Ivory Wedding Ideas

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Ivory Wedding Ideas – It goes well with any color, but few combinations are as beautiful as ivory and gold. Ivory keeps gold grounded, and gold elevates ivory to another level.

And this color scheme works with all shades of gold – yellow gold, white gold and even rose gold.

Ivory Wedding Ideas

Ivory Wedding Ideas

If subtle elegance and soft luxury are your thing, you’re on the right track with an ivory and gold wedding theme. We look at all the ways to incorporate these colors into your big day.

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Themes are also a great framework to build on and they give a sense of direction to the wedding planning process.

Ivory and gold go well with many wedding themes because they are neutral colors. It’s easy to add them to any theme you can think of, but some themes are made for ivory and gold.

Whether you’re staying close to home or expecting a lavish wedding far away, it’s sure to be a wedding full of ivory and gold.

These colors work with many elegant wedding themes, so no matter what theme kicks off your wedding inspiration, you don’t have to deviate from them to stand out.

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Your wedding invitations are the first taste your guests will get of your special day. This is your chance to give them an overview of your wedding theme before they respond.

Ivory paper isn’t hard to come by, especially in the wedding industry, so all you need to do is add a few gold accents to enhance your invitations.

Gold foil lettering for your name is a popular way to add metallics to your invitation package. You can also add gold leaf to the spaces or edges of your invitations.

Ivory Wedding Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching, it’s easy to make a statement with ivory and gold. Imagine an invitation wrapped in a solid gold envelope or wrapped in a laser cut gold jacket tied with a beautiful bow.

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Guests will be more than happy to RSVP when they receive an invitation in the mail!

Imagine pairing this color palette with soft tulle, a flowing train, and a sweetheart neckline. It’s almost too beautiful to handle.

Since you’ve decided to use it as one of your wedding colors, we’re assuming you’re wearing ivory. Adding gold to your wedding theme is easy.

Gold necklaces, bracelets or earrings will never feel out of place at a wedding and they go perfectly with a gold ring and wedding band. If you need a little extra flair, a gold waist belt and gold shoes complete the look from head to toe.

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There are many gold wedding dresses that you are looking for. An ivory dress with gold beading or appliqué over soft tulle will make you feel star-struck as you walk down the aisle.

Consider adding gold details to your wedding makeup for extra sparkle as you walk down the aisle.

Now let’s turn our attention to the wedding and make sure that they match the theme as beautifully as you do.

Ivory Wedding Ideas

Dress your bridesmaids and flower girls in ivory or another white that works well with your color palette. Shine bright in dresses with gold rhinestone details. Or wear them with all-gold dresses!

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A few accessories will add extra sparkle to any look you choose. You can ensure that all of your bridesmaids match by giving them a gold bracelet or necklace as a bridal or bridal show gift.

For groomsmen and ring bearers, ivory vests and batonnieres take them up a notch. Skip dark colors altogether and go with ivory tuxedos or suits.

Gold cufflinks and tie pins give guys a unique touch of sophistication to go with others.

Ivory flowers are perfect for your elegant wedding theme. They are simple, delicious and easily enhanced with other elements because they go with everything.

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Ask your florist to fill your arrangements with other soft white flowers, such as carnations, dahlias, peonies, orchids and hydrangeas. Even if they aren’t white, different sizes and textures can make your bouquet interesting.

You can also add gold ornaments to your bouquet to make it stand out from other wedding flowers.

Seat each guest in elegant gold-backed chairs with ivory cushions. Or drape your chairs in ivory silk, with a gold band beautifully tied around them.

Ivory Wedding Ideas

Balance gold pieces with soft touches of ivory, such as sheer curtains that create an arch to stand under, or ivory flowers along the path.

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Keep with the ivory and gold wedding theme by setting the dinner tables in the same elegant colors from the vows to the speeches.

For example, a gold tablecloth makes a statement without overdoing anything, but a gold tablecloth over an ivory tablecloth is more subtle.

Layer your plates twice with the gold plate underneath the base white plate. Place gold silverware on either side to balance it out, and weigh down some delicate ivory napkin rings with gold napkin rings.

Your table numbers really stand out with gold table number holders or gold frames to keep them safe. Or you can get big gold numbers to put on each table so no one gets confused which table is which.

Elegant Gold + Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Getting everyone’s names in gold foil will make your place cards extra wedding-y – everyone will want to take them home to remember your wedding.

At the heart of every perfect wedding table is a beautiful centerpiece. There are many ways to incorporate ivory and gold into yours.

It doesn’t matter if your theme is vintage, boho, fantasy or royal – there’s an option for you.

Ivory Wedding Ideas

Any of the above options are very easy to DIY with just a few cans of gold spray paint and a few helping hands.

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Check out non-traditional places like Etsy where people make and sell wedding decor of all kinds and tastes. You will certainly find many ideas that we have not thought of!

Few things are more elegant than an ivory wedding cake. Pieces of gold will take it one level (or more) depending on how much you want to throw.

Go for a fancy drop cake with golden drops from the top of the layers. Use gold glitter dust or edible gold coloring to add a beautiful design to your cake.

You can even paint the entire layer gold, or dress the bottom of each layer with gold sugar beads or gold ribbon.

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If you want to stick with a simple ivory cake, top it off with a beautiful gold cake pop and call it a day!

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If you’re looking for wedding ideas that scream beauty, elegance and versatility, look no further than an ivory and gold wedding theme. It combines wedding staples with sophisticated glamor to create a stunning combination.

Ivory Wedding Ideas

You won’t find a better option for a romantic, luxurious wedding day that will live on in the hearts and minds of all involved. On their Instagram pages of course!

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