Is Chief Bridesmaid The Same As Maid Of Honour

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Is Chief Bridesmaid The Same As Maid Of Honour

Is Chief Bridesmaid The Same As Maid Of Honour

Your maid of honor is your number one – and she put in the time and effort before the wedding to prove it – so of course you want everyone to know that they had a special role to play on your wedding day. And while dressing differently than the rest of your bridal party is a quick and easy way to set them apart, it may not match the aesthetic of your wedding.

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When it comes to dressing your bridesmaids, there are a number of options that range from soft and subtle to downright glamorous. There is bound to be a perfect choice for you (and your best friend)! Ahead, expert advice on how to make your MOH stand out from the rest of your wedding celebration.

If you want all your maids to match, but still want to differentiate your companions, the difference can be simple. When choosing your maid outfit, choose a line that offers multiple strap or neckline options in the same color and fabric. This will allow your MOH to wear a strapless neckline while everyone else has cap sleeves, or they can choose a one-shoulder design over a sweetheart neckline. These adjustments can also be made when customizing the MOH dress – be sure to order some extra fabric if you plan to add to an existing design.

There’s a chance your bridesmaids might not be women or subscribe to the gender binary at all! You can still incorporate it into your special day and make it shine in a convincing way. This means working with them to find clothes that match their gender expression and the theme of your wedding, so everyone is catered for. Communication and empathy are the keys to bringing any joyous occasion to life, and there are so many great fashion choices that can be made!

Another great way to accentuate your MOH is with accessories. Dress everyone in your bridal party in matching dresses, then gift your bridesmaids with bejeweled sashes or pretty hair accessories like this pearl number that will catch the light and make them stand out.

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A little sparkle goes a long way, so unless the dress you choose can hold up to a few major accessories, keep the pieces you choose on the simple side.

If you want to keep all of your dresses and accessories the same, but want it to be clear who your MOH is as they walk down the aisle, ask your florist to create one bouquet that’s a little different from the others. It can be a little bigger, include extra flowers that were in your bouquet but not in any of the other members of the bridal party, or have an extra color to set it apart. This is a great option if you decide to have a bridal party that doesn’t suit you. If everyone is already wearing the dresses they have chosen, different series of flowers will indicate that the Ministry of Health has been chosen for that particular role.

To make your MOH look stand out a bit, choose an outfit that is a shade lighter or darker than the rest of your wedding outfit. Imagine a French blue bridal party with your MOH in a muted sky shade or a lavender party and MOH in a deeper aubergine shade. Any colors you choose should stay true to your palette while making it clear that your MZ is your man.

Is Chief Bridesmaid The Same As Maid Of Honour

Want them to really look like that? Dress your bridesmaids in patterned outfits while everyone else wears solid patterns. We love the look of a floral MOH dress paired with a monochrome wedding dress in a patterned color, or you can go a little more modern with stripes or other geometric styles. By Kim Forrest Kim Forrest Senior Editor Kim writes and edits articles for The Knot Worldwide, specializing in etiquette advice and planning. Kim managed freelance writing for The Knot Worldwide Prior to The Knot Worldwide, Kim was Associate Bridal Editor at Washingtonian Magazine and Associate Fashion Editor at Conde Nast’s Brides Local

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Who knew planning a wedding would have so many moving parts — and involve so many people? To help you understand who’s doing what, we’ve put together a list of all the major players on your wedding day. (Note that most roles can be played by either gender — why not the bride and groom? — and as many people as you want.) Ask your VIP to be at the wedding early in the planning. process, so be sure to think about the family members and friends you want to include in your team.

Each member of your bridal party will have unique responsibilities for their roles (which you can always change based on your personal preferences). But in general, here’s what makes your wedding special:

He is the bride’s right hand during the planning process. He (or he—men can be gentlemen) provides another pair of eyes and provides emotional support as needed. Generally, bridesmaids preside over the wedding ceremony and handle many details of the wedding day, including toasting the newlyweds, signing the marriage license, adjusting the bride’s carriage at the altar, and holding her bouquet during the vows. He must also help the bride get dressed and is the last attendant to walk down the aisle before the bride, traditionally holding the groom’s wedding ring. He also traditionally gives a speech during the reception. The maid of honor is single, while the matron of honor tied the knot. The bride may have a maid of honor, a matron of honor, or both. Groomsmen or bridesmaids and groomsmen (below) may also be called “maids of honor.”

This man (or woman – the girl can take on the role of best lady if she so chooses) acts as the groom’s personal assistant and advisor through all stages of wedding planning. He is a fashion consultant, host of bachelor parties and commander-in-chief of the groom brigade. Duties include (but are not limited to): getting the groom to the ceremony on time; payment to the wedding officiant after the ceremony; sign the couple’s marriage certificate; and keeping the bride’s wedding ring on the altar. He will also be responsible for toasting and hosting a dance during your reception.

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These are trusted friends and family members who make up the bride’s escort. They are the bridesmaid support team, helping with pre-wedding tasks when requested (greeting invitations, making wedding favors, planning bachelorette parties, and more). Bridesmaids are often expected to maintain the dance floor and take on the role of chaperone. If there is a man who is very close to the bride, he can take on the role of the bride and perform these duties as well.

A group of male family and friends who help the groom plan and prepare for the big day. What are their main responsibilities? To help the best man plan and pay for the bachelor party and support the groom. It’s also common for groomsmen to pull double duty as ushers, leaving their seats in time to process with the rest of the wedding party. They can also decorate getaway cars and act as sidekicks for confused wedding guests. An immediate family member or friend of the groom who identifies as a woman can take on the role of bride and perform many of these duties, if desired.

These are the young members of the wedding party (ages 9 to 16). They will attend all major functions (except bachelor and bachelorette parties) and fulfill the same responsibilities as senior squad members. Junior groomsmen can wear an appropriate version of the bridesmaid dress, or dresses of their own style and color, and junior groomsmen can wear a tuxedo or suit.

Is Chief Bridesmaid The Same As Maid Of Honour

Toddlers ages 3 to 8 can walk down the aisle in front of the bride, scattering flower petals from a basket (or carrying pomanders). Little women, cute boys, or even your furry friend can fill this role. Most flower children sit with their parents after they walk down the aisle.

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A boy (or girl) aged 4 to 8, walking down the aisle directly in front of the flower girl (if there is one), carries a small decorative pillow with two wedding rings (usually fake, in case they get lost) tied to it.

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Ulema or city officials who execute the marriage contract. Examples include an imam, rabbi, minister, or justice of the peace.

The boy (or girl) escorts the guests to their seats beforehand

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