Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie

Sunday, January 8th 2023. | Weddings

Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie – When deciding whether to have a traditional or non-traditional wedding, many couples ask, “Should the groom wear his best man’s attire?” they ask the question. or at a grandparent’s wedding, you might find the groom and best man wearing the exact same tuxedo or suit. But the rules — if there are wedding fashion “rules” — have changed, and you may be more interested in starting your own tradition with your wedding fashion choices.

If the bride often wears white, why can’t the groom do the same, just as the bridesmaids wear dresses of different colors? After all, it was his big day too. In this photo you will see the groom in a stylish blue velvet wedding tuxedo and the groomsmen in traditional but still stylish black tuxedos.

Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie

Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie

Whatever the look, try to find consistent elements in the look of the groom and best man. Accessories are a great way to create that consistency. In this case, both the groom and best man wore black bow ties to coordinate the colors.

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Since the bride often has a say in the groom’s fashion decisions, she may like to contrast the groom and best man’s attire while matching the bridesmaids’ colors.

In this photo, you can see that the wedding dresses are all gray, but the groom’s wedding dress stands out with a slightly darker shade (and a little pattern). Keeping the same color palette provides the perfect blend of traditional and modern chic. As for the consistent elements in everyone’s outfit, pay close attention to the accessories you choose (accessories can make all the difference!). You’ll notice here that the groomsmen and groomsmen have matching ties and pocket squares that look like the bridesmaids (you can’t see it here, but trust us, they match!).

There are more components to a wedding suit or tuxedo than you may first realize. This can be very helpful in expanding your fashion options. In addition to accessories like a tie and pocket square, you can complete your ensemble with a vest. You might also consider adding different colored lapels to your wedding dress or tuxedo.

In this photo, for example, you can see the groom wearing black tuxedo pants and a white tuxedo jacket – very stylish! To tie the best man look to the groom’s palette, their gray suits featured black polish. The groomsmen also wore bow ties that matched the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, adding elegance and sophistication to the entire party look.

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Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie

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Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie

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Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie

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Dress up the kids and connect the space with a table runner, and everyone can have fun. Groom ties and bridesmaid dresses double as ensembles and thoughtful gifts for the day, all on a budget to make your special day extra special. Should the groom wear a wedding dress? Honestly, there is no wrong answer! While we love the formality that uniform fashion brings, we love to see the groom stand out from the groomsmen with his signature outfit. After all, they deserve as much fashion

Become their partner! It can be difficult to know exactly how to adjust your look around the groomsmen without going down the alternative suit route. But don’t worry, Stitch & Tie has reached out today to share some subtle yet simple ways for you to make your own wedding favors.

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An easy way to make your husband stand out is to swap his tie for his best man. Maybe a bow tie for him and his best man a long tie. Or have the groom wear a different color tie than his squad.

Another way to make your groom stand out is to have him wear a different color but in a similar style to the other groomsmen. Everyone here wore gray suits and white shirts, but the groom wore a light blue suit with a tropical patterned shirt. When using this approach, we recommend that the groom wear a more formal color or style of suit than the best man.

Here, the groom’s appearance was very different from that of the best man, even down to his elaborately patterned monochrome trousers, an example. The contrast of styling was great and everyone dressed to match the theme of the wedding and the bridesmaids, so it worked!

Groom In A Bow Tie And Groomsmen In A Tie

Another bold way to contrast the husband

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