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You’ll remember your wedding for the rest of your life, but it’s often the smallest and unexpected details that make your day the most memorable.

Cool Weddings

Cool Weddings

We’ve now selected our top 60 unique wedding ideas that will help transform your day from a grand wedding to the most memorable and talked-about event of all time. For more information on wedding gifts, check out our Wedding Gift Ideas section here.

A Riki Dalal Dress For A Cool + Colourful Smoke Bomb Warehouse Wedding At Shoreditch Studios

IMPORTANT: Choose the ones that you think most of your guests will appreciate the most, that fit your wedding budget and existing theme (if any).

Custom-printed utility coasters are a fun way to ensure your guests don’t clear drinks from the table while they’re enjoying themselves on the dance floor – they can also take them home as gifts. These heart carved wooden coasters are a great choice for simple items!

Why not change from the formal in-line seating format and arrange the chairs in a circle around you not only to make it easier for all guests to see you, but to make everyone feel more inclusive and the whole ceremony more intimate.

Ribbon sticks are simple and less messy to make than confetti, ribbon sticks can be made in any color and match any theme, and they can also be displayed together as a feature. Maybe an easy one at your hen party?

Unique And Different Wedding Ideas For 2022

What to say on your rsvp card reflects the personality of you and your partner – it doesn’t have to be formal or fancy. You can also find some great RSVP cards that can be easily personalised, like these that come with matching wedding invitations!

Pinning something to your flowers can be a lovely way to carry sentimentality – a photo of a loved one or a piece of jewelry – and it can be seen anywhere you see fit or hidden in the foliage.

No one wants to call any newlyweds on their wedding day, so having a list of phone numbers for everyone at the main wedding party should avoid any last-minute questions so the couple can focus on preparation. A wedding planner is a great way to keep all this information together!

Cool Weddings

Ask your guests to write you a note for your first birthday and use these to fill your own piñatas to open a year after your big day.

Cool Outdoor Barn Wedding Ideas

If your style is original and casual, this is for you – fill balloons with paint, stick them on canvas, dart your guests and have them try popping the balloons to create a spectacular painting .

Use the wedding day newspaper to take a photo of the ring as a keepsake. Or, if you prefer something more personal, why not create your own wedding newspaper. Customize your wedding photos and vows with this keepsake wedding newspaper!

Give each table a song title or lyrics, and when that song plays, everyone at that table has to get up and dance.

Ask the groom or bridesmaid to write a message on the soles of the bride’s shoes on the morning of the wedding. It is said that whoever does not take off in the middle of the night is the next person to get married!

Dried Hanging Flowers & Pearl Bridal Separates: Alex & David’s East London Wedding

You make a beautiful cake, but some of your guests can’t eat anything else – make sure you have some boxes that hold a slice or two for your guests to take home so it doesn’t go to waste. This one can be personalized with your name and wedding date!

It’s been a long day, so make sure you have some snacks on hand to keep everyone’s energy levels up so they can keep dancing!

Desserts can be part of the menu and you can give your guests more options – so play with the theme or let them get creative with a variety of wedding cake decorations or decorations.

Cool Weddings

Make some fun but functional buns to give to guests when they leave. This handy pack comes with handmade chocolates, hangover tea and a special party to get you up in the morning to fuel up!

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You don’t send anything to strangers, so your communications don’t have to be formal—from save the date to thank you notes and everything in between, start how you intend to go by creating a fun atmosphere.

Creating and sending personal messages for those truly special people around you that day can create lasting memories and keepsakes – they don’t have to be serious….

Don’t make it look like all the other save the date – make it your own, find some props that people will contact, write the details in your own handwriting and take a picture – make sure it’s printed on nice paper, check the details and send ,Simple! Or if you’re not confident in their handwriting, why not send something a little more unique that saves the date keyring?

If you can’t find chair covers you’d like to rent, why not make your own decorations – simple colorful ribbons look really pretty, or print or embroider a personalized ribbon bow to tie each one for the finishing touch but will not exceed your budget.

Cool & Colorful Surprise Warhol Museum Wedding

Gone are the days of giving away a few sugary almonds—the more thoughtful or practical, the more memorable they are. From custom soaps and sunglasses for those sunny summer days, wraps to keep you warm when the weather cools, to flip flops for those whose heels are thrown away… the list goes on and on.

If you want to “grow your own” or cook, and want to make your day as eco-friendly as possible, why not try herbs instead of petals, or both.

It’s important to keep the kids entertained and parents (and other guests!) relaxed, so if you have a lot of kids attending, it’s a good idea to hire a babysitter and book a room where the kids can go. Relax, play and nap. Make sure you have some age-appropriate games and activities as well.

Cool Weddings

Most couples receive several cards on their wedding day, and having somewhere to store and store them is often overlooked. Keep an eye out for old mailboxes or children’s toys that you can feature and that guests can easily find throughout the venue.

A Guide To Boston Wedding Planning

Great lighting effects can often be created very economically and easily. Lighting works especially well when used to transform a space from day to night, and you can create a variety of effects by lighting and projecting patterns, images, and even video onto blank walls.

From sketches and comics to large-scale paintings, there is no end to what artists and craftsmen can create before, during or after a wedding.

As an alternative to the classic guest book, why not write something else for your guests, maybe create a website for them to upload their information – if you play games, try Jenga blocks or a pack of cards, or have them on the border Write on photo frames and print the best group photo you can get from your wedding. We love the idea of ​​each guest writing their name or short message on Mu Xin and creating a piece of art from it. Such an excellent record of everyone who brings you information.

On your way up the aisle, why not have the top guest in each row give you a flower in each hand and make your bouquet as you go, which is especially effective if the bride isn’t being sent away by anyone. Essex Occasions has great flower arrangements, where you can suggest that guests take one flower per person upon entry to help create a guest-made bouquet.

Unique & Extraordinary Wedding Venues In Austin

Why not give each of your guests something – some of your time, or let them do something that works best for a few.

Think of something modern or novel to save your location card, from candy to wax (just make sure you tell them which one it is!). Another good idea is to use something that matches the wedding theme. If you’re hosting a more rustic wedding, these little log cuts are great!

Why not use whatever love letters you send to each other to make beautiful paper flowers that will last forever.

Cool Weddings

You can paint almost any surface with chalkboard paint

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