Centerpieces With Feathers And Flowers

Thursday, October 6th 2022. | Weddings

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Incorporating feathers into your big day can bring many elements such as rustic, natural and soft, just to name a few. Whether you want to add some flair to your bouquets or complement your reception tables, feathers can be light, elegant and practical to make your wedding special.

Centerpieces With Feathers And Flowers

Centerpieces With Feathers And Flowers

This eco-friendly bride uses large purple and black feathers in her wild and romantic florals. Along with protea heart, ranunculus, and roses, feathers are a great addition to bring it together.

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The bride can also use large pheasant feathers to add a natural touch to her bouquet. This type of flowers, full of green and small delicate flowers, is enhanced by adding several large feathers.

The presence of small flowers on the reception tables can be enhanced by adding soft feathers, too.

Big white fruit can take your party from good to beautiful. These tall roses and hydrangea are finished with white feathers that match the old Hollywood style.

This drawing is a celebration of nature. With a small greenhouse in the middle, a collection of feathers is placed in a golden vase nearby – a book, a natural feeling.

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You can also be creative with the types of feathers you use and how you use them. Protection cards have white gold feathers instead of normal cards.

Feathers can also appear on your wedding cake. This beautiful five square cake has ivory feathers on the sides and top to enhance the decoration of the cake.

Instead of dipping the tips, the couple dipped the bottom of the feathers in a heavier color and used them to paint a sprinkle on the front of their wedding cake.

Centerpieces With Feathers And Flowers

For a romantic, wild wedding, you can incorporate soft little feathers into your invitations by simply reinforcing the theme with a piece of quilt. Simple, but perfect.

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Feathers are a great way to mix up your decor and use some natural inspiration to make a big impact. There are many places you can use them, and the results will be memorable and moving. Let your imagination fly and add beautiful feathers! Step back in time and Roar In The 20s with a Great Gatsby inspired Feather Wedding Centerpiece! Pay homage to the past with a mix of feathers, hydrangeas, and flowers, placed on a 20 inch tall vase, this wedding room is truly stunning and your guests will be in awe! Are you ready to start? YES of course you are! So grab your hot glue gun and let’s begin our journey back to the 1920’s!

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Step 1: Make a three-dimensional mark to place the feathers on your foam board. The first round stencil will be 3 1/2 inches in diameter, the second round 2 1/2 inches in diameter and the third 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Now copy everything to your foam disk.

Centerpieces With Feathers And Flowers

STEP TWO: Now it’s time to trim the stems of the 8 inch ostrich feathers, trimming them to about an inch using floral wire cutters. Be sure to wear safety glasses when completing this step. Attach 8 ostrich feathers to the center square of your foam disc with hot glue.

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STEP THREE: Next add 10-14 4 inch fluff feathers to your second circle. Then add 4-6 6 inch feathers to your third circle. Now attach 6-8 roses, some large hydrangea heads, and 10-14 small hydrangea heads to the edge of your foam. Attach your foam to your 20 inch trumpet bass using hot glue.

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