Backyard Wedding Ideas For Summer

Monday, December 26th 2022. | Weddings

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Backyard Wedding Ideas For Summer

Backyard Wedding Ideas For Summer

Photo by Jennings King; Event Planning by Fox Events; Floral Design by Poppy Custom Floral; Rentals from Snyder Event Rentals & Ooh Events

Backyard Wedding Ideas: How To Transform Your Outdoor Space Into A Dream Venue

What do you not like about marriage after? They’re friendly, simple, and—perhaps best of all—often a budget-friendly (if not free) resource. But before you write off a backyard wedding as a favorite that only embraces a rustic vibe, know that there are endless wedding ideas to turn it into everything you want. After all, there is

“For us, it’s all about sharing our home with our family and friends, and inviting them into the day with us,” said wedding planner Alicia Fritz of her wedding. “Our guest list is very diverse. We want to bring a level of comfort and familiarity to a group of strangers, and we think there is nothing better to break down barriers or do better for our guests than to invite them to our house.”

Alicia Fritz is the founder of A Day in May, a luxury event planning company. She has been planning, designing, and performing weddings for over ten years, including her own home weddings.

Fritz says creative freedom is one of the best things after marriage. “Some of our weddings, A Day in May Events usually work with white things, like grass and grass or landscape, which is transformed into a wedding venue,” he said. “The ability to create space the way you want it, or imagine it, is a gift.” So let your creativity run wild.

Tips For Throwing The Best Backyard Wedding Ever

From wildlife to beautiful receptions, these 40 new home theater ideas prove that home weddings are not to be put off.

Pair airy, wicker accents with bright tones and tons of green for a cool, summery vibe. Bringing out the interior in the form of a high-quality lounge will elevate the cocktail hour or reception, and it will be easy to complete with outdoor furniture that you already have or to recreate indoor furniture. You can even group furniture in different shapes or tones to get an eclectic look.

“Although we all hope that the weather will be sunny, it is not always there,” said Fritz. “Make sure you have a rain plan first, before you have your solar plan. This will help you mentally prepare for any disappointments on the day of the celebration, but it will also help you think about what will happen if it rains. You keep your guests and vendors home, safe, and dry.” For most outdoor spaces at home, this means having a pre-arranged tent area just in case.

Backyard Wedding Ideas For Summer

“Be realistic about the space you have in your yard,” advises Fritz. “If you need a tent because of a rain plan (or your design idea), make sure your list will include the size of your tent.”

Cute Rustic Summer Wedding Ideas

Bring trees into your home to welcome a magical forest. Combine that with reception tables filled with warm candles and foliage, and you’ve got a beautiful wedding. In addition, potted trees or topiary can make an unexpected addition inside or outside the hotel, or they can be used as line markers.

The outdoor gelato area takes on a rustic Italian feel with trees and foliage. Guests will enjoy this candy bar. If gelato isn’t your thing, you can substitute it with ice for a more Americana feel.

Photo by MK Sadler; Planning a Princess’s Career; Lighting designed by Contatto Sonoro; Floral Design by Nina e I Fiori

“Maybe your home doesn’t have the right outdoor lighting to illuminate things,” says Fritz. “You don’t have to break the bank on lighting if it’s not in the budget, but making sure you set the mood and set the scene is key to creating a safe environment.” It is easy to create a reception area with little effort or expense. Light up an alfresco dinner with a few lights in the bistro or wrap around the tent’s rays to highlight the beautiful design.

How To Create An Intimate Backyard Wedding Reception ⋆ Ruffled

Make the entrance to the reception tent with curtains draped beautifully in leaves and accented with topiary and candles. If you choose to have a tent for your reception, the drapes can be easily attached and pulled back to create an inviting entrance.

Take advantage of the beauty around you by modeling your decor after the surroundings. Sans tablecloths, bare trees and a green eucalyptus bowl blend well with nature, growing naturally in itself.

After the wedding is not complete without a dessert cake – it is a staple of grandma’s kitchen. And let’s not skimp on the homemade cookies and cakes while we’re at it. Add these decadent options to your cookie bar in a way that will make your guests smile.

Backyard Wedding Ideas For Summer

Add visual depth to your alfresco cocktail hour by painting the tables with prints. Nautical tones are coastal New England, while floral prints have a charming country quality.

Essential Guide To A Backyard Wedding On A Budget

Turn your pool into the focal point of your wedding. During the festival, regular walking can do the job. Then, it can double as an entrance to your reception area. You can go full glam and have a dance floor built by the pool.

Framed yarn has its roots in farm life but makes a great gift when seen with white flowers and pops of blue. All you need for this easy DIY are greeting cards and a small dress. Add some green leaves,

Potted non-flowering plants mimic backyard shrubs and make stunning centerpieces. Combine a few shrubs, baby fruit trees, and herbs from your local garden store for a visual beauty that will smell as good as it looks. Bonus: Plants can be used to decorate the yard instead of dying quickly.

Photo by KT Merry; Project Planning by Bellafare; Floral Design by Fern Studio; Rentals by Ooh Events & Maker; Lighting by Ambient Media; Pulling through the Burbank process; A tent from Sperry Tent Southeast

Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

Tents have a complete decorative structure. Make the most of it by creating a beautiful look with decorative fabrics and greens, woven together for extra softness and intimacy. Keep the entire color palette neutral to let the beautiful ceiling shine.

Cocktail hour is more fun when there’s a lawn to play on. Send them a sophisticated vibe with your personal touch—stamp your name on croquet items or have cornhole balls decorated for your wedding day. Create a larger Jenga set by painting it in your wedding colors and setting it up on a polished outdoor table.

Nothing puts visitors in the mood like him making snow in the snow. Prepare the shopping cart with a bottle of bubbly for a quick and stylish refreshment. Want to kick things up a notch? Take a classic car or truck and put ice cream in the trunk.

Backyard Wedding Ideas For Summer

Add white boxes filled with black and white photos of the newlyweds, fir, and lights for a refined and rustic personal decor statement. Or add a touch of nostalgia by displaying family wedding photos that go back generations.

Summer Wedding Colors

Small leaves make a big statement in a simple setting, bringing the backyard right to the table. You can use fresh herbs like sprigs of rosemary for a clever recipe for future culinary delights.

Fruity drinks are a must in the summer after the wedding. Add them to the favorite cart to discover the art of the past. Add southern charm by decorating mason jars with iced tea or lemonade. You can have the bar itself with glass water dispensers or a mimosa station full of different garnishes.

Let nature work its magic: Greenery is all you need for a great show. This simple design is scattered with branches of fresh green leaves and white buds, creating a calm atmosphere. Two broken stumps with a bunch of ferns are placed on either side for symmetry.

A green garden with pastel flowers and vintage candelabras creates a romantic garden dream. Soft, powdery tones complement the richness of hardwood furniture perfectly.

Pros And Cons Of Hosting A Backyard Wedding

A leaf as an escort card is not only an addition to the garden after the wedding, but also a budget DIY. They were drawn from the tree in the backyard – with a little calligraphy, they became escort cards. Give them a feminine touch with a pretty pink bow.

Lavender flowers bring a French touch to the hallway next to the modern acrylic chairs and ensure wafts of heavenly fragrance as you enter. You can substitute local plants for organic,

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