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We had a private paid scan at 14w 4d and spoke to the girl. Now we have the anatomy scan next week and I’m worried they’re going to say it’s a boy. Especially after yesterday someone said their scan was bad! Looking at you all, can you see anything real? TIA! Btw I’m happy with both, but I bought the girls stuff at Babies R Us and I’m not sure if I should go back now.

Gender Scan

Gender Scan

Hey! I had my scan at 16 weeks and was told it was a girl, and at the anatomical scan at 20 weeks she was still a little woman! Your picture is very similar to ours. I think women’s mistakes are rare

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I’m worried because we did it so fast! Besides, our families on both sides are mostly boys, so I’m still surprised hehe

I know how you feel!!! It’s like you know what you think is wrong!! I have a boyfriend and it’s obvious, but I still think if they make a mistake, it will be my second one. Your picture looks like a beautiful girl to me, this picture of my son shows her

I think she is a real girl. Here are three ways to make a girl cry. I would put my money on that girl

That’s what I was thinking!!, mom said to ask the doctor (who does all our ultrasounds) why he thinks it’s a boy or a girl because most random scans say it’s a girl because they say “I don’t see any parts of a boy” and they show a girl” no because he saw “three lines”. I was with him when I was in it, the tech told them that “it must be a boy because they could not see the parts of the boy” (I was sitting with his back at the time) and before they were born, they did not know 100% (thanks to my grandmother , a former OB nurse, were prepared for the situation)

Ultrasound Baby Scan 2 Months Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

I’m not selling myself and I got level 2 in MFM in 16 weeks. My corner was looking down like your fingers. frame sell me or your girlfriend. I’m sure you’re a girl

It would be nice if they didn’t put the arrow in the right direction, but apart from the arrow it looks like a girl, which I think is definitely a girl.

I had a private scan at 14w 2d and they said it was a boy. After 2 boys, I was hoping for a girl, but I was still hot. I had a 21w 1d anatomy scan last week and my MFM looked at me and said “it’s not a boy”. I’m still in shock. When they did the anatomy scan, they measured everyone and everyone was around 20 to 22 weeks. I should have waited until 15 or 16 weeks to find out if it was a boy.

Gender Scan

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Gender Ultrasound Pics Confusion?

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The group owner started the group to connect with other members to share their journeys through the same pregnancy and baby stages. Team owners promote the value of the brand by communicating the breaking points. On the other hand, we were very relieved to know that our child was still healthy. I was also happy to know the gender at the same time. However, on the other hand, I remember that it is a bit heavy.

We knew it wasn’t a magical event, and we knew we could make it worthwhile by exploring it ourselves if we wanted to.

Gender Scan

To be honest, I was expecting a refusal. We have never done a human scan. We talked about this before and he said it was a waste of money and he said we have more to buy for the baby.

Where To Get A 4d Baby Scan In Merseyside

But to my surprise, when I explained why I was thinking about gender testing, John began to warm to the idea.

We found out the boy or girl at 16 weeks. After an extra month or so, planning everything was much easier than previous pregnancies.

But what impressed me the most was how well Maria explained our child’s body. It was so exciting and such a relief to see how it was supposed to look.

But I’m glad we did it. Knowing that my baby is healthy is the most important thing and gives me peace of mind. Maria was very nice and I could talk to her freely. He was very nice and knowledgeable.

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I am on my third and last baby and if not, I would book this scan for a new pregnancy. It was the best decision I made in all 3 pregnancies.

I enjoyed the deep understanding of the child’s personality. It’s fun and a real relief to understand what you’re seeing on the screen.

We saw that the child was well formed and growing and how it should be. We found health (a new thing for us), which makes it easier for me to organize everything.

Gender Scan

Exactly how and who Maria wanted him to be. I felt comfortable and relaxed when I was with him. The place was quiet and comfortable, but not so quiet that you couldn’t talk. Perfect balance.

Baby Pictured Sticking Two Fingers Up At His Parents In 4d Scan

When we decided that we wanted to know if the baby was male, we knew that we wanted to do it in that place, not in the hospital.

My partner and I wanted to be examined by Maria instead of going to the hospital. Very comfortable, quiet and unique.

We love how Maria communicates with us every step of the way, giving us time to work out what she is doing, what she is looking for, and why. This makes the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

After the scan, we feel more connected to our little one. Being able to relax and enjoy the scan itself was a huge benefit, as was being able to take lots of pictures and videos of our little one, which helped us bond more.

Early Gender Scan

I would recommend Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound a million times over. This was our second scan with Maria and we are looking forward to returning with baby #2!

But Maria did a good scan for us. He seemed to really care about our experience and took the time to explain everything in detail. Knowing the gender was also amazing, we were very happy that we met there and he was able to explain what we were looking at. NHS scans are good, but you don’t get the personal information that a private scan gives and you have more time to ask questions, feel and take a heartbeat.

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