Bfp Then Bfn But Still Pregnant

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Welcome everyone. 🙂 I just wanted to know if anyone was on this boat. I googled TON and most of them lead to CP but just wondering if anyone has similar stories and successful pregnancies. My menstrual cycle is always 32-33 days. When the atrial fibrillation didn’t come, I experimented. I got a faint positive result, the next day a little darker, on day 3 in FMU I had a solid white BFN. I got 2 different brands and all BFN’s that day. I started and understood CP and then left. I had one in the past so I knew about it. But today I was curious because I’m still waiting for AF and positive again. I’m 7 days late so I thought it would be darker now (about 5 weeks) but it’s the same as day 2 testing. I left a message for my doctor, but has this happened to anyone before?

Bfp Then Bfn But Still Pregnant

Bfp Then Bfn But Still Pregnant

Day 2 and 3 from the same box but I also used Clear Blue which showed positive on day 2 and negative on day 3

What Dpo Did You Get Your Bfp? (positive Test)

The same thing happened to me. 2 from the same box. One is positive, I didn’t believe it so I got the other one and it’s negative 🤷🏿‍♀️

Do you have an update, TNY? The same thing happened to me. I have progressed through 5/3, 5/4 and 5/6. On 5/8, I got a forced VFL there (same box). My periods are also 32 days long. I’m only 4 days late. I pray that it stops!

So far my experiences have been much darker. I have a blood test this Tuesday to see where they are. I hope it’s solid for you too!

For 7 days late the line is usually very dark but I guess it also depends on the test. You should have a blood test to make sure all is well.

Bfp To Bfn Then Back To Bfp?

Not necessary. Everyone’s body is different and there is no way to test for pregnancy at a specific time. And you could have delayed ovulation, or implantation is taking longer.

I thought so too. It’s getting dark now, so we’ll see blood on Tuesday and go from there.

Welcome! I’m late to the discussion and now I’m in the same boat. How did it go? Was it a confirmed pregnancy?

Bfp Then Bfn But Still Pregnant

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Days Late Bfp Then Bfn??

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I just don’t know what to think now because I’ve never had false positives with cheap internet rates before and have used both, I know it might be less sensitive but not sure what I should think now would be great advice xxx

Bfp Then Bfn But Still Pregnant

Am i pregnant is there a delay in bfps? am i pregnant Delayed BFPs are happening! Am I pregnant Bfp then bfn now I feel really faint Am I pregnant? The next day is weak, positive, then negative?! Am I pregnant with 3 weak BFPs with ICs but then a BFN with a Superdrug test! Any thoughts ?? am i pregnant Those with a BFP – When did you get a dtd after a positive OPK? Please help, am I pregnant? Late BFPs happen!

Dpo: Symptoms, Signs & What To Expect

I see a line in the first picture but no color? I’m afraid I don’t see anything about frer. Try again on your due date? And it’s good to drink even if you’re a baby because the baby hasn’t lived off your food supply yet. I had half a bottle of wine two nights before my bfp! XX

I don’t think it’s a good picture defo it there! I really wanted to drink, but for good reason, of course! I just felt like I had no symptoms but a lot of centimeters but it was just this weird feeling xx

You’re really right, I had a lot of drinks too the last time I had my bfp! I feel bad now haha ​​xx I know

Clearblue DIGITAL test result positive, then negative, am I pregnant? 1 Positive weak, then negative.. Am I pregnant? Positive then negative Am I pregnant? Two faint positives, then a negative, am I pregnant? 13dpo BFN – bring him next month! Anyone with late BFPs? Am I pregnant positive then negative?!

Bfn Then Later Bfp?

I just did another same pink but very faint but you can see it without holding it to the light xxx

Am I positive pregnant? At night the next day FMU is negative?! I am pregnant? Low positive then negative?? I am pregnant? 5-6 days late then atrial fibrillation today, am i still pregnant am i pregnant? Test Positive Then Negative Am I Pregnant? 9dpo today, sick tomorrow? am i pregnant anyone who had a period but then got a bfp?

Feeling cramping 4 days late, watery discharge Good news No more pain? 6/7 dpo – a burning sensation in the right side?! planting? No more faint, darker positive lines!! :- (The opinions expressed here are those of the contributors only, and do not reflect what to expect. Learn more about our guidelines

Bfp Then Bfn But Still Pregnant

I’ve been doing a Poas test since 11DPO and the results have been going up and down like a curve and I feel the same way??

Super Worried With Bfp

Has anyone had a similar experience that resulted in a healthy pregnancy? I had a chemo last month so I’m afraid it will happen again 😢

Any idea would be appreciated! My blood test is on Saturday the 30th which means it’s an agonizing wait until Monday for the results 😩

This is exactly what I’m dealing with now. I’m going to beta tomorrow and Monday… I’m really prepared for the worst. I had chemo last June, and have been trying for 14 months now. I’m totally scared. We are planning the next cycle of IUI and then surprise! positive…. Yeah, now I’m not sure. My Monday was like this, the next morning was weak Tuesday, the second urine was the same as Monday, today my morning was weak…. I didn’t have a chance to pee the second morning.

Not good news for me, they expect it to be a chemical because my tests were very dark a couple of days ago and it was beta 8 this morning 😭

Dpo Symptoms: What To Expect And When To Test

I tried this morning and made sure it was gone. I guess I have to wait and wait for the blood because I’m just scared

These are all good signs! Mine are the same, but I take progesterone, so I can’t trust them.

I’ve been worried since Monday, my chest hurts. Otherwise, not much. I am not optimistic at all. My other successful pregnancies have not been like this, and I really hope I’m wrong

Bfp Then Bfn But Still Pregnant

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