A Guide To Planning A Forest Themed Wedding

Saturday, January 21st 2023. | Weddings
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Getting married is an exciting and life changing event! You’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’re ready to take the plunge. You’ve decided on a location and a date, but you’re still missing that special something to make your wedding truly unique. Have you ever considered a forest themed wedding? If you’re looking for a way to bring a touch of nature to your special day, a forest wedding is the perfect choice.

A forest themed wedding brings the beauty of nature to your celebration. From lush greenery and natural elements to a hint of vintage charm, a forest wedding is a great way to add a unique twist to your big day. Plus, no two forest weddings will be the same – you can tailor your big day to fit your exact vision. Whether you’re looking for a rustic ceremony or a more formal affair, a forest themed wedding offers endless possibilities.

3 Sample Forest Themed Weddings

1. Rustic Forest Wedding

A rustic forest wedding is the perfect choice for couples looking for a laid-back celebration. To pull off this look, decorate with natural elements like birch logs, pinecones, and greenery. You can also add a vintage touch with mason jars, lace, and antique furniture. When it comes to your attire, keep it simple and rustic. For the bride, a flowing lace dress paired with a pair of cowboy boots is a great option. For the groom, a plaid shirt and jeans will complete the look.

2. Elegant Forest Wedding

For couples looking for something a bit more formal, an elegant forest wedding is the way to go. To bring a formal feel to your big day, decorate with high-end decorations like crystal chandeliers and luxurious fabrics. You can also incorporate natural elements like greenery and flowers to add a touch of nature. When it comes to your attire, opt for something a bit more formal. The bride can choose a classic white gown and the groom can don a tuxedo.

3. Bohemian Forest Wedding

A bohemian forest wedding is the perfect choice for couples who want a more relaxed celebration. To bring this look to life, decorate with bright colors, mismatched furniture, and lots of greenery. You can also incorporate vintage elements like mason jars, macramé, and lace. When it comes to your attire, go for something a bit more relaxed. The bride can wear a flowy, bohemian-style dress and the groom can opt for a casual blazer and jeans.

Tips for Planning a Forest Themed Wedding

When it comes to planning a forest wedding, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

Choose the right venue. To make the most of your forest themed wedding, it’s important to choose the right venue. Look for venues that offer plenty of natural beauty and a rustic feel. You can also opt for a venue that has indoor and outdoor space – this way, you can decorate both areas with your forest theme.

Incorporate natural elements. To bring your forest theme to life, incorporate natural elements into your decor. From lush greenery to wooden accents, these touches will help create the perfect ambiance for your special day.

Choose the right attire. When it comes to your attire, you want to make sure it fits with your forest theme. The bride and groom can both opt for something a bit more relaxed and casual, such as a flowing dress and a plaid shirt and jeans, respectively. You can also choose a more formal look if you prefer.

Opt for seasonal touches. To make your forest wedding even more special, add seasonal touches to your decor. From snow-covered pinecones in the winter to lemonade stands in the summer, these touches will help bring your theme to life.

Stay organized. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so it’s important to stay organized. Use a wedding planning checklist to keep track of tasks and deadlines, and don’t forget to delegate tasks to family and friends. This will help ensure your big day is as stress-free as possible.

A forest themed wedding is a great way to make your big day unique and memorable. From rustic and elegant to bohemian and formal, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your perfect forest wedding. Just remember to choose the right venue, incorporate natural elements, choose the right attire, and stay organized. Good luck and happy planning!

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