there’s still pressure to make sure the dessert is perfect for the bride and groom’s special day, but these tasks are more doable than that dreaded three-tiered cake. Every project has its own challenges, but I’ve learned to trust what I can do well and what I should stay away from (hello, cupcake frosting). While you may not be asked to bake a wedding cake on a regular basis, I’m here to tell you that if you can measure the ingredients, you can make wedding cakes for any size!

Cookie Bar At Wedding

Cookie Bar At Wedding

This past spring I made 750 cookies for a cake bar for a wedding reception. There were five types of cookies and twelve dozen of each type. I’m recapping the journey here so you too can achieve this cake milestone. Wedding cakes for everyone! For reference, I’ve made flourless peanut butter cookies, double chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (similar to this one), snickerdoodles (similar to this one, but less spicy), and chewy ginger cookies (similar to this one) .

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Six months out: Talk to the bride and groom about their cookie preferences, expected attendance, and number of cake types. Come armed with suggestions for a variety of your favorite cookies. Get excited about all the delicious cake options. Practice on cakes you haven’t made before or aren’t comfortable making.

Five months out: Put all the ingredient amounts for each cookie recipe into a spreadsheet and calculate the total amount of ingredients you’ll need to get by. Determine the perfect baking time and the order in which you will make batches of cookie dough. I recommend baking one type at a time so you don’t get confused and mess up a batch of dough. This also cuts down on cleanup time because you don’t have to wash the bowl and whisk between batches of the same type of cookie dough. Time your cookie dough based on your availability. Buy a medium cookie scoop (1 ½ teaspoon) and a small cookie scoop (2 tablespoons). These will be your best friends.

Four months out: Start making cookie dough. You have 13 pounds of butter, 7 pounds of sugar, 5 pounds of brown sugar, and a 25 pound bag of flour that you thought no one in their right mind could ever get past looking at Costco. You will need them all. Clean out your freezer to make room for a gallon bag filled with dozens of frozen cookie dough balls.

Three months out: Make 150 (or as many as you need depending on the number) dough balls from one type of cookie dough. Maybe make extra dough for breakfast.

The Cookie Bar

Talk to the bride and groom about how the cookies will be served and who will provide the serving utensils, screens and favor bags.

Two months out: Make cookie dough for two more types of cookies, making sure to have 150 dough balls of each type. Play Tetris with bags of cookie dough balls in the freezer.

One month out: Make the last two types of cookie dough and scoop out 150 cookie dough balls of each. At this point, you may need to restock your college freezer to fit all of the cookie dough. Determine which cookies last the longest without going stale after baking.

Cookie Bar At Wedding

One week out: Have a little panic attack because you have to bake 750 cookies in a short amount of time to keep them all fresh. You also need to bake 750 cookies. I think it should be repeated. Make a coffee date with friends who will give you a much-needed pep talk and start baking, starting with the cookie dough that lasts the longest without going stale and working your way to the most experienced. I made my funniest cookies the day before the rehearsal dinner so they would be as fresh as possible without stressing the day of the wedding. Consider buying stocks in parchment paper. Thank your oven caps and baking sheets for serving you well and marvel at the new space in your freezer.

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The Day: Leave cookies at the front desk with an event planner. If it’s your responsibility, place the cookie gods on a cookie bar. Otherwise, make sure the event coordinator understands the signs and has your phone number. Enjoy the wedding and feel the relief and joy as people chew cookies on the dance floor and stock up on more to take home. At the end of the night, pack the leftover cookies into a reusable container.

Later in the day: Bring leftover cookies and lots of plastic bags from the family breakfast after the wedding and distribute the cookies to all the guests to take home. Cookies are a great and delicious food anytime, especially for your guests at your wedding. So we invite you to think about setting up a cake bar! No matter what your wedding theme is, cookies go well with it all! All you have to do is decorate your cake bar according to your wedding theme. You can make different types of cookies: with chocolate chips, almonds or glaze. And that’s not all! You can put them in a jar and put them on the table or even make a tower of cookies, for example from Oreos. And don’t forget the milk, it will be the perfect addition to your delicious little desserts!

What kind of cakes should be included in your wedding cake bar? Anything you like! Pecans, chocolate chips, almonds, peanut butter, lemon and vanilla and much more! If you are having a destination wedding or a theme – Italian or Mexican inspired, why not choose cookies that are traditional for weddings in these countries? Serve a wide variety of them, and don’t forget the expected vegan guests – they should be happy too! Offer milk, including lactose-free options, to those who need it. Apart from regular cookies like cupcakes, cakes, sweet rolls and more, you can also offer a variety of desserts.

Glitter cupcakes with monograms, hearts, letters and wedding dates are fun and a great idea for your cake bar.

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Choose the decoration and style of your cake bar according to the style and colors of your wedding. If it’s a rustic wedding, consider trellises, metal tubs and buckets, metal stands and even wooden boxes of cookies. For a more natural look, try standing tree stumps and place plates of cookies on them. If you’re celebrating outside, take a table top and place it on hay for a rustic feel, and use baskets to hold cookies. Add some baskets for comfort, candles or flowers around the decorations and voila! If you want something more neutral, consider a traditional stand and perhaps place your wedding cake on top. Another idea is to put your cookies on plain plates and in large glass jars with lids, which always works – just add a little stand with the name of the cookie. You can also make a cookie tower instead of your wedding cake which can be a great idea. If you are planning a modern wedding, choose a new and hot idea – a cake wall. A cake wall has some small shelves where you put cookies and some markers to mark the types, you can also add lights, signs and flowers. It can be paired with a donut wall, a hot wedding reception trend. Inspired!

A white round cookie display with sweets and cupcakes with icons is a stylish modern way to display your sweets

A wedding cake wall is an ultra modern and trendy version of a regular cake bar and an amazing decorating idea.

Cookie Bar At Wedding

A stylish dark brown cookie wall with shelves and a variety of cookies, each with a small sign.

Rustic Cookie Wedding Dessert Food Bar Ideas For Wedding Reception

A mini cookie wall with a variety of soft candies and fresh flowers and greenery for a romantic touch

A large cake table with toppers and a wedding cake on top is a great idea for any wedding

A small cake bar on wooden frames, with a burlap table, and an elegant stone tray with cookies and berries and milkshakes.

A simple rustic cake bar with a small chest as a stand, large cake jars with tags, a basket, candles and flowers.

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A small vintage cake bar made with

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