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Backyard Reception – Having a wedding reception at home can be very sentimental and comforting. But it can also be a logistical nightmare if you don’t carefully plan every detail in advance and hire a sales team that can execute your vision. Chances are your house will be a grand affair with hundreds—or dozens—of people, a large wait staff, and lots of cars scrambling to find parking. Can the kitchen cook enough food for all your guests? Can the toilets hold all those people for more than four to six hours? Can you fit them all in your dining room or living room? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before choosing and planning a backyard wedding. Read on for more details you’ll need to consider, and ideas for backyard wedding inspiration if you’re wondering how to start planning.

A backyard wedding is any wedding (big or small) that takes place at your home or at the home of a relative or friend. Hosting a backyard wedding has long favored couples who want to maximize flexibility when it comes to wedding dates, vendor selection, and decor options, since it’s home. yours, you can make your own rules! A backyard wedding reception is the perfect choice if you’re planning a small event or just love being outside. They continue to be a trend amid COVID-19, with guest capacity greatly reduced at most wedding venues across the country, and having Marry Outside is a safe alternative for your micro-wedding or -Zum ceremony.

Backyard Reception

Backyard Reception

Many couples with backyard weddings still choose to hire an entire team of vendors to handle the day of logistics and planning. After all, leaving it to the professionals will help you stay more organized (and calmer) in the long run! And while holding a backyard wedding reception is considered less of an option compared to renting a hall, it really depends on the type of wedding you’re planning and how many guests you’ll be hosting. The money you save by avoiding standard venue rental fees can still go toward your wedding reception expenses, especially if you need to rent decor, lighting and sound equipment, or event supplies. -catering.

Beautiful Backyard Weddings That Will Make You Consider Getting Married At Home

As with any outdoor wedding, it is essential to have a “Plan B” ready for your backyard wedding reception should inclement weather or other unexpected events arrive on the day. If rain is forecast, you will need to provide space for everyone to stay indoors safely; if your house cannot accommodate so many guests, you will need to rent tents or other structures in advance to be comfortable. prepared Umbrellas, sunglasses, insect repellent are some other items you can provide to make your guests comfortable.

Need help figuring out where to start planning a backyard wedding? We’ve got it all – here are 18 things to think about if you’re hoping to get married at home.

Before you decide to have a backyard wedding, take a good look at the yard and determine how many people you can comfortably fit in it. Will you be serving a sit down meal, buffet or cocktail style? The format will help you set up the layout of the patio (tables, chairs and dance floor), which will help you plan the final number of employees. If you plan to use some of the house as well, see which part of the wedding will take place inside, and if you are able to accommodate them all. You don’t want to include them, so to speak. It’s your wedding, not a rock concert. If you think it might be a good fit, trim the guest list to make sure everyone can fit.

There are many logistics involved in planning a garden wedding compared to getting married in a ballroom, hotel or similar venue. Additions to be made will include the removal of everyday furniture and the addition of rentals, including miscellaneous items such as tables and chairs, cutlery, lighting, generators, bathrooms and additional kitchen equipment for staff of hospitality. Having the help of a wedding planner will ensure that your backyard wedding goes off without a hitch. Your planner understands and handles all the necessary logistics, in addition to helping you find vendors to hire and making sure everyone has a good time without damaging your home.

How To Plan A Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Unless you’re having a very small backyard wedding reception where everyone can sit around one table, you’ll probably need event rental basics like dishes, plates, glassware, napkins/tableware, tables and chairs. You can work with a rental company directly or through your wedding planner or caterer. Before signing the contract, be sure to go over the meal in detail with the host so you know exactly what cutlery you will need: for example, salad plates, soup bowls, oyster forks, dinner plates -dinner, dinner forks, knives, spoons. , or other special tool. Beyond the meal, you may want to rent lounge-style seating on the lawn for cocktails or dessert, standing umbrellas for shade if your wedding will take place during the day, or special lighting such as a chandelier or lanterns. If you plan to have guests in your home, you may want to keep your furniture and rent seating that fits everyone comfortably.

Call your gardener, or ask your florist to clean the yard (front and back) to make sure the lawn is perfect and update the bushes and shrubs that have seen better days. If you want to replant, you will need to make a landscape plan one month before the wedding date. If the floor is uneven or sloping, the floor may need to be raised so that the dining tables and dance floor can be placed safely.

Some religious officials require couples to marry in a house of worship. Have a conversation with your officiant about his or her feelings about having a home wedding. If he can’t make your event, ask him if he can recommend someone who will. Or search for officials (both secular and religious) in the Vendor Directory to find one near you.

Backyard Reception

Just because you’re inviting friends and family over to your house to celebrate your backyard wedding, that doesn’t mean you’re okay with them giving you a private tour of the house. Place decorative tape on entrances or stairs with or without a friendly “Do not enter” message to deter anyone from exploring. If you’re hosting your wedding entirely outside (and renting portable bathrooms), you can keep everyone out of the house by locking the doors or hiring security.

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It is unlikely that your bathroom (or septic tank) will handle all of your wedding guests, so you will need to hire portable bathrooms for your wedding day. There are elegant bathrooms, private stalls with sinks, hot water and air conditioning. These are not the port-o-potties you find in a park. You can also add a personal (or homemade) touch with decorative signs, small flowers on the cell, framed photos and toiletries.

If you expect to drive your guests to your backyard wedding, check local street parking laws. You may want to hire a locker service so your family and friends don’t have to drive around the neighborhood looking for a spot. If there is parking nearby, perhaps at a community center or church, ask them if you can rent it (or make a donation) and use it for the hours of your wedding, self-parking for guests, or valet parking. If there are many in the area, you can even arrange a shuttle service for guests to get to the wedding.

You should rent a rain or shine tent to protect your guests from the weather. A sunny day can be unbearably hot, and rain or wind can be an uninvited guest to spoil your big day. You can rent a variety of tents (with or without walls, light tents, with windows), so do your research and find a style that fits your home terrain and your vision. If you don’t want to go the tent route, pack one anyway if rain is in the forecast. You don’t want to need one at the last minute and not be able to.

This is a very important part of planning a backyard wedding: check with your homeowners association and local government to find out what permits you need for a backyard wedding, and also ask about the – ordinances. There may be laws about how late you can have music from the DJ speakers, or rules for parking commercial vehicles on your street. Apply for permits as soon as you decide to get married at home so you don’t over-plan, only to find that a legal issue could change your plans at the last minute.

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It is unlikely that the outlets in your home can power all the lights, AV equipment and appliances.

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