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Anyone Else Hate Peeptoes – If you receive Priority Processing, we will process your order within 24 hours. How does the front line sound? Don’t worry if you don’t get priority processing. Our aim is to deliver as quickly as possible. *Pre-orders are not eligible for priority delivery.

You have 30 days from the time of your shipping to try on your dance shoes. If for some reason you don’t like your shoes. Return it for a refund or refund. No questions asked. The fit and style of our dance shoes are guaranteed.

Anyone Else Hate Peeptoes

Anyone Else Hate Peeptoes

Comfortable heels provide much-needed support, while sturdy heels ensure proper balance on and off the dance floor. Straps anchor the legs to the footrest to keep your feet in place.

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• The only dance shoes in the world that include an extra layer in the areas you need to correct – under the balls of the feet and heels.

• Additional heel. Since the shoe itself is rigid and doesn’t vibrate, the leg muscles don’t have to work as hard to stabilize it. It also reduces fatigue/pain especially in the calves.

• Anti-scratch material on heels. The reality is that the heels collide. It cannot be avoided, and it leads to worse/worse foot injuries. Well, we have solved this problem. We use anti-scratch materials on the heels, so they stay fresh and new for a long time.

• Microfiber insole does not absorb sweat. Most dance shoes on the market use suede, which absorbs sweat and stinks quickly. We ship all orders within 48 hours.

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Anyone Else Hate Peeptoes

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You have 30 days from your order to try on your shoes and ensure the fit and style is to your liking.

✅ Definition of New, Unaltered and Unused Condition: Without showing signs of wear or damage.

The search for Latin dance shoes is over! Feather-light and comfortable, our Latin dance shoes are designed to enhance your performance with stylish, exciting designs and comfortable wear.

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Designed for dancers of all ages and abilities. Dance further, fitter and better – Yami dance shoes provide support where you need it most!

Our ever-growing collection of ballroom dance shoes is handcrafted with the finest materials. Far from the plastic dance shoes you get in the store, Yami dance shoes are handcrafted by artisans for quality and performance. Please update to the latest version.

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Anyone Else Hate Peeptoes

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Most small things should be pasted here. constructive voice. Compared to today’s shoes, it was like a handmade shoe.

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Old sizes are different from new sizes. I try to measure with xtra small 34″ bust or small, small 34-36″ bust, medium 38″-40″ bust, large 42″-44″ bust and XLarge 45″ bust. Each row. Length is measured from center of top of shoulder, shoulders Measured in the front, the length of the arm from the top of the shoulder, it is better to take something that fits you, and measure and compare and take measurements. Your measurements and underwear and smoothly add a little (about 1″) and compare to the specified measurements. Many antiques are easily made. If the size is small, you can take it. Send it to me and I can find it for you.

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I hate this question. Smell is a matter of opinion. I did not find the wine smelling bad. Some people do. Do I wash everything? I can’t dry or wash everything. This is not possible. I have more and less money. I put it down to washing it, which I haven’t done yet. I can hand wash many things when they are dirty. Everything is hanging together or stored together so even if I clean it it still smells like wine. If you like and buy a lot of wine you know what I’m talking about. It disappears when you wash or dry it. Steaming also helps make things easier. I usually shoot before I take a photo. Please ask for cleaning before sending.

Yes I will give a discount if you are buying multiple items. The more you buy, the better the price. Contact me with a schedule and I will give you a shipping estimate and discount. Combining ships with stats is too much no matter what I do.

Most wine lovers know that wearing wine is sometimes about accepting small imperfections. I will do my best to list all the errors to the best of my ability. Putting it on the schedule will solve most of the problems I need to pay attention to. I wouldn’t say it looks good. If you look hard enough you will find something. Most people won’t be on the floor checking your skirt for pin holes when you wear vintage clothing. Keep that thought. Each list has a feature section where I list the reasons and how I feel about the style of the dress. I will also let you know what I fixed and how it turned out. If you are very active you should buy new clothes. Just saying.

Anyone Else Hate Peeptoes

Entire books and blogs have been written on this topic. Before the 1970s there were very few fabric labels and laundry labels on clothes. Many vintages were made in-house so there were no labels. If possible you should decide the site first. Go to VFG for help. I usually do this for you in the first part of the list. This is your guide to cleaning. Think of the fabric and google cleaning that fabric, or ask me and I’ll give you my best advice. In short, don’t put your wine in the washer or dryer. I have a hand wash cycle and sometimes wash the tough threads in the wash and line dry. Cleaning wine is more work but still worth the trouble.

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A small crack in the glaze is at the bottom of the item, invisible to the naked eye. I got a large amount and have no plans to sell, which is exactly what I want for my new place. If I had seen it myself, I would have bought it immediately.

This is the most beautiful frame (in my opinion). I love art deco furniture and was happy to find this. I was very happy!

A beautiful black lace dress. I was looking for a black dress and I found it!! I love this dress. As described in list and speed delivery. Thanks 😊

I was very impressed with the quality of this product as described. I appreciate the understanding and thank you so much for making this experience so easy.

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