Bridal Bouquets For Fall

Sunday, December 18th 2022. | Weddings

Bridal Bouquets For Fall – Sunflowers, roses, dahlias, and mums (okay, flowers that bloom in shades of yellow, orange, or orange) are the most popular choices for bridal bouquets, and we’re not arguing whether they’re gorgeous. But your fall wedding flower options don’t stop there, so we’ve created this guide to our favorite seasonal flowers, color combos, and bouquet ideas for fall. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you’re in luck because this season is ideal for beautiful and colorful flowers! Learn more about fall wedding flowers and get inspired by the beautiful examples below.

Remember that your wedding florist is the best at choosing fall wedding flowers, but brushing up on the basics will help paint your overall look and identify your favorite flowers.

Bridal Bouquets For Fall

Bridal Bouquets For Fall

Inspired brow colors probably come to mind when you think of wedding colors, but don’t limit yourself to oranges, yellows, reds, and browns if they don’t fit your overall aesthetic. More Fall Wedding Colors We Love: Ansofi 9 Inch Vintage Sunflower Wedding Bouquets For Bride Artificial Burgundy Rose Cascading Bridal Bouquet Burnt Orange Rustic Toss Bouquet For Wedding Ceremony Party Church Decor

The best part about your fall wedding bouquet is that it will be yours, never again! While your wedding florist will likely be putting their own spin on the design, it’s helpful to share pictures of fall wedding bouquets you like so the florist knows your preferences for flowers, colors, and overall style.

If you think you need to include rainbows in your wedding bouquet, think again. This bold orange bouquet is proof that you can create a stunning arrangement using flowers of the same color. All you need is a mix of different sized flowers and leaves, such as garden roses, ranunculus, tulips and strawberries.

Create a free-spirited bohemian look by accenting your fall bridal bouquet with blooming vines. Some of our favorite grape varieties include clematis and jasmine.

Are you looking for a romantic aesthetic? A light pink and purple color palette is perfect for fall wedding flowers. Create a bouquet using phalaenopsis orchids, dahlias, amaranth and botanical fillers like spiral eucalyptus and autumn leaves.

Fall Atlas Collection #2017476

If you’re feeling really adventurous, ditch your existing fall bridal bouquet and opt for a bridal wreath instead. This alternative bouquet idea is the perfect statement accessory for yourself or your bridesmaids. The best thing: when you are tired of carrying it, you can simply store it by hand!

Pink and purple are traditional colors for fall wedding flowers, especially if you’re going for a vibrant and colorful look. This bright arrangement features orange roses, white cymbidium orchids, and purple vanda orchids.

We love purple for fall bouquets, especially when light and dark colors are paired together. Use purples, pinks, and whites like buttercups, tulips, anemones, and two-toned Japanese sweet peas.

Bridal Bouquets For Fall

If you dream of having peonies in your bouquet, you can definitely make them work for a fall wedding, though they’re often used for spring and summer events. The beautiful large coral peonies look especially spectacular when arranged with golden yellow foliage, greenery and coffee-colored roses.

Wedding Bouquet, Bridal Bouquet Set, Burgundy, Orange Champagne Eggplant Fall Wedding Silk Bridal Flower Bridesmaid Bouquet Rosesanddreams

Red flowers add drama and romance to your fall wedding bouquet. This arrangement uses roses, dahlias, wax flowers, stocks, silver dollar eucalyptus, and red amaranth to create a cascading motif.

This fluffy, cottony herb is a staple for boho wedding flowers. Pair it with white roses and white Italian roses for an absolutely on-trend monochromatic fall bridal bouquet.

As the most iconic fall wedding flower, sunflowers are beautiful on their own or mixed with other colorful wildflowers like zinnias and Shasta daisies. The end result is dreamy, retro and eco-friendly.

Who says pastel colors for spring weddings? We are in love with this beautiful blush, peach and green bouquet. The dark red colors make it perfect for the fall season.

Fall Wedding Trends — The Barn Of Chapel Hill At Wild Flora Farm

We can’t think of anything more classically romantic than a bouquet of roses. This beautiful fall bridal bouquet of pink and purple roses is perfect for a formal theme.

Embrace these bold colors by incorporating them into your fall bridal bouquet. Orange orchids, buttercups and pessies will be most vibrant when paired with blueberry bushes and blue-tinged pampas grass.

Combine deep purples and violets with contrasting whites and pinks for a dramatic yet soft bouquet. Feathers and leafy agonis give it a subtle bohemian vibe.

