Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles

Wednesday, January 18th 2023. | Weddings

Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles – Do you have osteoarthritis? Rheumatoid arthritis? Extended articles? Are your joints fine, but the toe behind them is small? I think your rings are spinning. I think I’d rather they didn’t. I hope your rings look good on you. This blog post is one in a series on what to do with rings and extended joints and how to make it all work.

I heard this from my mother thirty years ago. I asked her why she wasn’t wearing her beautiful wedding ring. He showed me a couple of tiny white scars where his diamond settings had cut into his skin while driving, and the side ring had dug into his pinky finger. Oh!

Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles

Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles

My mother pulls out her ring. It was two rings welded together. She put it on and showed me how I couldn’t stand up straight. I could see he was struggling to get on his joint. When he was just back. Apparently, his shins were much bigger than a finger on his wrist. My mother is a happily married woman and beautiful too. It was terrible that she couldn’t wear her ring. Her husband wasn’t thrilled that she wasn’t taken either. Someone had to do it!

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I realized this wasn’t the first time I’d seen this. I have chosen several rings for people with prescription medications that cause swelling, people with old injuries that have caused enlarged joints, and people with arthritis. I remembered that they wanted their rings to fit better on their knuckles.

My mother’s situation led me to reach out to the jewelry industry and discover what other jewelers have done for people in this situation. I referred to Finger Mate. Her smooth closing ring pants that open up to go over the slack were just what my mom would have wanted. I showed him the booklet and said, “Let’s do it.” So we did, and it wears its ring to this day.

When I put a ring on my mother, I started noticing people who didn’t wear rings and had big knuckles. I reached out and asked why they didn’t bring rings.

I ended up fitting the Finger Mate hinges to several people in my area and across the US. I work with older knot women and I like it because their hands are happy and comfortable again decorated with symbols of beauty and love.

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Whether you have enlarged knuckles, arthritis of the knuckles, or are large due to cracking knuckles or sports injuries at a young age, they pose a challenge to wear rings comfortably.

Years ago, my client Carol had me put on a wider, more comfortable stem so that her diamond ring would fit better. His articles had begun to grow and this first step worked for about five years. Then his knuckles got bigger.

She told me to extend my ring. At this moment, his wide ring was spinning. It was time to put on the Finger Mate zipper trunk.

Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles

This was the widest trunk I’ve ever used with a Finger Mate hinge, and I wanted to share with you the flexibility available. It’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. There are many options available.

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I asked Lana, another customer, if she had any jewelry she wasn’t wearing. It must not be broken, just not worn or rarely worn. Out comes this gorgeous filigree and diamond ring.

His knuckles were so wide that they uncomfortably unhooked once they were over his knuckles. It was enough that he didn’t wear it.

We put a fine Finger Mate Hinged Shank to match the subtlety of its ring design. Lana was jazzy and wears a lot now.

I was asked if after a few years the hinge stem would become too small. Petra was a client who had a differential of two and a half with her toe and toe when we first met. The hinge mechanism had room for a difference of three dimensions between the open and closed positions. It got too small after about eight years of daily use.

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It turned out that Finger Mate was able to modify it to have an opening of four dimensions. We sent him the part we needed and installed it and Petra was happy to wear the ring again.

His knuckles increased in size, but the area behind his fingers was the same. My observation is that the articles have changed, but the area behind the articles is shrinking if anything.

Fortunately, they can be fixed. In thirty years of installation and maintenance, I have repaired two hinge stems.

Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles

They are built to last, and considering what we put the jewelry on, I am amazed at the strength of the mechanism.

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If you’re wondering why they hold up so well when there are moving parts, you’re not alone. I saw how ten years can wear a thin ring. Just a regular ring, not one with moving parts.

When I asked, I found out that the inner mechanism that wears so much is made of harder alloy, but it is 14kt gold.

If it becomes too stiff or too loose, have a jewelry service done. With frequent cleaning and re-oiling, it becomes like new.

If your ring consists of very thin rings, it is quite risky to connect each one, not to mention expensive. For tight rings worn together, we recommend joining them before putting on a new zipper.

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In this case, the hinges can be ordered to be wider and stronger, and the rings always point upwards instead of to each side.

What is your occupation? I often start with a thinner upper part of the ring and mix in a progressively wider type that connects to a hinge type that is at least 2 mm wide. This is a personalized solution, and since each ring is different, your jeweler must know what to do.

The depth of the ring is also a factor when installing a zipper. The hinge mechanism must be supported. If your ring does not have enough depth to support the hinges, a bridge must be added. The bridge is pulled under the ring in the upper part.

Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles

We made sure it looks good. Since rings often have a nice higher side view, the deck is set up to look like a normal ring design.

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It is important to work with a jeweler who knows hinges well, as if someone just orders a hinge and puts it on without making sure that the ring is strong enough, something will break.

This is a tough question because there are different widths, different metals and rings that require bridges or modifications to accommodate the hinges.

If you have a $10,000 wedding ring that you use every day. If it doesn’t carry, it just becomes a value of $0.00. Not that we measure our beloved rings by their value.

I say if it doesn’t bring you joy. The smiles I’ve seen on clients when they put on their favorite ring that they haven’t worn in years are immeasurable.

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I believe it is worth continuing to wear your beautiful rings. A zipper can make the difference between your rings sitting in your jewelry box and joining you in an active and happy life.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of using augmented rings and fingers, here are other possible solutions.

Calla Gold is a personal jeweler and designer who prides herself on working one-on-one with clients to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into designed and repaired jewelry. Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry companies, Calla Gold does not have a brick and mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you bringing the jewelry collection you want to see and working with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with remote clients.

Hinged Ring For Large Knuckles

If you’ve ever dreamed of designing your own engagement ring, need advice while shopping, or have another project in mind, this book will open the door to the possibilities and give you the knowledge and inspiration to see that comes to life. If your ring rolls, it spins. , turns or is difficult to remove, you know the simple truth – the size of your knuckles is not the size of your finger. CLIQ offers a perfect fit that is tailored just for you! CLIQ is the secret to the perfect ring shape. Cliq technology, perfected over nearly two decades, creates an almost invisible zipper and locking mechanism that will ensure a secure and comfortable fit on every finger.

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The design of the hinge and lock is practically invisible, ensuring that the beauty and detail of your existing jewelery is not compromised.

Traditional rings should be large enough to fit on the fist. Without CLIQ technology, the rings fit the larger part of the finger, not the base where it is worn. Because of this, most rings will twist, turn and slip. CLIQ technology eliminates the problem by opening and closing around the base

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