Can You Still Be Pregnant With A Period

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Can You Still Be Pregnant With A Period

Can You Still Be Pregnant With A Period

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms: How To Tell Before A Missed Period

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No, you cannot have your period during pregnancy. However, you may experience light bleeding or other symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and dizziness.

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“Pregnancy bleeding is common — in fact, it occurs in 15 to 25 percent of pregnancies in the first trimester (less than 13 weeks),” says Lauren Demosthenes, MD, director of critical care of BabyScripts. “In addition to the bleeding that is misdiagnosed for a while, some women can experience pelvic pain or pain that is similar to the period.”

Bleeding during pregnancy is normal and not a bad thing. However, bleeding can be a sign of something serious, such as a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

In this article, we will discuss why you may experience bleeding during pregnancy and what to report.

Can You Still Be Pregnant With A Period

During the month, your body prepares for pregnancy. It does this by building up the endometrium, or lining of the uterus. If you are pregnant, this lining helps to nourish an egg during the early stages of pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, your body sheds the endometrium through your menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is not possible to get pregnant and have a period, because you do not shed your endometrium during pregnancy.

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“Period symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms are very similar and can be confusing and difficult to tell apart,” says Dori Gelfman, a nurse at Fruitful Fertility. “Abdominal pain, chest pain or tenderness, and back pain can occur in both cases.”

According to Demosthenes, “It is common to have sores – without bleeding – during pregnancy.” “If this happens, it’s just a sign that your ligaments are stretching or your bones are weakening, which is normal. It’s a problem.

According to a study published in the Annals of Epidemiology, 25 percent of pregnant women experience exposure during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

There are various causes of bleeding during pregnancy. The causes of vaginal bleeding often depend on the trimester you are in. The table below breaks down the type of bleeding in the different trimesters.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Having A Period?

According to Demosthenes, “In the first month, bleeding occurs about one or two weeks after fertilization when the uterus is inserted into the uterus. or a pelvic test. It is a All this flow is dangerous but not dangerous.”

Although bleeding in the second trimester may not be a cause for concern, spotting or bleeding in the second trimester is a sign of a medical problem.

“In the second half of pregnancy, the blood can mean something serious and should be checked regularly,” says Demosthenes. “Bleeding, pelvic pressure and mucous discharge can indicate something called an ‘incompetent cervix’ – this is more common in the second trimester.”

Can You Still Be Pregnant With A Period

If you experience any type of bleeding during pregnancy, you should seek medical attention immediately because it could indicate something more serious, such as a miscarriage or pregnancy.

Am I Pregnant Or Is My Period Just Late?

“Always call your doctor if you have red bleeding — whether it’s regular bleeding or sudden bleeding,” says Gelfman. If you’re bleeding and you notice a lot of bleeding (ie, clean a panty liner or underwear) or have a sharp pain on one side of your body, get medical attention right away. medicine, says Gelfman. This could be a sign of something serious and needs immediate attention. “

Although bleeding can be a problem in early pregnancy, or during pregnancy, it is normal and not a sign of a serious illness.

“You should always ask your doctor if you’re wondering what’s going on with you or if something doesn’t feel right,” says Gelfman. “Trust your instincts. It’s better to call and be told it’s nothing than worry about what might happen.”

Tabitha Burts is a freelance writer and editor based in New York. When he’s not glued to his computer screen, he can be found walking his beloved dog Biscuit. In addition to writing for , Tabitha is also the founding editor of DO YOU ENDO, America’s first no-BS endometriosis magazine (for endometriosis sufferers, for people with endometriosis). He holds a master’s degree in publishing and critical journalism from The New School of Social Research. Question: Hello! I had sex last month during my period and we only found out that the condom broke after my bf came. I took a preg test and it was negative, and I had blood last week and maybe it’s my period but I’m not sure. Can you get your period if you are pregnant?

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If the egg isn’t fertilized and doesn’t implant in the lining of the uterus, the body is like, “Well, we don’t need the lining of the uterus that we’ve been building all month,” and you have a chance. . Then, all the tissues of the intestine are drained from the body through the intestine (this is when the blood actually flows). If the egg implants in the uterus (which means pregnancy), the body is like, “Wow, I need all the contents of the uterus to feed the egg!” And you don’t have time.

Bleeding can happen when a person is pregnant, it is not a period. Reasons for this can include:

Spotting, blood transfusions and ectopic pregnancy are the three things we get asked the most about, so we’ve got more information below. It should be noted that implantation bleeding and bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy is normal.

Can You Still Be Pregnant With A Period

It may help to remember that using hormonal birth control or emergency contraception (like Plan B) can cause you to bleed differently than you normally would. normally. Hormones can change the pattern of blood during your period, and using something like Plan B can make your next period happen sooner or 2 weeks later.

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The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. It cannot be declared in absentia or at the wrong time. Pregnancy tests are necessary if taken 14 days after you have had sex with a risk of pregnancy. And they are so right! For more information please see one of our recent blog posts:

In addition to the scenario described above, there is no problem of pregnancy during the period of the person during their period. Eggs can only be fertilized between 24 and 48 hours after ovulation. Ovulation starts 11-16 days before the expected period. When menstruation occurs, the egg and the lining of the uterus become unusable and are shed. Even if sperm were brought into the equation at that point, they couldn’t do anything (because sperm die within 5 days). Now if one’s cycle is very short, like less than 25 days between periods, then there is a risk of pregnancy from sperm left after intercourse. the time. For more information, please see our post What’s at Risk: Pregnancy Edition.

The diagnosis is light bleeding that occurs between periods. Although normal menstrual bleeding is very heavy and people use different products to absorb it, it is more important to notice the light spots of blood that you see in your underwear. These spots are a different color (often red, dark red, or black) and look different than your normal period blood. Causes can include hormonal birth control, emergency contraception, urinary tract infections, STIs, pelvic infections, polyps, ovarian cysts, pregnancy first, or the same sex.

This is a small spot of blood that some people experience 6-12 days after fertilization. Although it can happen when you feel your period, implantation bleeding is not the type of bleeding you experience during your period.

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