I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant And No Sign Of Labour

Friday, January 6th 2023. | Weddings

I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant And No Sign Of Labour – Funny how I thought maybe I wouldn’t live to give birth. Stupid me… I was 2 days late when Winter was born so I don’t know why I thought I would be premature this time. I’m not saying that to complain at all. I’m absolutely thrilled the little girl has decided to keep cooking until she’s good and ready. However, I have to say that there is a mental game that plays out when you are unsure of the day or time when labor will start. This week I was in a hormonal turmoil due to the unknown. I just hope we’re close to the end so I don’t feel that pressure of NOT KNOWING anymore!! Physically my body feels good because I’m pregnant, but emotionally and hormonally I think I’ve had enough 🙂

According to sources, the baby averages 19-21 inches long and weighs 7.5-8 pounds…size…???? Baby, that’s it. I think we’ve exhausted all possible fruits and vegetables at this point. My prediction is that she will be a bit taller than Winter was when she was born. Winter weighed 7 pounds 2.5 ounces and was 18.5 inches long. I think we’ll be somewhere between 19 and 19.5 inches and 7.5 and 8 pounds if she’s born this week. Now, if she’s severely retarded, then maybe in the 8+ pound range. Hope I’m not late. I don’t like the idea of ​​induction… and I don’t like the idea of ​​being 42 weeks pregnant either. So let’s pray that she decides to go au natural with her birthday this week.

I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant And No Sign Of Labour

I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant And No Sign Of Labour

I feel quite content with the way things are going when I get things done. I edited my photos, cleaned the house and packed my bags. The children’s room is almost ready. His name is chosen. We have the child car seat ready and ready to go. Now just for him to be born. As always that would be great! I don’t know what awaits us, but this family is ready!

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Winter will love being a big sister. I really think it will. She is obsessed with babies and I know it will be no different when she has her OWN baby to love and help around the house. She is the most caring girl you can meet. Not only does she love REAL live babies, but she is also very obsessed with dolls. She has 4 little girls and loves pushing them in her pram, putting them in the car seat, rocking them, bottle feeding them and keeping them swaddled and swaddled all the time. We encouraged her to use her younger sister’s name. We say “baby _________” will be coming home soon to live with us. She comes from mommy’s womb and you help take care of her every day. I hope and pray that she isn’t jealous.

Last week I was honestly nervous about going into labor at any time. My Braxton Hicks contractions are uninterrupted. The baby is SO DOWN and the pressure is crazy. I’ve been exercising and running a lot this week, but the baby still hasn’t come out! Running is quite uncomfortable, but hey…I still achieved my goal of running until I gave birth in this second pregnancy. Come to me!

Two friends had their (second) baby this week and both had a FAST labor and delivery. How fast! A friend had less than 4 hours from when her waters broke to when her baby was born. I hope my work will go faster than the 22 hours I spent with Winter. Especially since this time I am planning a completely natural childbirth without medication. soon! Speaking of natural births, I rewatched the documentary on childbirth and midwifery called The Business of Being Born. I also watched the next series which covers several topics. The documentary is a bit foreign to me… maybe too crisp but good job I agree. I am very happy to use granny this time.

I had an appointment this morning and I am 2.5 cm dilated and my belly is 38 cm. Then this afternoon I went to the chiropractor for (hopefully) my last pregnancy adjustment. After giving birth, of course, I will return.

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This week’s events: Went to a pumpkin patch/festival, went out to eat (eggplant parmesan), went on a date, went out together a few times, lots of exercise, lots of cleaning , lots of photo editing, lots of questions WHEN it’s going to happen.

Exercise/Activity: 5 days, go for it! And that includes several TEKs this week. But I still haven’t kicked her out of the womb. I’ve been trying to exercise more and eat healthier this week…because after all, I’m preparing for an upcoming event: giving birth. Similar to a race.

Food cravings: I did a health cure this week. I didn’t want to give birth to a baby feeling miserable and bloated. So sweets or junk food was not part of my diet and I feel refreshed.

I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant And No Sign Of Labour

Best moment of the week: Spending time with family and enjoying those last days as a family of 3 before life gets a little crazy!

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Worst moment of the week: Some emotional/hormonal roller coaster that left me happy one moment and teary or irritable the next. Bad hormones!

Next appointment: Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 8:20 a.m., if I am still pregnant. Let’s hope not.

My name is Kathy. I am a 34 year old resident of Colorado. I started blogging in early 2013 when I was pregnant with our first daughter, Winter. It started as a pregnancy blog to document my weekly experiences and bump. When I became pregnant with our second child in 2015, I followed suit and documented my weekly updates for our second daughter, Chloe. Now that it’s 2020, the weirdest year of our lives, we decided to get pregnant with our third child just before the world went crazy. Currently pregnant with baby #3. Follow my blog for updates on pregnancy during the global pandemic!

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Early Signs Of Labour: How To Tell If Your Baby Is Coming

Swelling of the legs, ankles, feet and toes is normal during pregnancy. It is often worse in later stages. To try:

If you notice a sudden increase in swelling, call your midwife or obstetrician. It could be a sign of preeclampsia.

As you enter the third trimester, we recommend sleeping on your side, as research has shown that sleeping on your back is associated with an increased risk of stillbirth. These tips include daytime naps and nighttime sleep. Learn more about safe sleeping positions during pregnancy.

I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant And No Sign Of Labour

You may also be offered induction, where labor is started artificially. Here’s what you need to know about induction of labor.

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You must have a routine prenatal appointment for week 40. You must also have a scheduled appointment for week 41 if your baby does not arrive on time.

It is important not to miss prenatal appointments in recent weeks. Your midwife or doctor should monitor you and your baby closely.

Many parents ask themselves this question during pregnancy. Some people feel a strong love for their baby at birth, but for many others it takes weeks or even months to adjust and learn to love their baby.

Either way, it’s completely normal. It doesn’t have to be love at first sight to be a good parent. The more you hold, feed and talk to your baby, the closer you will feel. Learn more about how to contact your child.

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If you struggle with these feelings, talk to your doctor or midwife. Don’t worry, they won’t judge you. They may be able to reassure you or help you get more help and support if you need it.

It can be frustrating. Your due date has passed, you feel huge and tired of going to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

There are a few things you can do to try to induce labor naturally. However, be aware that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that any of them work.

I Am 40 Weeks Pregnant And No Sign Of Labour

“Every day or two when I missed the deadline, I would treat myself to a treat, like getting my nails done.” Emma Knows Birth Signs

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If you give birth vaginally, your labor will take place in three stages, from the first contractions to the delivery of the placenta. The early (latent) phase of labor may take some time.

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