Any Tattooed Brides Out There

Friday, January 20th 2023. | Weddings

Any Tattooed Brides Out There – While some brides want to cover up their tattoos on their wedding day, others prefer to proudly display their tattoos in a wedding dress that highlights them beautifully. From dramatic leg slits to simple necklines and silhouettes, here are your favorite wedding dresses for tattooed brides on your special day.

Impress your guests on your wedding day and feel your best in a gorgeous low back design. Not only does it allow you to show off your back tattoos, the delicate sleeves also make your arm tattoos stand out. This wedding dress also features an illusion back and a romantic train with lace overlay.

Any Tattooed Brides Out There

Any Tattooed Brides Out There

This simple silhouette is the perfect style to make your tattoos the star of the show. With a square neckline and minimal accessories, all the attention will be on your hand tattoos while not dominating your entire wedding day ensemble.

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For brides looking for a more dramatic wedding day look, this wedding dress style shows off your best features with a sleeveless lace bodice and high leg. Thin straps are perfect for brides with full tattoo arm sleeves, as well as a sheer tulle skirt for leg tattoos.

Choose a timeless wedding dress for your special day with this clean and sophisticated design. The dress features cap sleeves, a lace bodice and a plunging neckline that flows into a straight skirt. Thanks to short sleeves, arm tattoos can be the main focus of your wedding look.

One of the best wedding dresses for tattooed brides is the off-the-shoulder style. This fun yet classy design allows you to show off your arm and shoulder tattoos while keeping the rest of the dress silhouette on the simpler side to let your tattoos shine.

Still looking for your dream dress? Make an appointment today with one of our bridal specialists to find a dress that perfectly matches your tattoos! by Sophie RossSophie Ross is a Senior Copywriter at Adore Me. Sophie has experience in style and beauty. 2017 to 2019 as Associate Editor of The Knot.

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If you have a tattoo, it’s sure to mean something to you – whatever the feeling behind it. So why not show off on the most important day of your life? Of course, you always have the option of covering up if you want a slightly more traditional look, but if you want to embrace your perfect photo ink on your wedding day, choose a look that shows off your bridal look. . all his glory Check out our favorite gorgeous looks from brides showing off their tattoos below.

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Any Tattooed Brides Out There

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Tattooed Brides In Unconventional Wedding Dresses

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Whether it’s a different wedding theme or you like quirky ink, you can look great in a wedding dress and we’ve got the photos to prove it!

This bride is tattooed with color and the guy who takes it out. Her retro makeup and funky piercings are so unique and her tattoos look amazing with her feminine dress. The one shoulder wedding dress design matches her veil perfectly – a thing of beauty.

Calling all old ladies – we have the perfect inspiration for you. Everything about this bride’s look is perfection. From the tea-length wedding dress, to the extravagant veil and stunning tattoos, she looks amazing.

The Tattooed Bride

This woman has an amazing background. Her tattoo details match perfectly with her off the shoulder lace wedding dress. We also love the color placement of the rose inside the tattoo, it looks great.

These two have a very distinctive style and you can’t say they don’t pull it off. Their matching dreads, shared love of tattoos and similar tastes in funky ear wear make them a hit and that can be seen in the beautifully shot image.

A spring wedding would be the perfect setting for this bride’s elegant look. Her body art is playful and bursting with color and her pastel pink tulle petticoat brings out every detail. Her wedding bouquet has all the colors on her body and her makeup is flawless.

Any Tattooed Brides Out There

This couple is truly a fun couple and no one can deny that they have style. We expect the bride’s polka dot dress and vintage bouquet. A big tattoo is her best accessory as far as we’re concerned.

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These two are so cute. Her tattoos are amazing, her tattoos are amazing and they are absolutely amazing together. We love the contrast between her jeweled tattoo sleeves and her stunning and super feminine floral dress.

The bride and another tattooed guy is a beauty. First of all, that hair is just too amazing – she has purple hair and nails to match and we wouldn’t change a thing. We love her bold sleeve tattoo and the writing that runs across her chest. A strapless wedding dress was a great choice for her.

A blonde beauty with tattoos and a beautiful bridal bouquet? Yes, you heard us right. We can imagine that so many brides want to replicate this ink look, because it really is a photo. We love that she’s rocking ear extensions that match her dress and her retro hairdo is the perfect finishing touch.

We love how this single enjoyed breaking the wedding rule and wearing a colorful wedding dress. She couldn’t have looked more stunning and the color of the buns accentuates her red hair. The couple’s tattoos match perfectly and the look of love on their faces is undeniable.

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This wedding photographer also captured the love between this couple in this photo and captured the bride’s tattoo beautifully. Her chunky flower bracelet is one piece of bridal jewelry that ties her entire look together so beautifully.

We love how vibrant this bride is in every aspect of her wedding day look. Her tattoos are as attractive and amazing as her fluorescent hair color. Her new husband seems totally in love and we can see why.

This red bride has a beautiful color and a mid-sleeve tattoo that makes it even louder. The nautical themed ink matches the wedding earrings we love. The pearl necklace completes the side detailing of the dress and we think it’s stunning.

Any Tattooed Brides Out There

Bright red hair, sequined dress details, and really good tattoos? We like the sound of that, and we love the look of this bride and her new husband. It’s very clear to see that she has her own unique style and we’re so glad she chose to embrace it because she looks amazing.

Bride Asks Wedding Guests To Cover Tattoos Up

Hey Cowgirl! This other bridal look is one in a million. The top half of the Champagne outfit is completely unique and her tattoos are barely marked. It’s a wedding style we’re definitely jealous of.

We love how unique this bride’s tattoos are. It has the most beautiful bugs and butterflies in its body and it is very different from us

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