Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

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Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

Photo by Anna Peters; Cake by Honey Crumb Cake Studio; Floral design by Gather Design Company; Planned and designed by Callista and Company

How To Have A Fiesta Bridal Shower

A wedding night is a celebration with friends and family, and if you don’t have to serve a full meal, having a dessert with coffee or cocktails is a sweet touch.

It’s also a place to have fun with cake design—you can even search for cake ideas for your wedding inspired by details of your wedding dress, destination, or location. Another idea? Throw in a book with a cute theme inspired by a favorite place, color, flower, whatever.

Photo by Laura Ann Watson; Cake after cake Envy; Floral design by Blooming Hites; Program by Emily Warwick

There are good things in threes, like a trio of little cakes filled with pastels and creams. Also, three different cakes mean three different flavor options.

Bridal Shower Cakes

Each of these flower printed cookies is a work of art and too pretty to eat (almost). Also look out for cookies (like these!) or even mini tarts for an extra sweet treat.

Many wedding receptions are held during breakfast, so why not stop at your favorite breakfast food, such as waffles, to make the cake. Serve with garnishes of whipped cream, syrup and fresh berries.

The simple two-part cake has a modern and playful look thanks to the addition of delicate botanicals, while the glass pedestal and cream shade keep the look clean.

Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

Photo by Anna Peters; Cake by Honey Crumb Cake Studio; Exhibition design of the conference center; Plan and design by Callista + Co.

Bridal Shower Sheet Cakes With Examples

A simple white cake is decorated with a border of colorful pink flowers and a small green leaf, a simple trick that can be changed with flowers to match your party palette.

Do you like flowers? Make them the center of attention by creating an asymmetrical topper on a white cake. It will be the perfect photo.

Waffle paper flowers transform simple cream and pink layers into a creative, colorful cake perfect for a spring party.

Photo by Jeannie Dunagan; Cake by Sweet & Saucy; Floral design by Ella Mah; Structure and design by Idyll Stories

How To Make A His And Hers Wedding Shower Cake

A handmade cake is a great way to add some personal flair to the day, whether it’s a meaningful message for the bride-to-be or a design inspired by your favorite designer. This cake design incorporated the flowers and greenery used during the ceremony.

A chocolate lover’s fantasy, this chocolate cake is filled with ganache and mocha buttercream, then topped with chocolate hazelnut truffles. A little powdered sugar adds depth to the design, while the greenery adds a pop of color.

Not only are macarons delicious, they come in a variety of flavors and colors that will complement the palette of any party. Presented as a tower, they also become a gallery, a central dessert. For a simple favor, you can also send your guests home with pasta wrapped in personalized boxes.

Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

If you’ve already found your wedding dress, look to the design details – such as lace patterns, ruffles or bows – for cake inspiration. This three-tiered cake is designed to mimic the movement of ruffles on a bride’s dress.

A List Of 25 Philadelphia Area Wedding Cake Bakers To Know

A colorful cake with a modern vertical pattern attracts more attention. Polka dots work equally well with plain clothes.

For a fun look at your upcoming party, add design details inspired by the wedding venue. This cake, for example, is reminiscent of a summer wedding with bright green and simple white lighting.

Berries, i.e. This clever choice of cake sees the lady surrounding blackberries and blueberries, garnished with sprigs of rosemary.

Photo by Ashley Noelle Edwards; Cake by Paper Heart Patisserie; Floral design by Mignon Floral Co.; · Organized by Events by Rebecca

Beautiful Travel Themed Wedding Cakes

The abstract blue color of this cake, lined with gold leaf, mimics the stained glass and golden windows of the converted sugar factory where the event was held.

Photo of birds of prey; Cake by Scootabaker; Floral design by Catalina Neal; Organizers of the Green Ribbon Party

This little cake makes a big impression with its beautiful vintage green glass stand and lots of Victorian painted flowers.

Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

Place dessert front and center with individual brownies on the serving table for guests upon their arrival. Single desserts are not only beautiful, but also an innocent way to accommodate certain dietary restrictions of the participants.

Best Bridal Shower Ideas

Tossing a book in the spring for the summer months? Try enhancing your cake with seasonal fruits. We love the look of these strawberries paired with simple yellow and white flowers.

We are obsessed with printed flowers and this cake is proof of that. Here, the fern creates a natural look in combination with bright petals and fruits.

Can’t choose a sweet? Get inspired by this couple who cut a “cake” with donuts on the bottom and a layer of lemon tart on top. This concept will work with any combination, from cupcakes to candy. Nothing like an engagement. After all, the time between “I do” and “I do” is filled with many pre-wedding ceremonies that celebrate the couple and their future as husband and wife. For the bride, the wedding ceremony is often a special experience. She spends the morning or afternoon with her sisters and best friends—people who have seen her grow into the modern bride-to-be. After all the girls are picked up, the wedding games are played and the presents are opened, all that’s left is to end on a sweet note.

Click on these wedding cakes. Cute, small and perfect for a girls only party, they are sure to make your bride happy. From a three-tiered blue cake with a sweet crown (of course!) to personalized cakes topped with cream roses, there’s a confection your bride-to-be is sure to love. We also considered all your favorite cake styles when compiling this special list. You’ll see subtle ombre, nude, and gold treatments that pass the ultimate test—every visitor will try to snap an Instagram photo.

Wedding Shower Cakes, Cupcakes, & Cake Pops

Of course, the choice of wedding cake depends on the personal taste of the bride. Are you a free-spirited bohemian planning a wonderful holiday? Choose a small treat covered in fabric-style flowers. Are you the girl you know? White cream decorated with butter and sugar flowers can be your dessert. No one knows your wife like you do – that’s probably why you’re planning a shower for her! It’s okay if it’s a little complicated. All of these beauties are incredibly supportive.

Why not serve the bride-to-be a confection in the signature colors of love? If your wife is a romantic at heart, she will go crazy over this sweet treat.

Edible gold leaf adds sparkle to the little cake. Serve one to each guest or buy larger single tier cupcakes to place on each table.

Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

Serve each bride’s guest book with a personalized naked confetti cake in a dainty cloche—fresh flowers add a botanical element.

Cake For A Friends Fiesta Theme Couples Shower Inspired By The Wicked Goodies Fiesta Cake Gumpaste Carnations And Fondant Pinata Topper

Gray and ink stains make this masterpiece look like a piece of abstract art. Your modern wife will go crazy for you.

We’re not sure what we love most about this pastel piece – the pale blue glaze, gold details and royal crown are all stunning.

If the bride loves chocolate, a cake decorated with sugar flowers and copper ornaments will make her day.

This white cake from Pretty Sweet has a gorgeous base of amber and gold foil, giving it the ultimate in style.

Bubbles And Brews Couples Wedding Shower

The gold floral details make this beauty look more like a dress than a cake. If your wife is a fashionista, you can’t go wrong with this style.

A wedding cake book isn’t just about the cake – it’s also about the presentation. Cover a simple white cake with an array of fresh flowers, then arrange the confection on a covered stand.

If you’re tossing a large book, choose a full-sized pastry case. It’s a beautiful shade of blue, but it’s a braided detail that’s sure to enhance your traditional bride look.

Couples Wedding Shower Cakes

If your wife is the founder,  choose the cake of the season. We love this blue pastry frosting and fresh flower decoration – both are very trendy right now.

Beach Themed Bridal Shower Dessert Table

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