7 Simple Habits For A Better Married Sex Life

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Gigi Engel is a certified sex coach, clinical sexologist, and feminist author. Her work appears regularly in numerous publications, including Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Teen Vogue, Glamor, and Women’s Health.

7 Simple Habits For A Better Married Sex Life

7 Simple Habits For A Better Married Sex Life

Having sex may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but it is very important to the health of your relationship. When we say maintain sex, we mean having sex just for the sake of it, even if you don’t feel like doing it. This means maintaining the sex life to ensure sexual satisfaction for both partners in the relationship.

Reasons Sex Takes A Back Seat In Marriage

Sometimes your friends want to catch up and you just want to tune in to the latest Netflix show. Sex sounds time-consuming and boring. Or your partner is always too tired or stressed out when you really want to have sex. In a long-term relationship, it’s important to have sex, even if you’re not necessarily horny. Safer sex shouldn’t be the only type of sex you have, but it should be on the menu.

In a relationship, there will inevitably be times when one partner wants to have sex and the other doesn’t. Rarely are two people having the same libido. This happens from time to time, but it’s not particularly practical to expect your partner to always want the exact same amount of sex as you.

To make up the difference, compromises are required. A partner with a high libido should have realistic expectations, and a partner with a low libido should do the same. This is where protective behavior comes into play.

We’ve been fed the idea that we should only have sex when we’re “in the mood.” In this way, an incomplete, sexless marriage takes place. A partner with no “mood” and thinks he or she doesn’t need it, so a partner with a high libido feels embarrassed to want to have sex. This leaves one partner constantly being bullied for sexually harassing her and the other for wanting her – not a healthy relationship.

Why Maintenance Sex Is So Important In Happy Marriages

Protective sex is designed to protect the content of both parties. When you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, you won’t regret going the extra mile for sex. If your partner really wants you and you just go for it, you’ll feel better afterwards.

Obviously, if that’s the only way you’re having sex, there’s something wrong. If you feel completely unsatisfied sexually or have an unusually prolonged decrease in libido, that is a separate issue that you should address with your therapist or healthcare provider. Sex is like going to the gym: You don’t want to do it beforehand, but once you start exercising and get on the elliptical, you’ll feel great afterwards.

In a relationship, you need to show up for your partner. It goes back to that “stigma” thing; we thought that if someone didn’t want to have sex, we shouldn’t have sex. Sometimes you need to show up and interact with your partner. If you need your partner to make you feel loved, he or she should do it for you. Sex is an important part of a happy relationship.

7 Simple Habits For A Better Married Sex Life

Both parties should be willing to show up and make an effort for the other. Everyone in a relationship should feel sexy, safe and happy. Have sex and commit to having sex through all of life’s vicissitudes, ups and downs.

What Is Maintenance Sex? It May Help Strengthen Your Marriage

Sex breeds intimacy. Orgasm releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel good. Sex makes you feel closer to your partner. It’s the most intimate physical action you and your partner can experience. Without it, it’s easy to neglect your relationship. Relationships and a healthy sex life require constant effort. You should see each other often and feel the heat of your relationship on a regular basis.

Having sex, feeling on your partner, smelling his skin, brings you back to that loving thought. Don’t stop watching TV just because you’re tired from work. Fun sex will remind both of you how much you mean to each other. Always make time to incorporate sex into your schedule. The more you have, the happier you will be. Trust us: Love: How to find it, how to keep it, and how to be happy in it is one of the most discussed and thought-provoking topics in our world.

What makes a happy relationship? How can I have a happy relationship? The answers to these questions are complex. Opinions on this subject can and do fill thousands of books.

While there is no one perfect answer, some patterns have emerged over the years. In healthy and happy relationships, couples often exhibit similar traits or behaviors, across generations and even cultures. We see time and time again that some couples develop some very specific habits that seem to lead to satisfying and long-lasting relationships. What exactly are these habits? Here, we give you 7 of them: Habits of happy couples that signal deep connections, intense love, and fulfilled lives.

Four Ways To Have Better Sex

The happy couples are likely to be the ones who take the time to connect every day, especially physically. Physical intimacy has many benefits, such as a deeper connection and less stress. Couples who made it a daily habit to hug, cuddle together, or engage in other forms of physical contact, including sex, reported higher levels of relationship happiness.

Not surprisingly, you don’t need to be a psychologist or a scientist to understand why physical intimacy and love are good for us. Think about how comfortable a hug feels. How sweet and simple it is to hold hands. Or how spending time in bed in each other’s arms can feel so magical.

Physical intimacy has not always been easy for us. For some couples, coding isn’t part of the routine, and that’s okay. But will this make them happy in their relationship?

7 Simple Habits For A Better Married Sex Life

Since humans are physically social beings, you and your partner may need to experiment with everyday physical intimacy. You may not realize how much of a difference it can make until you spend this time together.

How Kink On Tiktok Helped My Marriage And Sexuality

Physical Intimacy Challenge: If you’d like to incorporate more physical interaction into your relationship, take some time this week to try and develop a new habit.

One option is a 30-second kiss. For 30 seconds a day this week, you and your partner will meet and have a long, long kiss.

Take half a minute each day to deepen your intimacy and relationship. You really can’t do this exercise without reaping some benefits. We bet you’ll find yourself thoroughly enjoying this brief session, and you may find that it sets a whole different tone for the day.

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Secrets Of Happy Couples

Even the best love stories contain stories of sadness, pain and discord. Fighting is a normal part of any marriage or relationship. And true love often needs it. But the happy couple has learned how to deal with conflict when it arises. This is an important part of maintaining a successful relationship. For such couples, conflict is not a problem, but an opportunity to learn and grow together.

Happy couples always remember they’re on the same team. When conflict arises, they know it’s the two of them opposing the issue together, not the two of them opposing each other. This concept alone can have a big impact on the outcome of a disagreement (or even prevent a disagreement altogether).

It can be many things. First of all, properly handling conflicts is not something that can be achieved overnight. Most successful couples know that communication takes work, and conflict management can be a big part of that. In other words, couples who know how to play fair have probably taken their time. They discussed it again and again and found tools and methods that worked for them and their relationship.

7 Simple Habits For A Better Married Sex Life

For you, this means that conflict resolution skills take time. That’s right. If you’re still struggling with this, the best thing you can do is learn more about healthy conflict and apply the principles you’ve learned. (Check out these great marriage and relationship books for some tips).

How To Sleep Better

Also, focus on a basic knowledge and skill that most of us know can help resolve conflict: Don’t hold a grudge. Don’t bring up old issues in current struggles. Calm down before discussing issues together. Watch your words.

As with any conflict, if you try to better resolve conflict in your relationship, you’ll find that improvement will eventually happen. However, the habit is

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