How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding

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How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding – Hundreds of people release lanterns into the air in hopes of luck and prosperity during the traditional Chinese New Year Lantern Festival in Taiwan, Monday, Feb. 22. 2016. Credit: AP

On Monday, millions of lanterns floated across East Asia. In countries such as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, this practice is carried out every year on the last day of Chinese New Year, when people scribble greetings on paper baskets before launching them.

How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding

How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding

As beautiful as the lights are, the tradition has been criticized by netizens, who say it is the cause of hundreds of wildfires across China’s cities and rural farms.

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The Lantern Festival begins 15 days after Chinese New Year and falls on February 22, 2016. Credit: Chiang Ying-ying/AP

Most lanterns are made of paper, and are fueled by an open flame candle or oil candle.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths from Monday’s wildfires, but authorities have tried to limit the sale and distribution of skylights to prevent more wildfires in recent years.

Lanterns also littered the streets. On Monday night, Weibo users began posting pictures of crumpled lanterns in the city. After a lantern-lighting ceremony in Jiangsu province, hundreds of burning lanterns were scattered on the ground.

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Lanterns are said to have crashed into tall buildings and trees, still landed on rooftops, and set fire to municipal property in the city.

In Haidong, western China, more than 2,200 pieces were seized as a result of the sky lantern raid on Sunday, he said.

. Haidong Fire Director said the lights may still be on. With erratic winds, they can often blow over structures such as communication wires, and have brought down power systems in the past.

How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding

The central Chinese city of Wuhan has banned the sale and use of skyscrapers since March 2014. But the ban does not appear to be being enforced, said a Wuhan community blog that posted photos of a massive roof fire in the city on Monday. that night

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. Alibaba Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, said it received 69% more searches for sky lanterns in the week before the end of Chinese New Year.

Floating lanterns have also wreaked havoc outside of China, and the practice has caught on in other countries. Firefighters in the UK reportedly had to put out more than 100 fires caused by lanterns in 2009 and 2010.

In 2014, the Thai authorities had to threaten people who released lanterns too close to the airport with the death penalty. During the annual Loy Krathong festival, which is celebrated by millions of Thai people, many also put up paper lanterns to wish them good luck. But the disruption caused by the lanterns forced airlines to cancel or reschedule flights.

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Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 2023, Taiwan

By signing up to the newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from it. May include advertising or sponsored content. Experience the magic of the Pinky Sky Lantern Festival in February when thousands of twinkling lights float into the pitch black sky above the small hillside village. Shifen, Northern Taiwan.

A few years ago, the Discovery Channel named the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival one of the best festivals in the world, and in 2016, National Geographic listed it among the 10 best winter trips around the world. Taking place during the first full moon of the Chinese New Year — the date changes every year — the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival draws tens of thousands of visitors to the small mountain town of Shifeng to release 100,000 to 200,000 people. Shining rice paper lanterns into the night sky.

According to popular legend, the Sky Lantern was first created by the ruler of the Three Kingdoms (220 – 280 AD) Zhuge Lian to send military signals. Growing in popularity over time, sky lanterns arrived in Taiwan in the early nineteenth century, where they were integrated into local lantern festivals. Every year, at the beginning of the planting season, farmers would write messages in the sky asking for a bountiful harvest and other wishes and release them into the heavens to the gods and ancestors. Commemorating the Yi Peng festival in northern Thailand, the release of sky lanterns eventually developed into a local festival in Pingxi province in northern Taiwan.

How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding

Both festivals are held together but are separate and distinct events. The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is steeped in ancient traditions and features the release of thousands of glowing lanterns floating into the night sky. On the other hand, the Taiwan Lantern Festival was discovered by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to increase tourism income. It changes location every year to attract more foreign visitors to other parts of the country. The focus is on high-tech giant lanterns that mix pop culture with traditional Taiwanese icons and Chinese zodiac signs, and feature folk art and performances.

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Pingxi is the name of a district in northern Taiwan, not far from the capital Taipei and part of New Taipei City. The district is home to several small towns along the railway line, three of which – Jingtong, Pingxi and Shifen – have skylights. Contrary to most information online, the main lantern release event takes place in Shifen, not Pingxi, even though the festival is named after it.

There are other big festivals in Taiwan, such as the Taiwan International Balloon Festival and the Wang Ye Boat Burning Festival, which take place every three years.

The main platform is the place to be in Shifen, which is usually a parking lot within 10-15 minutes of the train station. Try to arrive early to buy and prepare your own lantern (about NTD 200) and register (free) – by noon – so you can take it out during the spectacular big release event on stage. Be sure to find a spot at 4pm before the 80,000+ visitors come to town.

The first round of major releases usually starts at 6:30 PM with three releases every hour and the last one at 9:30 PM. Hundreds of lanterns of the same color – each circle a different color with each color representing a specific value such as luck or health – rise en masse into the sky.

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Lanterns are usually made of rice paper on a bamboo frame with small candles. People write their names and wishes on their lanterns to float slowly towards the gods in hopes of happiness and prosperity. Most lanterns are made from biodegradable materials, but the impact on the environment is still high if there is no cleaning operation after the ceremony. Note that although sky nests can be removed year-round, cleaning crews only operate during the festive season.

In 2023, the official date of the festival will be February 5, when many lanterns will be released at night. However, the release of the night market and sky lanterns is still up to two weeks.

By train: You can transfer from Taipei Main Station at Ruifang to Shifen (train schedule in English).

How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding

By Bus: There are shuttle buses offered by tour operators operating from Taipei, Keelung and Juifen. In Taipei, they depart from Musha MRT Station.

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By taxi: A one-way trip by taxi will cost NTD 1,000 + waiting time if you want to guarantee your trip.

Trains and buses will be full during the festival, so make sure you arrive on time to get a seat on the last train or bus.

Finding a place to stay in Shifen during the festival will be very difficult if possible. Book a spot in nearby Juifen or Keelung, or make the trip a day trip with a stopover in Taipei.

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Main Image: Taiwanese and foreign tourists release lanterns during the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan on March 2, 2018. All photos: Image deposit.

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How To Stage A Perfect Sky Lantern Release At Your Wedding

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