Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

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Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom – 2021 Yoruba brides, come here ladies! We have brought you these 8 wedding styles for Yoruba brides.

Traditional marriage, which is recognized in the constitution of Nigeria, is one of the most important stages of marriage because it is where the families of the bride and groom come together and legally give the bride to her husband. It is also the time when dowry or dowry is paid.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

It goes without saying that this is a time of celebration, pomp and pageantry, with the bride and groom dressed in their best traditional attire. In those days it was very good, but now the material of the bride and groom’s clothes has changed with the times.

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you consent to the use of cookies. Visit our privacy and cookie policy. Traditional Yoruba wedding dresses are really something that make Yorubaland weddings look beautiful and festive. No matter how rich the bride and groom are – their clothes will be so luxurious that even a king can wear them freely. Let’s take a look at these works of art and their specific features.

Since ancient times there has been a special Yoruba cloth for making wedding dresses and other official clothes. Known as Aso Oke, it was the only option for brides and grooms. A lot has changed since then. Now brides and grooms in Yorubaland can choose from lace, silk, velvet, and sometimes even Ankara materials. However, the Aso Oke assortment is still prevalent among the Yorubas.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

Aso Oke is used to make clothes for everyone. Books with the groom, their families and friends, each of the guests can wear this cloth. If the wedding adheres strictly to tradition, Aso Oke can be chosen for Aso Ebi, a special tradition that receives more attention below.

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There are certain traditions of bridal wear in Yorubaland. They have to wear special clothes from head to toe. Clothing usually means a combination of a traditional wrapper with a blouse, and a head.

The wrapper is called Iro. The wrap is usually tied around the waist and covers the bride’s hips and legs up to the ankles or down to the floor. It looks extremely feminine and beautiful, especially today when it is possible to choose a fabric that creates beautiful folds and creases.

Iro is accompanied by a blouse called buba. The blouse is usually made of the same fabric and color as the wrapper. White lace blouses of this type look especially festive and attractive.

The headdress is made from a head called Gele. This is a traditional Yoruba headdress that can be worn in a variety of shapes and forms for its creativity and beauty. In most cases, the headtie is made with Aso oke. Sometimes brides attach small veils to their Gele.

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A wedding dress of this type is usually accompanied by fashionable jewelry. In most cases, brides wear earrings and bracelets. Most brides have special beads made for the wedding ceremony. These beads usually match the color of the clothes or create a deep contrast.

Of course, every bride in Yorubaland has the right shoes to match her purse and air conditioner. A fan is a fashion accessory used by many Nigerian brides in different regions of the country.

Some brides have second dresses. It is done to change the look of the wedding ceremony, but these dresses are no less beautiful and beautiful than the original ones. There is a tendency that if the first dress is made of Aso Oke, the second is made of lace.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

The tradition of determining a wedding color code is old and beloved. In the wedding preparation phase, the bride, groom and their families choose the colors of the Aso Ebi – the guests’ clothes and the family color, if the family members want different colors.

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Why is it so important? The bride’s family and guests may wear one color and the groom’s family and guests – another. It will help to define the relationship and create a colorful wedding ceremony with bright watery color spots.

Friends of the bride, Ore Iyawo, and friends of the groom also get the right to choose their own Aso Ebi. It is normal that they dress more elegantly and taste better than everyone else. Their clothes are usually more suitable for young people as Aso Ebi of the same type for different age groups is not the best.

Besides, it makes sense to make a beautiful couple’s dress. The clothes of the bride and the groom are made of different fabrics, but the same color and the same oke. In most cases, the color of the couple is always different from the colors chosen to buy their families.

Grooms in Yorualand usually wear Sokoto (very loose trousers), Buba (shirt) and Agbada. Agbada is a dress worn for special occasions such as weddings and other formal occasions. The chest embroidery on Agbada can be fully detailed and beautiful.

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The clothes are accompanied by a hat called Fila. Filas can be of different types and usually the groom himself chooses which type of Fila to wear. The groom’s Fila and agbada were made of the same fabric as his bride’s Gele, although some were slightly different materials.

Grooms also have jewelry. In the event that a man does not have permanent items such as piercings, the only piece of jewelry will be a very long and highly decorated beaded necklace. Sometimes grooms also have an additional accessory – a ponytail called Irukere. This is an old royal thing and many grooms decide to uphold the tradition even today.

In this couple’s example we see how royal blue is combined with white. The groom also has pink stripes on his Agbada. The bride’s fan brings a note of freshness.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

This couple wears gold so well! The solid gold color of the bride’s full dress and the combination of yellow gold in her groom’s dress create an effect of sweet warmth and comfort.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

In this couple’s clothes, pale and cool shades of gray are suddenly combined with dark red, and it is a good choice. Glittering prints and embellishments make the gray color pop, while the bride’s dark red accessories and the groom’s coral jewelry add a luxurious feel.

This combination of colors looks very refreshing and beautiful. Bright whites are beautifully defined with cornflower blue details and brightly colored accessories. Although the fabric of these dresses is not that luxurious, their wedding dresses look gorgeous.

The groom’s white decorated Agbada complements the strong soft coral color of the bride’s dress. His Fila is made of the same fabric as his headband. The bride’s sparkling white clutch bag seems to add a bit of a groom’s look to her.

The deep grape-purple color of these dresses looks cool in combination with white. The bride’s heavily embellished dresses and head ties are extremely beautiful and the plain Agbada cloth for the man with thin white stripes balances the luxury.

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“Be afraid now Zubby let Michael catch him”: Many reacted to the video and photos of the actor and Regina Daniels on the set of the film. Traditional Yoruba wedding dresses are often tight, colorful and eye catching for the Owambe. Clothes are made to match the color of the day, for a seamless aesthetic connection.

Family, friends and well-wishers but especially the mothers of the couple were seen wearing their stylish outfits to look elegant and beautiful on their children’s big day.

You wouldn’t see a single Owambe in Yoruba land where mother of the bride clothes are not fashionable. The groom and his team never fail to make the wedding ceremony fun with their million-dollar entrance dances.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride And Groom

Introductory ceremonies take place before the official wedding ceremony. It is in this introduction that the couple and their families get to know each other better. Learn about their culture, especially if the bride and groom are not from Yoruba Land, learn about their customs and traditions if both are from Yoruba but not from the same village, and they communicate better.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Clothes

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