Family Wedding Picture Displays After Divorce

Tuesday, December 13th 2022. | Weddings

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Stephanie Vermillion has been a freelance journalist for over five years and specializes in wedding photography.

Family Wedding Picture Displays After Divorce

Family Wedding Picture Displays After Divorce

The couple is the focal point of any wedding day, but there is another set of guests that are just as important, especially when it comes to photos: family. Sure, couples want important wedding photos like the vows and the first look, but according to wedding photographer Sirena Singleton, wedding day family photos are some of the most precious keepsakes. “In the future, the first thing you’ll want is a photo with your important family members,” says Singleton. “When my grandmother died, I kept looking at all our wedding pictures.”

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Wedding day family photos can be tricky. Deciding which family members to include in your photo session and how to coordinate times to keep the day on schedule can be difficult. Ahead, everything you need to know to understand the details of wedding day family photos.

One of Singleton’s top questions is, “Who should I include in my family wedding photo?” Of course, you want your parents, siblings, and grandparents, but deciding who should make the cut can be difficult—especially with limited time. Focus on the VIPs, then work backwards from there, Singleton says. “If there’s someone who raised you or is very special, I always tell couples to put that person first,” she said.

Whether your parents are friendly or just civil, it’s best to arrange photos with your family first, so put them at the top of the list. Both of you as a couple should take pictures with each parent, including married couples if they are in a relationship or remarried. If you are inviting half-siblings to the wedding, include them here as well.

I send a questionnaire to clients and ask them for a list of family members they want to include.” Wedding photographers use this list of photos, usually with about 10 family groups they must have, to coordinate photos quickly after the ceremony. They do. That’s it. when most wedding photos take place. It’s one of the few open times when all family members are in one place. So it’s wise to let these VIP family members know you need them. Obey them after the ceremony.

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If you have someone special in your life—like a grandmother—give your wedding photographer advance notice so they can keep an eye out for photo opportunities throughout the day.

Taking pictures before the wedding ceremony is a new practice and has left the old tradition of the couple not being able to meet until the ceremony takes place. This gives you freedom and time to take pictures before the wedding ceremony begins. But it can also be stressful, confusing and often a headache. Make sure family members are there at the designated time to be there for family portrait time.

The best way to get all your family photos together without having a pre-wedding panic attack is to ask a friend to be in charge of organizing. They will make sure everyone who needs to be there and help the photographer move the process along so no more time is spent than necessary.

Family Wedding Picture Displays After Divorce

Expect traditional camera poses with your extended family. Getting creative with any relative will get you a meal at cocktail hour or make you late for a reception. In this extended family photo, Singleton says the couple is almost always in the middle, with family members posing around them.

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Beyond the unmissable family photos, like parents walking their children down the aisle or attending the first dance, and of course the classic moments after the ceremony, some must-have photos happen during the reunion. Expect some lovely meltdowns with your mother or siblings unzipping clothes and of course the first appearance of a tearful father and daughter. For the groom, the father can help tie the tie or tie the cuffs.

Once the couple was dressed and ready, Singleton said the photographer slipped in some family photos before the ceremony to capture the once-in-a-lifetime butterfly. “I encourage couples to make sure their parents come home for the preparation period,” he said. “These more personal, non-photographic shots are some of my favorites.”

For church weddings, this family photo usually takes place at the altar. For outdoor or non-religious ceremonies, it is held in a photogenic space in or around the venue. It’s a good idea to ask your venue coordinator, photographer or contact person for group photo location ideas before the big day.

Photographers love to help VIP brides get ready. This results in vivid and meaningful portraits that capture your big day.

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Getting ready photos aren’t just for brides. Important moments in the groom’s preparation, such as the father helping to tie the tie, make for a sweet family bond as well.

Some moments are as sweet as the first sight with mom or dad. Reliving this reaction alone—which often brings dad back to tears—is worth the price of your photographer.

Inside jokes abound in almost every family. Photographers love to capture these silly jokes, big and small, throughout your wedding day. In fact, if there are certain jokes that need to be noted, tell your photographer ahead of time!

Family Wedding Picture Displays After Divorce

Photographers know that no list of family photos would be complete without the couple’s siblings. Sometimes the sibling portraits are silly and frank, other times they are sincere or serious. The photographer feels the mood of the day and relies on that intuition to capture each family photo well.

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The classic parent photo, with the couple in the middle and the parents on one or both sides, is a photographer’s staple. This usually takes place after the ceremony and includes both immediate and extended family.

The couple is featured in most of the family photos, but due to the appearance of mom and dad, the photographer wanted to capture their individual portraits as well.

One of Singleton’s favorite photos is from his wedding with his grandmother. That’s why he makes sure his partners list their VIPs first.

Few things are cuter than children at a wedding. Your photographer captures every baby moment they can, including that little tie or newborn.

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If time allows, it’s a good idea to include as many family members as possible in one photo. That way you can print and frame it all together for Grandma or Grandpa.

Pets are as much a part of your family as anyone else, so why not bring them along for the fun? It is best to coordinate this with your photographer in advance and have someone else look after them, such as a cousin, and transport them to the photo.

Whether it’s a religious tradition or a special family, let your photographer know ahead of time so they can capture the memory through pictures. In this photo, a newlywed couple gathers their families to sign a colorful ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract.

Family Wedding Picture Displays After Divorce

Some of the most meaningful family photos are taken before you walk down the aisle. These images capture those butterflies and help you relive those memories forever.

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Whether it’s father’s inauguration speech or brother’s toast, photographers will always capture those important acceptance moments. This is also when wedding videos with dubbing come in handy.

One of the best wedding day family portraits is one that symbolizes your family bond—especially a bond in the making. If your partner is close to your family, be sure to let your photographer know so they can capture that meaningful connection throughout the day. Separation and divorce are complicated enough, and when children are involved, things get really messy. Experts say it’s important for ex-spouses to keep the lines of communication open for the sake of their children, so when we see examples of truly inspiring co-parenting bonds, we can’t help but applaud them, especially when those parents are under the media microscope.

The story of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s child support settlement is typical in every way except one: the price tag.

We know that divorce, for example, can have a negative impact on children, whether on their mental health, academic achievement or behavior (although a study published in the journal World Psychiatry states that most children of divorce are resilient) . . And according to the American Psychological Association, “research has proven that a positive parenting relationship strengthens the parent-child relationship above and beyond other aspects of the couple’s relationship.”

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It’s also not unusual for some children to feel responsible for their parents’ split, even if this assumption is false, which is why separating couples should do their best to counter this thinking. And after the divorce is finalized and the couple moves on with their lives, the work doesn’t stop. Fortunately, there are resources to help—we’ve got tips for talking to kids about divorce, as well as a simple guide to child custody and support.

Fortunately, there are plenty of exes—including in Hollywood—who know that the key to co-parenting is putting your feelings aside.

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