Bridal Bouquets For Fall

A royal protea is made for the bride who loves attention. A protea is sure to add the wow factor to your fall bridal bouquet – we love how it’s surrounded by pink flowers and greenery.

Fall Bridal Wedding Bouquet Ideas For 2021/2022

Dahlias always make us swoon and this treat is no different. A giant cafe au lait dahlia will be the centerpiece of your bouquet and look great alongside garden roses, ranunculus and greenery.

Try a hand-tied bouquet for a garden harvest effect. The asymmetrical shape of this outfit feels loose and effortless, with velvet and silk ribbons making it look its best.

Green can instantly lift a smaller bouquet, eliminating the need for more flowers without sacrificing substance. Eucalyptus is one of the most popular types of greenery and pairs beautifully with a wide variety of wedding flowers and colors.

Keep it modern and simple with a neutral color palette for a fall wedding bouquet. This neutral arrangement is anything but boring—a mix of succulents, dried figs, eucalyptus, and fresh roses give it plenty of texture and dimension.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Fall

This cheerful color is one of my favorite colors right now. Upgrade your bouquet by adding warm yellow marigold flowers like the chrysanthemums and roses seen here.

Roses are always in season and can look gorgeous in any arrangement, but when it comes to fall wedding flowers, they look especially beautiful when paired with greenery and purple blooms. These Peach Roses by David Austin are absolutely dreamy!

Monochromatic white flowers are a timeless classic choice. This autumnal bouquet of pieris japonica, hellebore and eucalyptus is complex and ethereal.

Bridal Bouquets For Fall

A little romantic, a little dramatic: This fall bridal bouquet is full of jewel tones and gorgeous greenery, and we think a similar arrangement would be perfect for a garden wedding.

The Aisle Guide

Looking for something totally unique? Instead of a traditional fall wedding bouquet, try carrying a lantern filled with flowers, which would be perfect for a vintage or rustic themed wedding.

If you don’t like dark colors or pastels, this tonal fall bridal bouquet is the perfect compromise. Muted shades like mauve, buttery yellow, cream, and green are an unexpected but wonderful option for a one-of-a-kind arrangement.

You can’t go wrong with reds, yellows, and oranges—this golden hour-inspired palette is a no-brainer for fall wedding flowers.

Dusty blue is a subtle yet sweet accent color for your fall bridal bouquet. This beautiful composition includes blueberry bushes and viburnum berries.

How To: Diy An Affordable Fall Wedding Bouquet Recipe

This one’s for all the free-spirited brides out there: A bouquet filled with forage sprigs is bohemian and unexpected (and undeniably cool). The blush and red color palette keep the arrangement soft and romantic.

If you’re planning a late summer or early fall wedding, combine flowers from both seasons to create a floating bouquet. This asymmetrical arrangement is a prime example, with summer anthuriums and daffodils alongside yellow fall chrysanthemums.

Pincushion protea is a playful, modern accent to classic roses and scabiose, but somehow it all works! The added greenery creates a stunning abstract look that would suit any bride.

Bridal Bouquets For Fall

These plants are some of our favorite year-round accents (get more ideas here!), but they look especially beautiful in a fall wedding bouquet. Pair succulents with greens and St. John’s wort berries for an organic twist.

Save The Date Bridal Bouquet & Boutonniere

Speaking of vines, even dried ones can serve as a beautiful accent to your bridal bouquet. This architectural bouquet features dahlias, chrysanthemums, shrubs and ferns formed around a vine halo.

Don’t you like flowers? No problem! Feathers, stalks of wheat, and greenery are all trendy alternatives that thrive.

Combine dark and light flowers in a bouquet using a subtle ombre effect. Look closely and you’ll see how the lighter flowers are clustered to the right – with a hint of blue delphinium – while the darker flowers are to the left. This elegant arrangement proves that not all bouquets have to be symmetrical!

Embrace this unique fall wedding color palette by adding cranberry and deep orange roses to your bouquets. Soft eucalyptus and violet pink tones the blue and orange flowers, giving them an unexpected multifaceted look.

Flowers And Greenery In Season For Fall Weddings

As they say, go big or go home! Large bouquets have been in vogue for several seasons, but they still blow our minds. The style of the bouquet is usually asymmetrical and even a little undefined, which gives it a lot of personality. If you don’t like the asymmetrical look, a giant round bouquet offers the same great effect, with a little more control.


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