Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

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Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme – A winter wonderland is one of the most popular wedding themes and it’s no surprise because it’s very beautiful, romantic and makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Frozen trees, white roads, tables decorated in white and silver, sparkling crystals everywhere and artificial snow falling on top are wonderful, especially if you live in a place where there is no snow at all. If you’re still hesitant, I’ll convince you to go with this idea because it’s magic!

A wedding procession is perhaps the first and most amazing thing that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Decorating in a Wonderland style is important, so buy white tree branches and decorate them with crystal garlands and candles, add artificial snow and snowflakes, pine cones and white petals. Paint the trees white to look frosty and stick artificial snow for the same purpose, the crystals perfectly imitate icicles, budget friendly and cool. Use several candles to create a cool atmosphere and a touching look at your ceremony venue.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

A winter wonderland wedding with manzanita trees will make you feel like you’re outside on a cold, snowy day

Festive Venues For A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Continue to create a snowy fairy tale at the reception: use white feathers, artificial snow, decorations, glass and lots of candles to finish the decoration. Your previous colors are blue, navy, ice blue, white and silver, as they are most associated with snow. As for the centerpieces, you can try an original idea: a red or white rose in an ice cube, candles and decorations placed on a silver plate, or the same white branches with a crystal wreath and candles. Instead of flowers, you can use white trees with LED lights to decorate the entire area. Choose creative glass table numbers with painted snowflakes. Add pebbles and sequins to decorate the decoration.

Food and drink are an important part of creating a winter tale and help emphasize the theme. First, your wedding cake can resemble winter and sparkle like snow. Decorate with edible snowflakes, shiny beads that imitate snowballs, ornaments, even ornaments or pine cones. Cupcakes can be decorated with snowflakes and sequins; make silver popsicles and ice blue candies for your sweet bar. Serve hot cocoa with marshmallows to keep everyone entertained. Sure, there’s muggy weather and endless shoveling. In fact, here in the Midwest, even our eyelashes can freeze. But a winter wonderland wedding reminds us to look beyond the cold temperatures. If you live in Wisconsin like I do, every day is more beautiful and stricter than the next. Frost glistens on the tops of bare trees, endless snowdrops shine in the sun.

Long after wedding fatigue peaks in the summer and fall, your winter wedding will be the highlight of the season. So she turned to two inspirational wedding planners for insight into capturing a winter wedding aesthetic. Kristin Banta, Creative Director of Kristin Banta Events said, “The season plays an important role in planning any event.” Rachael Keyl, owner of A Fine Fête, confirms, “The season can definitely help guide direction, especially when it comes to colors, textures and flowers.” From sparkling winter jewelry to dazzling winter wedding color palettes, winter weddings add magic to any event.

After hibernation, you can forget the wedding stress. Curated libraries and thoughtful inspiration make wedding planning easier. We’ve scoured hundreds of real wedding albums to find the best winter wonderland wedding ideas. Discover 17 ways to take your winter wedding to the next level – and remind your guests why winter is the most magical time of the year. Plus, stay to the end to learn how to bring this unique aesthetic to life.

Winter Wedding Centerpieces For A Chic Off Season Event

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“When choosing a time of year to get married,” says Banta’s Kristin Banta Events, “couples often try to match their decor to some extent with the current season. In this way, there is no feeling that the connection between the surrounding environment and the guest experience is broken.» He continues: “The decor doesn’t have to literally interpret the weather outside, but it should at least harmonize with it – unless you’re making a dramatic statement by deliberately designing something with polarity, such as a frozen winter scene at the climax. in winter. summer.”

How to capture the winter aesthetic indoors, such as a ballroom or industrial space?

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

“Capturing the season in any interior space is best communicated through lighting and inspired interior design,” says Banta. “Don’t feel too self-conscious about using snowflakes and blue lighting – winter can also be interpreted through textures and elements. For a theatrical effect, aim for authenticity, from winter birch trees projected onto the walls, quartz crystal-encrusted branches and gilded antlers to pine trees, luxurious plaid textiles, stacked logs and vintage snowshoes.

Silver And Blue Winter Wonderland Wedding At Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

Keyl from A Fine Fête adds: “What I love most about winter weddings is playing with textures and patterns that instantly warm up the space. Food and drink is also a fun way to create a cozy atmosphere, especially drinks. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a Hot Toddy walking into a warmly lit lobby! And on top of that, you can also integrate a delicious scent to complement the atmosphere!

Traditionally, “wedding season” is from late spring to early fall, with June and September being the most popular months to get married. Although less popular, winter weddings have always offered many advantages. Couples can expect venue and vendor availability and more flexible price points. What’s more, friends and family are less likely to experience wedding fatigue – because your wedding is a much-anticipated celebration.

Of course, the epidemic has changed traditional wedding trends in the near future. Since many couples are forced to postpone the wedding, the wedding

2022 and 2023 meetings soon. Thursday and Sunday weddings are no longer unknown, and every month has officially joined the list of wedding season.

Festive Christmas Wedding Ideas To Transform Your Day

Luckily, winter weddings are finally getting their chance to shine. Transform your wedding venue into a winter wonderland with the help of a skilled design and decoration team. The weather may be cold and dreary, but this much-overlooked season has no shortage of beauty and inspiration.

Winter wedding color palettes range from classic blues and neutral champagnes to deep cherry reds and bright jewel tones. For a winter wonderland wedding, we suggest icy blues, sparkling silvers, crisp whites and dramatic jewel tones. For a more in-depth look at how colors can set the mood and tone of your celebration, check out The Best Wedding Colors [Guide].

Use the selected venue directory to find an available venue for your winter wedding. Don’t forget to filter by location, venue type, number of guests, etc. according to See a location you like? Contact the venue directly or visit their profile page to see how the venue has been used in real weddings.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

Finding the right vendors is just as easy. Our supplier directory features everything from the best local wedding planners to leading entertainment companies. Use filters to narrow your search by vendor category, services, and more. You can also contact the sellers directly or visit their profile pages to see more examples of their work. Winter is a magical time of year to bond with each other – from crisp weather and festive cheer to magical color schemes, there’s so much to do.

Blue And Silver Winter Wonderland Wedding Inspiration

Winter weddings are fast approaching summer, which is a hugely popular time to say “I do.” The nights may be darker, but the lights are brighter, the mood is happier, and the whole day is full of romance. Not to mention, many wedding dates are much cheaper!

A winter wedding is often confused with a Christmas wedding in people’s minds, but they are not the same. Here are our favorite Christmas wedding ideas just in time for the festive season, while this list is designed to make the most of the beautiful months of December, January and February.

From winter wonderland color schemes to winter wedding dress ideas and the best winter cocktails, we’ve got 50 winter wedding ideas to make your day one to remember. Plus, here are 13 top tips to save money and make your winter wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

The easiest way to create the right atmosphere for your winter wedding is to choose a location that really suits the season. An all-white ceremony or reception hall looks so good dressed in a winter wonderland theme, while a rustic barn conveys an elegant ski lodge and après-ski feel.

Zion And Gil Winter Wonderland Wedding

How beautiful is the forest green and gold color scheme in this acrylic wedding gift! A crown of dried flowers offsets the palette and gives tone

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