Diy Wedding Updo

Wednesday, November 16th 2022. | Weddings

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Diy Wedding Updo

Diy Wedding Updo

You comb your hair every day. (Some days you even do it more than once!) That’s why—

Easy Wedding Hair— A Triple Braided Updo

—are highly qualified to do their own wedding hair. All you need is a little inspiration and a little practice, and you’ll be able to master this wedding day style just in time for the big day.

Your wedding will be the most expensive party of your life. It’s basically a universal truth. Between the venue, the catering, and all the little details, it’s easy (almost terrifying) to realize that you’ve suddenly gone over budget. but you can save

Doing your own hair on your wedding day. Sure, it could be a bit stressful to take charge and DIY. But as we’ve said before and will probably say again, practice makes perfect, and doing your own wedding hair is easier than you think.

Try a braid, bun or bouncy waves. When in doubt, hire a maid of honor to help or sift through all the bridal gear until you find the one who learned how to do French braids at summer camp (new maid criterion alert!).

A Perfect Bridal Updo Tutorial Is The Start Of Great Bridal Style

Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. This minimalist knot is not only sophisticated and elegant, but also very easy to recreate on your own. Depending on your desired knot style and your braiding skills, pull all of your hair back into a three-strand braid or a two-strand twist at the nape of your neck. Then twist it into a bun and secure with clips, easy to do.

Photography by Abby Jiu Photography; Event Planning and Design by Beth Helmstetter Events; Hair by Kelsey Morgan Hair

This chic DIY style will up the ante on any loose hairstyle, whether you have real bangs or not. We’ll get to creating the perfect loose wave in a moment, but this Parisian-inspired coiffure works on any hair texture, from straight and straight to tousled. Part your hair in half and separate the pieces closest to your face. Brush back (use hairspray sparingly for some hold) and under the curtain of hair on each side, and secure in place with bobby pins to amp up the volume at the crown.

Diy Wedding Updo

A soft, bouncy balloon like this will take some dexterity to blow dry (but don’t panic, we’re here to help!). Start by applying some straightening cream to

Bridal Inspired Diy Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Wet hair Section your hair into horizontal layers and start drying the bottom level. Start at the root with a round brush under the hair, guiding the shape of the style and the dryer filter pointing down the shaft. Work your way through the layers as you dry each one, settling them with a blast of cool air.

Finish with a straightener for added softness and shine. Don’t forget to gently roll it in towards the bottom to achieve that elegant curve.

Photography by Kelly Giarrocco; Event Organization and Floral Design by Lum Events; Hair by Natasha Bell Kosoko of Glow by Tasha; Veil by Pronovias

We love it when a bride embraces natural texture, and when it comes to a ponytail, she probably already knows what works best. To elevate this favorite pony for the big day, smooth it all the way back to the crown, making sure there are no bumps or swerves. If your hair requires a little product to battle the elements, don’t be afraid to use it, especially for a destination wedding. Secure it firmly in place and fluff the glorious texture of the ponytail to amplify it even more. To hide the elastic, take a section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail, wrap it around the base and pin it for an even look.

An Easy Prom Updo You Can Diy

For this casual yet romantic DIY vibe, not every hair has to be perfectly in place. To recreate, run styling cream through your strands right after you shower and let your hair air dry completely, then spritz with a light hold hairspray before you start braiding. Start at the ears (or at the temples if you want more fluff around the face), pull the hair back and create a French braid. Secure with a hair elastic and velvet ribbon.

Long, loose curls can look perfect for the big day. To achieve this refined look on your own, prep damp hair with a mousse to add body and vitality and a styling cream to add shine. Dry completely and then turn on the curler. If your hair holds a curl easily, use a large barrel; if not, go with a smaller barrel to account for rice drop. Working from root to tip, make spiral sections around the barrel and leave it there for 10 seconds. Finish with hairspray.

For a slightly more glamorous silver screen siren approach. Take the same curling technique as before and add a sultry side part, sweeping a curtain of hair to cascade around one side of your face. Smooth the thinnest section of hair (under the streak) back and secure in place with bobby pins. Replace the minimalist hairpins with a glossy hairpiece for an extra dazzling hairstyle.

Diy Wedding Updo

Photography by Kaylee Chelsea Photography; Event planning by Novelty Events; Hair by Tiara Evans and Janet Miranda; Floral design by Iris Designs

Easy Diy Wedding Updo

Consider the fishtail braid the cooler, more mermaid sister of its traditional French counterpart. To create a fishtail on your own, all you have to do is reduce the French braid from three strands to two. Divide all the hair in half to create two different sides. Take a thin thread from one side, click it and feed it to the other side, tucking it under. Continue the process, alternating sides, until you’ve reached the end of the hair and secure it like any other braid.

Soft, shiny, old Hollywood waves are an absolute dream, but they can be a little scary for a DIY approach. Fear not, here we show you how to achieve this glamorous and distinguished fold for yourself. Choose which direction you want the strands to fall and, using a one-inch wand, curl all the hair in that direction. Leave to cool and brush gently. Place bobby pins (aka salon clips) above and below the arch of each remaining wave to define, and secure with hairspray. Remove the clips right before the big reveal.

This rustic and whimsical style couldn’t be more suitable for a relaxed outdoor wedding. To achieve the look yourself, start by adding a styling cream to damp hair before blow-drying. Once dry, curl your hair or work with its natural texture, as you prefer. Now that the base is ready, part your hair to one side and start French braiding so that the braid hugs one side of your head. Secure the ends before twisting and twisting into a neat or spiral bun. Pin in place with pins and feel free to play with it to achieve the desired looseness.

While the main piece of this ethereal side-swept style may look like a cascading braid, it’s actually a variation of a crown braid that will achieve that thickness. As with other woven coiffures, start with hair that has some grit from a missed wash or some added styling cream. Reach for the romantic waves you’ve been wanting (this will also add more hold) and part your hair where you want the braid to start. Similar to the braided side bun above, French braid down one side to the back of your head and secure in place. Remember to leave strands and sections of hair out of the braid from the beginning to create that waterfall look.

How To Diy Natural Wedding Hair

If you’re working with a shorter cut and tons of texture and natural curls, consider this cool girl dutch braid. A Dutch braid is just an inverted French braid, but the technique results in a much more voluminous and voluminous braid. Start by sectioning the hair that

I want to braid You will braid the remaining strands similarly to how you would create a single ponytail with a French braid. Start with three strands, but instead of crossing each strand over the other, cross over

To create the inverted look. Continue along the entire length of the braids and then secure it in place under the cascading hair curtain.

Diy Wedding Updo

A sophisticated French touch is as elegant and timeless as it sounds, especially paired with an elegant high neckline. Start with straight hair that has some hold. Sweep all the hair to one side and stack bobby pins vertically from the base to the crown to keep the hair in place. Take all the hair (as if creating a ponytail) and twist it tightly up near the head, imitating a rope. Tuck the remaining ends into the top and secure in place with U-pins and bobby pins.

Diy Wedding Updo Peinados Wedding Peinados For Women Imágenes Por Maxie

Photography by Kate Headley; Event Planning by Julie Vieira of Vieira Events; Hairstyle in Claudine’s Hairstyle and Makeup

This polished style can

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